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Meet Mackenzie “Mac” Book

Meet Mackenzie “Mac” Book

This is a Surface Laptop 2. And this is a real person named Mackenzie Book. Hi, I’m Mac Book. So Mac, which laptop lasts longer? Surface Laptop lasts longer. Hmm, interesting. And which one’s faster? This one’s faster. Really? Amazing. Which one has a better touchscreen? The Surface has a better touchscreen. Because it actually has a touchscreen. Oh, right. Macs don’t have touchscreens. You should get a Surface. Trust me, I’m Mac Book. Well, there you have it. Mac Book says, “Get a Surface.”

100 thoughts on “Meet Mackenzie “Mac” Book

  1. This is a doucebag commercial. MacBooks have the controls of the touchscreen on the touchpad. You don’t have to reach for the screen to have the functionality, and no fingerprints on your screen.

  2. This ad is a complete creative rip off from a Jack in the Box concept done in 2002. They did a series of these ads and they were more humorous and effective in my opinion. In the Microsoft ad they verbalize MacBook too many times and never say the name of the product. When I heard this on tv I had to rewind to even know which competitor it was attacking Apple. That’s not good. I hope the agency that worked on this knows who did it first and better. Maybe it was the same team or the same creatives. Haha. Check it out here… https://youtu.be/nwS9nocdX4U

  3. Usen los errores del pasado para mejorar el futuro de el Xbox y Microsoft, deben crear el Xboxphone con joystick adaptables porque los fijos agregan muchos problemas a la portabilidad !

    Ya lo tienen todo solo les falta imaginación y acercarse más al público gamer , deben crear un dispositivo móvil que corra un sistema operativo Android y un modo consola , ya sea nativo Windows, Xbox o uno nuevo creado por Microsoft para los juegos exclusivos del Xboxphone

  4. Please tell me someone else thinks this guy looks just like Nicholas Hoult. I seriously came here just to find out if they were related

  5. I wish MICROSOFT SURFACE make an affordable laptop in the Philippines cause I want this brand…like this period

  6. Question: Which one has a better touchscreen?
    Guy: The surface has a better touchscreen.

    because it actually has a touchscreen
    Now that's roast

  7. don’t know for sure if it will be the more things get downloaded to it will make it go slow I’d over 50 things get downloaded

  8. Voiceover guy: Which one has a better comment section?
    Mac Book: Surface has a better comment section…. because they actually have a comment section.

  9. Of course what they dont tell you is that this thing doesnt run any video games on it, so Window's whole "hey we're going to be buggy and hard to understand and have a complete lack of user-friendly interface" isnt made up for by anything.

  10. I'm still not encouraged just because some guy is called "Mac Book" and chosed ironically the laptop not called after him😂

    That being said I love this commercial.

  11. so is no one gonna bring up the fact that the guy narrating in the background sounds like rainn wilson aka Dwight from The Office.

  12. and the best processor surface pro 7 is AMD and snapdragon 8cx but clocked on 8cx have two modules no intel processor cpu and Gpu rtx 2070

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