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Meet Buckhead Paws

Meet Buckhead Paws

Hi, I’m Mark Shaver. Owner of Buckhead Paws. You know, owning a pet is one of the greatest
joys in the world. But it is also a huge responsibility. We get it. Between crazy work schedules and time spent
away from home, you can’t always give your furry friends the attention that you would
like to. Your pets are more than just your most valued
possessions. They are your most valued friends. They are your family. At Buckhead Paws we take care of your furry
family as if they were our own. To give you peace of mind when you’re not
able to be there. Whether it’s dog walking or pet sitting we
pride ourselves in providing passionate and reliable pet care. We have been doing this since 2007 and we
cover most of the Atlanta area. It’s never just a walk in the park or a quick
visit for us. We want to give your pet quality time and
the undivided love and attention they deserve. With Buckhead Paws your pets are family. With Buckhead Paws your pets are in great

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