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Meet The Artist Behind These Viral 3D Animations

Meet The Artist Behind These Viral 3D Animations

I love to play with human bodies because everyone can connect with it. Everyone is a human, basically. People come to me saying
that they like the way I’m thinking because the clip is a little bit different,
so not too obvious. You really have to think when you see it. You really have to think,
“What does it mean?” I’m trying to hide the
obvious, so not like… because when you go today on
the social media channels, you scroll down and everything is like seen a thousand times. It’s somehow disgusting,
but with the colors and everything it’s nothing. That’s why I’m using also
these really light monotone colors because frankly,
if I would use dark stuff, everyone would say this is
disgusting, this is s—, and I don’t wanna watch it. It was basically to learn the 3D program, which I’m working on
mostly, and this 3D program is really good for simulations and VFX, and I had a really big motivation, like, I was also coming home
after my working hours, grabbing my iPad, and I was watching three or four hours of tutorials
just to learn something. When I started, every
clip was like a challenge in terms of technical set-up,
and I realized really fast that it’s more than just a technical test. And now it’s basically like an art and a business at the same time. When I’m posting something there are tons of comments and reshares automatically. It’s crazy. I can just wait. If I post something, I can
wait, the next two days I’m getting job requests
also from big companies. It’s really important in 3D
that you know what you’re doing before you start because, as I said, simulations are really time-consuming, so for a five-second
clip you sometimes need three or four days to get it perfectly because simulations are
really hard to art direct, and it’s more a little bit luck and experience at the same time. For me it’s like a game, a puzzle, this program, it’s fun
and work at the same time.

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  1. Did anybody else think of "Bring Me The Horizon"? Anyways These animations are creepy yet,still cool looking.
    Edit: Wait,Pretty sure he made it

  2. 1:59 uh, wtf, getting worse..
    2:11 OK NO NO NO
    2:23 I eat nutella on toast every morning man..
    2:47 Oh god, heebie jeebies
    3:15 bye.

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