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MediaWise – Topic 4: Media’s influence on us (Infants and 1st & 2nd class)

MediaWise – Topic 4: Media’s influence on us (Infants and 1st & 2nd class)

Media is a part of our everyday lives. We’re surrounded by the media and whether we know it
or not it persuades us to do things Persuasion means to talk someone into doing
or thinking something Media can: Make us think things Encourage us to want or to
buy certain things Make us support certain teams Make us behave in a certain way It’s important to remember that most
media is there to make money Everything in the advertisements we see is carefully chosen to make the product or brand
look exciting an interesting to us – the audience Sometimes advertisements
include some real parts and some fantasy parts This can make products seem even
more exciting and interesting Many brands use celebrities and people
we admire to encourage us to buy their products Media doesn’t just sell, it also
can give us information about things that are important to us and
the world around us Through the media we can find out about: Recycling Staying safe And even what’s happening on
the other side of the world As the media grows, so too
does its influence We need to be careful about what information we use The person who makes the media The website The newspaper article The social story decides what information to include Not all news is real. Some is exaggerated. You should know what is real and what is not real We can be in charge! Remember to be media wise!

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