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media buying | media buying 101 | media planning and buying

media buying | media buying 101 | media planning and buying

hi my name is Eric Worrell and today we’re gonna do a media buying workshop literally do you want to reach the most amount of people that you can possibly reach but effectively so that’s what this video is going to attempt to do now I’ve created two visual blocks here as you can see one of them is silver this is your shiny message this is what you want to get people to hear and how you get to know your business and this one is a brown block this is consumers that you can potentially reach and what we want to do is we want to create a proper media buying schedule that takes your shiny message and it hears it so that your consumers are actually gonna hear it and they know who you are so let’s take a look at some options right here what you see is a situation where maybe a business has bought six different stations this is very common what businesses try to do is they try to reach too many people a lot of times and I know that sounds kind of silly but what happens is when you’re only playing on a station maybe a few spots when you’re going like this and you’re hopping from station to station you’re actually not hammering home your message to your consumers so in that last example we just placed media on six different stations and we did a little bit of them just a little guy like this so what we’ve come to realize is what you want to do is you want to buy a little bit more and the reason being is if you can hammer home repetitively your message that your message will actually stick with the consumer so let’s take a look at what happens when and I’m sure you hear this is going we buy more on one station and avoid spreading our resources out

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