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Meet OCAD U alum Adrien Mizal

Meet OCAD U alum Adrien Mizal

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Adrien Mizal, and I graduated from 2-D
design and advertising at OCAD University. So, what I do at UNIQLO
Canada is, I run all the national social media
for the whole company. And it’s, pretty much, the
entry point for each customer. Anything digital, pretty
much, runs through me and our team. So, if you’re wondering,
“what is UNIQLO?”. UNIQLO is a global
clothing brand that started in Japan with hundreds of
stores, now world-wide, and has just recently come to Canada. So, OCAD’s helped me
because they don’t just teach you one thing. They don’t just teach you
on the computer the designs. What they do is, they really give you
that conceptual thinking. Just going from what’s the
best thing to tell a customer. Deep insights. How to go from one small
idea and make it huge. If I was to tell somebody
who was thinking about going to OCAD, why the should come. I would tell them that,
in the design program, we have real clients coming in. Like, for me, I had to
work with Playstation, Budweiser, McCain. It just really helps
you in that working… And, gives you that bigger
opportunity for when you finish school and even further. (synthesizer music)

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