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Master Makeup & Hair Tips, Tricks, Techniques and More

Master Makeup & Hair Tips, Tricks, Techniques and More

Hi, Sharon Danley here with the first
live stream I’m testing this out and I’m hoping that it works okay I’ve been
doing this on Facebook a number of times and it seems to work out great there but
I’ve had a little trouble with technology anyway I’m here to answer any
questions that you have and about makeup about hair about you know anything to do
with beauty and let me see any special questions you may have too if you
haven’t already take a look at the the video that I put up yesterday on
cholesterol deposits and how they can be handled whether it’s cholesterol
deposits or it’s scarring or it’s you know rosacea that some people get or
sometimes I’ve worked with with people with burns or with birthmarks it’s just
amazing what makeup can do and I’m here to answer your questions so if you have
any I’m not seeing let me see if I’ve got this right show all right okay one
of the questions that somebody had asked me a little while ago was to tell me a
little tell them a little bit about myself what I have a background in in
film and television with CBC national broadcaster here in Toronto i I’ve had a
bridal clientele for a long long time and you know everything from young
Brides to older Brides to moms to grand moms two dads two husbands to fixing
everybody up so that they look great for pictures I’ve also done a lot of work
with some special effects when I was in film and TV
with a show called Air Farce here in Canada a very much similar to Saturday
Night Live in the US so had a lot of practice with creating characters and
Alan Park was the person that I worked on mostly but it allowed me to really be
creative and have a lot of fun with makeup and hair and all the stuff that
goes with making a character out of somebody
now I don’t see any questions or chat let me just see if I’ve got everything
right it says show chat messages well okay now I’m here with my coffee of
course because it’s Saturday morning the world is just a whole lot better when
you’ve got some caffeine going on so so I have a background in all of that and
in fact I started doing I started doing hair on my mother when I was 9 and it
wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl shall we say in school so in order to be not
necessarily popular but to be just kind of liked cuz I got bullied a lot yes I
can see that penny thank you I got bullied a lot so I played around this
makeup I think if I could just look prettier
you know like like advertisements and movies tell you if I just looked
prettier then people would like me and so I kept trying and trying and trying I
tried everything I was never really formally trained I did everything I
learned on my own it just through trial and error and I believe that often times
that makes a big difference in what you can do and that’s why I say to women
today you know when I give them a makeover or whatever it can be great as
long as you practice to make the work look good yourself from day to day you
know when you go to the hairdresser’s and you’ve got a special event coming up
hi there Denise nice to see you from Texas
when you go to the hairdresser’s and you’ve got a special event so you get
your hair done and you leave it all in the hairdresser’s hands has anybody ever
come out of the salon thinking I wish I had something different or I don’t like
that or anything like that or you go for a haircut
you say you want a trim and you come out with it feels like six inches have been
taken off that’s because we have been trained to let let the beauty industry
handle it for you does that make any sense so when you when you leave it in
the hands of others then it can be a problem yes my daughter’s left the salon
in tears many times yes Benny absolutely true and I think we’ve all experienced
that well how we can proactively prevent that is by knowing our own facial
structure knowing what our hair is like what’s its texture how thinner thick is
it what how does it how does it behave in the humidity things of that nature if
you keep a file like you do for everything else you have a file for your
favorite cookbooks don’t you do you recommend any toning face exercises
actually no I don’t hi California Tami hi Sharon nice to see you this morning
just did the stylist in Napa cut three inches ah sorry folks the comments
aren’t staying up for very long so that’s gonna be a technical issue out to
take care of okay bottom line is when you go into your hair dresses one of the
best things you can do is load on a Pinterest page or your pin or Instagram
or whatever it is you use or just a file in your phone pictures that inspire you
where the hair is somewhat similar to yours and fish shapes and age are
somewhat similar to yours so that when you go in to see your stylist you can
you can consult and never ever ever get a hairstyle done or
a haircut or anything hi from Florida and ever ever ever without a
consultation first if you have a long time here a stylist dresser that you
feel comfortable with that’s a bit of a different story but if you’re finding
that you’re not happy with what you’re getting and you’re not you know it’s you
have to have a talk with them about it and you need to understand hi from the
UK excellent and and so when you know what you have and what you’d like to
achieve in the consultation that’s where that all comes out now the other thing
that’s really important from the hairdresser’s side of things is hi from
Scotland nice to see you Fiona when you go into your hairdresser it is important
and it’s fair to them don’t go in if I if I were to go in there looking like
this and say make me look like oh who do I favor Helen Mirren well we’ve got
great hair that’s about it you can’t make me look like her he can give me the
haircut of Helen Mirren and it it looks good on Helen Mirren but it won’t look
good on me does that make sense ladies because you really you saw it’s a dance
that you do with your hairdresser it’s intense so they they bring their
expertise you bring your knowledge about you and hopefully you come together and
you can tango it out and get a style that’s great and remember any hair
cutter style yes you’ve made that mistake hi from Romania nice to see you
any hair any hairstyle that that you you want to have penny McLain my hairdresser
I just told me of the very same thing we can only do so much and take many women
to look their most favorite yes so what you have to do is besides looking like
Carolyn Mirren who else could I look like hey here’s the thought
how about the best of who I am when that would not be smart so try to look like
other people look the best of who you are so when you do this dance with your
hairdresser you both come out feeling satisfied and you both continue on a
journey of a good business relationship now something else that I think is
important and maybe not all people will agree with me on this but having your
hairdresser is your friend ain’t so smart in my not so humble opinion hi
from Denmark Marianne why because traditionally salons are places to talk
about stuff and often gossip happens there now I’m not particularly a fan of
gossip because I don’t think it serves a purpose but what happens is you develop
this kind of relationship based on those things and then the hair part of it
starts to take second place does that make sense so remember your hairstylist
your gardener your tax accountant your lawyer whoever they’re all business
associates right they’re all business people and that’s how you should treat
your hairdressing business or your hairdresser as well in my opinion
because I think both come out better for it now of course there’s always
exceptions to the rule so knowing what your hair is like and when you consult
with your hairdresser ask them to tell you what they think your hair texture is
like oh man are you right then it’s traumatic yes and then you have a
breakup exactly Denise exactly when you go in and just ask for a trim and you
come out with six inches cut off yeah that kind of interferes with your
friendship Sharon what changes did you see in hair during menopause besides
color of course well actually I was one of the fortunate ones I went through
menopause fairly quickly so I I was really lucky
but I suffered my whole menses life with extreme cramps and I mean extreme so yes
in menopause though with with hormone changes for some women it’s more
difficult than it is for others things to think about is the texture of your
hair sometimes our scalps become more oily so
we have to shampoo more often sometimes our hair our scalps are dry so our hair
tends to be dry so we have to take a different approach knowing what stage
you’re at or what your problem is is half the battle because once you know
then you can look for the solutions to work around it let’s suppose you are
you’re very what’s the word I don’t want to say sweaty because that’s for
wrestlers how about you listen a lot as a lady and you’re going through a period
like that so your hair is constantly oily or damp or whatever perhaps then
either a shorter cut so that you can shampoo it every day on a cut that suits
you remember from Buzz to chin length it’s all considered kind of short but if
it’s dropped and the other thing that you can do is if you comb you if you
have a good head shape comb your hair all back wear it off to the side with a
you know a pony where it is the chignon at the back or where up in a pony with a
bun there’s ways of getting around it that way so that’s an alternative but
look for alternatives that you can use depending on a situation that you’re in
instead of fighting what you naturally have work with it and you will be far
happier it’s like those of us who have decided
to embrace the gray I gotta tell you folks I love not having to worry about
my roots or going to the hairdresser’s for touch-ups or whatever now I realize
it is an emotional trip for everybody that goes through it some more so than
others but it is so well worth the adventure and if you win if and when you
decide to do it I highly recommend doing it the natural way do not highlight your
way do not color your way do not try to fade out the old color all of those
things will end up in disaster for most people because it’s really hard on the
hair just let the natural gray come through like a flower coming up in the
spring right it’s surrounded by dark earth but you see this little green
coming up and it and when you leave it unloading you water it and let the
sunlight at it flourishes it grows and grows and grows and before you know it
you don’t see the brown anymore you just see this wonderful flower so think of it
that way maybe when we were pregnant you couldn’t hurry up that nine months
process could you you you were you either are or you’re not pregnant so so
when you are you have to let it grow at its own rate – – and when you do that
and you enjoy it you get so much more out of it okay I’ve gone off on a little
tangent about grey hair here so um and we seem to be be talking about here is
does anybody have a question how can I cover sun damage discolored skin on my
neck ah letting your hair go too natural is becoming a life-changing process for
me I feel stronger in many ways excellent yes exactly
excellent Denise how can you cover first of well you can let your hair recover
your neck for starters if it’s longer wear hats that cover it wear sunblock on
any area that the Sun hits if you’ve got shorter hair for sure the back of your
neck is going to be is going to get the Sun there’s no two ways about it
especially if you’re working in a garden or on a farm or
you’re doing outside construction work or anything like that I wish my hair
grew as fast as my backside ah yes or my waistline yes I hear you I know exactly
what you mean so so covering it with with a good because you look like twins we need to
know what is we’re supposed to do with our hair so you cut cover your neck with
and your face and your oh in the backs of your hands and and what else anything
actually that the Sun if the Sun can touch it the Sun can damage it too late
damage is done well okay so you want to cover it with a makeup okay is if I’ve
got that correct well there’s several ways that you can do this if you watched
my last video with with the woman that had Marcela who had cholesterol deposits
I simply used Mac Studio Fix now I reason I use Mac for most people is
because it’s available worldwide can you talk a little bit about subject areas
yesterday as fully as yourself differently in the mirror compared to
pictures yes thank you I will so worldwide Mac is available so that’s why
I tend to recommend their products although you know I’m not I’m not loyal
to Mac and I and by the way I am NOT sponsored in any way I get paid nothing
I get no benefit whatsoever on this channel or the Facebook page I just want
you to make sure that you know that so that I’m not toting anything all I’m
looking for is products that are easily available for most people so try the
Studio Fix and see if that helps now regarding the the pictures looking in
the mirror this was a great discussion we had on the Facebook page yesterday go
and gray and loving it on Facebook someone said that they’d look great in
the mirror they got their makeup done they look great in the mirror and then
they took so if you knew what what my god who is
that person here’s the deal with pictures and selfies the camera sees you
more true than a mirror does why the mirror is a reversed image of who you
are so you get used to seeing yourself and you think the rest of the world sees
you this way they don’t they see a reversal of that so when when you take a
selfie sometimes it’s a little jarring or if you’re on video 4 if you haven’t
done video much we we called it in the industry video shock because it was like
I’ve a that’s me um oh I’ll never talk again I’ll never smile I’ll never look
I’m gonna hide where’s the big hat it’s just called video shock it’s because
you’re not used to seeing yourself this way and I have to tell you about every
five years I put myself on video and I get up nice and close and I look
straight into it like this and I turn around and I turn and I see all my
Chin’s and I see where my eyebrows dropping down everything then what I do
is I fix whatever I see yes and voice recording – oh yeah voice shock same
thing same thing so what I do is I fix and fix them fix and then I take a video
again I get nice and close and I turn done and they oh no I got a raise a
little more or add a little more take away a little more or I go back and I do
it I can remember one time and I must have been about Oh 50 ish I must have
spent an hour high from France I must have spent an hour adjusting like almost
a hair stroke at a time and then when I finally got it right I took a good video
of it I took a picture of it and I used that as my template to work toward in
establishing the new pattern of how I did my makeup and once I’d practiced
that pattern for about a month I had it honed and it was great so you know
selfies yes they hi from France again the selfies can be they can be
disturbing but they can also be just a fantastic friend in helping you improve
the way you wear your makeup now a word on selfies here and social media I’m
sure you’ve seen this sorry I’ve got a watery eye today I’m sure you’ve seen me
say this before and I have a video upon it remove the filters from hi from
Sweden remove the filters from your phone they can be done why is this
important because I believe it’s a growing I’m gonna call it now I had a
background of transformational psychotherapy so I’m gonna call it my
assessment it’s a facial dysmorphic disorder in my opinion I for Vancouver
what happens is I have to tell you in on our Facebook page the rule is no filter
videos because doing makeovers it’s very high from Montana it’s hard to do a
makeover I take women through the Photoshop Spa and do they they post a
picture and then I put through the spa and give them a makeover with the
instructions on how they can achieve this themselves I can’t do a makeover
with a filtered picture because none of it’s right and what happens is we start
to think that that’s what we look like hey you don’t think I wouldn’t like not
to have any wrinkles or extra Chin’s or my eyebrow dipping down to my navel or
any of that stuff I from Georgia absolutely I wouldn’t and it’s the way
it is I am where I am dry hair conditioner coconut oil is the best the
best thing I find it’s great slather it on your hair an hour before you go to
shampoo cover it with a plastic shower cap so that the heat from your body you
know really works it in or some sleep overnight with it and then shampoo your
hair silky shiny beautiful coconut oil cheap cheerful and effective
okay back to the filtered images so so what happens is I have to tell you I’ve
behind the scenes I’ve had some really mean discussions about it and when I see
women wanting to hold on to their filtered images that bad that tells me
there’s a problem it’s tough to see myself in a selfie but it does keep
words looking the best in realistic way sorry guys these things are going off
they come on I have to read them quick and then they go off I don’t know why
that is but I’ll check into it later when I put my techy hat on and my blue
jeans then I’ll figure it out then so anyway enough about so I hope that
answers the question about looking in the mirror and looking at your selfie
the other thing about selfie is when you stand property now for those of us with
thermal Chin’s when you stand up chin parallel to the
floor and go slightly forward like you’re going to shake someone’s hand do
you see how that that helps you see how when I come back how my Chin’s come back
to up forward takes the chins away I always look into the camera lens and pretend that the camera lens is your
best friend or your lover or whatever it is for you that brings out the warmth
the kindness the love in your eyes because that’s what people will see
that’s the best thing you can do for a selfie and of course find your best you
know angles and that takes that takes us experimenting you know when I was doing
brides I had when I took pictures of their befores and afters and everything
in between I had to get all my films developed you know and close to when I
not right away but when I started to get ready to retire my camera lens doesn’t
like me too much well then you’ll have to get a new camera lens just like you’d
have to get a new friend so I had to be kind of a little bit reasonable and how
many times I flashed but with digital pictures today
you can take a million of them any in speaking of a million of them
hi there Madalena do you know that every vogue cover has at least at least a
thousand shots a thousand takes at least and there’s a makeup hair wardrobe
person all standing just outside a frame see where my hands are here
no the beauty department would be right there believe me and they they they
trust this where they can see my hair sticking out here a little bit so if I
how to makeup artist or a hair artist here they’d be doing this and this and
then okay back on camera do you know what I mean we don’t have that in real
life but but that’s how it’s done so anyway yeah they take a lot of pictures
so make you know use your digital camera and take lots because you can always
throw them you know in the digital trash bin okay a new iPhone actually does a
photo burst where it takes a whole bunch of pics and sequence and then you can
select the best one yes that’s absolutely right although I haven’t
figured out how to do that one yet but yeah that’s another way of doing it I
have to caffeine time because it is morning here in Toronto ah yes and the
other thing is when you’re doing your makeup when you’re wanting to redesign
it or you know repackage yourself so to speak your cell phone is a marvelous
marvelous tool for for testing things out let’s say you’re gonna work on your
eyebrows one week and you’re going to balance them out and get them right
shape should you know do whatever you need to then take a selfie and look at
it and that will give you the truest picture of ever and again if you if you
want to get a professional free Photoshop makeover join doesn’t go in
grey and loving it and it will it will you know I’ll take that on high from
Kitchener Jacqueline good to see you let me see what else is there
that we’d like to discuss I’m sorry that the chat only comes up a little bit at a
time so I can’t I can’t see anything you can probably see a running thing while
maybe not running that much but at the bottom there let me see Tips & Tricks who did eyes love from Oklahoma Thank
You Becky yes hooded eyes I have a video on that
very thing your eyebrow video has helped me so much great getting close to it
excellent Kimberley press and hold when you take the shot on iphone Sharon I’ll
get it you’ll get loads oh yes I’m from I’m yes
thank you that’s that’s another thing I just got an iPhone a little while ago I
transitioned from the blackberry world so I’m still learning a few little
things about it I resist caving into holiday cosmetic tales oh yes Oh a yes
ladies I don’t know about you but I just noticed just just like what you call in
the u.s. you’re Black Friday that week so I guess that was just this
yesterday right so the beginning of this week I’ve been getting emails and stuff
about Black Friday and shopping for Christmas I can’t tell you I I think I
want to not know I’m not gonna not give up Christmas because of advertisers I’m
just not gonna do it get get this you will this is the latest scam from one of
the public television radio or television stations that I’ve donated to
in the past this time I got an envelope from them and whoops and on the outside
there was nothing to indicate who they were but on the outside says something
about deposit or receive funds available or something inside I opened it up and
it was a request to give money now that is about as low as it gets so as a
result I’m not going to give anything I’m just not going there anybody who
wants to be that cheesy I’m not having anything to do with it
Christmas there’s a lot of wonderful things about Christmas and mostly what
it is is the is is is the giving and the love and everything else with respect to
the makeup you know what I’m gonna do a Christmas video I’ve decided on
Christmas makeup and hair and you know what it’s gonna be pretty much the same
as I do every year I’m just gonna wear a more red lipstick I’m gonna put a little
bit more yeah I hate being shamed and in an effort to get money oh yeah
I’ll tell you another one it’s like I’m gonna put a little bit more eyeshadow on
and I’ve got I’ve got a new video coming out an updated video on eyelashes in two
weeks the four different kinds and I’m gonna
I’m I will use one of those sets of eyelashes to show you you don’t have to
buy anything if you’ve got a streamlined organized makeup for you all you need to
do is just apply a little different coloring the top minimizes my eyes my
eyes are a progressive lens minimized oh I’m sorry I can’t I couldn’t read that
it’s escaped but I will answer it later in the in the comments yes you don’t
need to buy anything for Christmas for makeup none none none none none hi from
Indiana how long do you take to completely grow your hair out took me
two and a quarter years and I have a video on my transition and I did it with
the with the help of great extensions so because my great was coming you see was
about this long well then I had great extensions in underneath here so that
when my hair parted I had this great going throughout so this was hard to
tell I actually enjoyed it I I found it interesting and lots of fun good morning
had to run for coffee uh hi Diane good yeah I got my coffee here too so to sum
up you don’t need to buy anything for beauty for holidays it’s all a way to
make money not buying any makeup okay maybe red lipstick yes excellent
any tips for you looking hands with regard to nail polish
you know what I do I’ll show you you may have seen it um I have older hands of
course I’ve got a few spots because you know I was young I have coffee – good
Madeleine see what I do I do my own shellac because I I it’s it’s um my I
keep my nails short I don’t because they’re fine
always have been probably always will be I tried wearing all all you the gamut of
them but I think that the current gel nails are probably the best that the
industries had they seem to not bother a lot of people they work well but I can’t
justify being retired spending that money on my nails that you know nobody
is going to really see anything for age spots face yes I’m looking into Mac Pro
Pro Longwear I’m test driving a sample of it right now and I’m looking at their
concealer but only just in spots where you need it on if it’s on your hands
though dermablend dermablend with a fixing powder works beautifully I also
use it on my legs if I’m if I’m going to a soiree which is rare in the summer and
I wear cropped pants you’ll never see me in shorts again and I wear cropped pants
and I and I use dermablend where I have some broken capillaries around my ankles
just put that on a fixed encountered proofs that it’s great and your legs
look fantastic so the same thing applies to your hands
and your forearms your decollete dermablend some cinema secrets are two
great products if you have scarring or issues like that or a birthmark or
anything like that those two products are what I’ve used and recommend the
rest I’ve test-driven them and I’m not
impressed hi from Venice nice to see you annalisa
so but the fixing powder it’s simply a white powder that you put over top and
it it seals that sort of speak so that you hide from Chicago
good to see you Carol so the it won’t with what am i trying to say it’s
waterproof and sweat proof and all that sort of things so that’s an excellent
answer for spots anywhere any actually marketing for younger women for fifty
sixty plus any advice what bothers me is the marketing message ignore them ignore
ignore ignore the beauty industry I’m serious ladies ignore them when you
when you find a makeup redesign do you have a blog no I don’t but I’ve got a
website that I’m I’m having to I’ve got to redesign that I think I’m gonna turn
it into a blog or a kind of a blog website kind of a thing Mac face and
body is good too yes Mac face and body I use that a lot in film and TV I sweat
proof found dermablend is sweat proof cinemas secrets is sweat proof but it
has to have a fixing powder yeah I used yeah a Mac face and body is good you
apply it with a damp sponge and that covers nicely again use a fixing powder
but it is for lighter coverage that’s that’s good for lighter coverage but I
would go with the other two products if you need like if you need to cover a
tattoo I use one of those products the dermablend and or cinema secrets or
sometimes combined or if you have a birthmark either one of those products
work fantastic I’ve bought a red from women’s fashion magazine for decades it
consistently made me feel bad about myself yes yes don’t buy any product
don’t buy any magazines and instead put your gold doubloons that you saved from
these purchases into a pot for something else that’s far more effective or help
somebody out who needs it you don’t need they will have us believe
that you know if you just looked younger the world would be so much better what a
crock no that’s not true it’s Sharon
danly dot-com it’s an older webpage and I but I’ve got a lot of my galleries up
there that you can see some of the work that I’ve done also another one another
website that I have is brides – beautiful dot-com you’re welcome
where I have a number of pictures of women brides mothers of the bride flower
girls all that sort of thing I keep those pages up there just to show my
background for people so it shows I’m authentic because a lot of people will
say that their makeup artist when in fact they’re not or they’ve just been
been trained to sell you know any advice for large pores we get wrinkles our
pores and large we have folds we have all kinds of things that happen one of
the reasons I recommend the Audrey Moore’s dual finish powder which is sold
by Mastro’s names one being Burrell or I like Mac Studio Fix which is the same
kind of thing and I think bare minerals but but bare minerals needs touching up
a lot I find that for most women who have busy lives or who who want to look
great for the least amount of effort that’s the best approach to take today
that’s all I’m wearing today is a dual finish powder and you can see I don’t
have any full just I have a little bit of shimmer on my mixed in with my blush
there but this is a 71 year old face and I put it on my decollete too because it
you know it I’ve got a couple of spots here not bad for 71 but I got a couple
of spots so if I’m if my my neck is or my decollete is going to be revealed at
all I just make sure I touch up a little bit there I find that it’s fast and it’s
easy and here’s the important thing ladies when you have to touch up say
you’ve been crying a lot or even blowing your nose a lottery
thing like that all you have to do is just dab dab dab dab with your
foundation and and and and and your you’re back to square one again
take a look at a video oh thank you that’s yeah I am 71 trust me believe me
my bones tell me every morning there’s a video that I made where I took a little
eyeshadow pan and filled it with what do you call it Palladio is good yes but
they’ve changed their color formulation can’t get that powder in Denmark
well okay then use the Studio Fix by Mac because Mac is worldwide that’s why I
I recommend Mac because it’s easily accessible to most people around the
globe yes so any tips for applications so it
doesn’t look cakey okay always moisturize your face first give yourself
about two minutes after you’ve rinsed your face in the morning and you’ve
moisturized it then simply apply it with a sponge I do I have a sponge and I have
a foundation powder or not a family brush around the eye area I go in like
this and I Pat it in and then you know downward strokes listen to this all and
I mean all make up it’s going to settle in the lines all of it
some will more so than others depending on your application now if that’s the
case let’s suppose my marionette lines here let’s say it’s about six hours
later so what do I do I can either go in with a clean finger
and remand and move it around that way or what I would do is just take my my
sponge or just one two done don’t listen to the lies the propaganda the BS
that the beauty industry tells you have you noticed lately juice getting back on
filters if you noticed lately that every product motion and potion
that’s out there when they’re selling if you noticed the filtered video and or
picture of the perpend person demonstrating it
that’s why why do I prefer powders to liquids because they perform better
simple and here’s the other thing if you have to put on three or four layers of
makeup to get out the door most women aren’t gonna do it I know I wouldn’t I
you know I I wouldn’t bother it’s it’s a way to sell you a lot of product this
this dual finish powder you can apply it what you can dampen your sponge to let’s
say you’ve got a spot that’s emerging you can dampen your sponge and slide it
across the product and then stipple it on to so it gives you extra coverage I
tried both and absolutely prefer that dual finish powder yes yes exactly
liquids take time and liquids and creams melt they melt they they just don’t
perform the same as the because either you see the powder what will happen to
in really human whether it will it will if be affected of course but it will
glow it won’t look greasy liquids and creams look greasy the powders glow does
that make sense and I’d far sooner have a glow than a
grease slick on my face so it’s easy to do please check my video that I did on I
think it was so streamlining your makeup and I did a little trick showing how to
how to you how to fill a pan with your own powder with alcohol etc to use
retinol has made a huge difference in my skin okay yeah I use retinol and IH a in
the evening alternately and and I use I think it’s Neutrogena q10
around my eyes and only a pinheads of that around my eyes and then in the
morning I rinse my face and I I use the Total Effects or whatever it is I keep
meaning to want to buy your skin looks great thank you well it’s it’s good for
two reasons a I’ve stayed out of the Sun for over
thirty years but B I take good care of it and that
doesn’t mean I’m buying all kinds of lotions and potions i exfoliate it twice
a week i cleanse my face every single night and i used the rough side of a
face class so my skin’s always exfoliated and clear so that makeup
applies better on it and like our contestant in in the recent video this
week she had a lot of growth now this happens to us for ten years or more it
saved my skin yes excellent excellent Becky she had a lot of better as a
Mediterranean person she had a lot of peach fuzz and it really really bothered
her so we shaved it off you shave if you’ve got that happening or you’ve got
a lot of stuff you know that happens with some of us I I tweeze actually but
I do shave up here I do it once a week that’s all it takes
like 10 seconds is all it takes to do that
if I had I’ve thought about maybe shaving the sides of my face a bit but
then I look at it I think yeah you know what it’s okay if it gets worse or you
know stronger as I get older of course I’ll shave it and and you don’t you
don’t need to you know mix up a you know a cup of cream like pop did just just
dry shave that’s all you need just a simple bitch razor there are ladies
razors or shavers out there but you pay twice as much like everything else you
buy a female blouse it’s a it’s twice the money that a man’s shirt is that a
man’s shirt is made ten times better than a female blouse is made make sense
oh don’t go because that was hair it comes in a little longer and darker a
little more coarse and then you keep doing no it does not come in longer and
it does not come in coarser it does not come in darker that does not
happen believe me I’ve shaved my face before as an
experiment so I you know I could I could talk about it with with with from an
experienced position and it does not I shave my mustache blonde off after
watching your last video and no one noticed
well you noticed right did it make shaving is great exfoliation tuned it
does come darker and it doesn’t come in darker thicker you’re absolutely right
well I do a video shaving above the eyebrows probably 30 seconds of two
minutes shaving above the eyebrows I would just
use a mini razor and just go down like this that’s all it just just any of
theirs but I don’t have enough anymore so I just tweeze the three or four that
are there that don’t belong there and and and they’re gone but I but I have
experimented and it and it and there’s no problem with it
I use a small razor it’s quick looks good and never experienced increased
growth or color absolutely penny yep it’s it’s it’s the easiest way and if
you ever noticed how mens skin off is they’re the ones who shave how even as
they age how their skin looks good and especially notice around their lips
there’s you know if it hasn’t been discovered from this Sun look at the
texture of their skin why cuz they’re exfoliating their faces every day when
they’re shaving hmm if they can do it why can’t I right so yeah I’m all for
shaving if necessary I have to tell you the number of Indian Brides I had and a
Mediterranean I often shaved this part of their face was wonderful it made such
a difference such a difference shaving is like yeah it’s like exfoliation it
cleans the skin up your your makeup goes on beautifully and and it’s easy and
it’s fast yes that’s what I use you can get them at Sally’s too yes yes you can
get they have these wonderful little mini face razors they’re tiny they’re
just like a lady a lady shaver but if you
got a you know a fair bit down here I just say go for a bic razor and do that
and that’s all you need don’t you love caffeine I do oh okay now
is there any other questions or anything you’d like to discuss or talk about I
think I think I’ve covered I may have missed a couple if I have please post
your question again if I didn’t answer it because I’m not used to this is
embarrassed to ask but what about neck care don’t be embarrassed
neck care treat your neck the same as your face when you’re washing your face
on on nail biting yeah get get some get some shellac or gel nails done that’ll
stop you from biting are you familiar with right with a Reiki mirror no I’m
not chapped lips chapped lips just vitamin E every night be done you want
net and never ever ever ever ever ever ever wear chapstick I can tell I can
tell looking at a person those who who use it just fight a mini just invite a
mini stick if you do that every night and you put it around your cuticles you
will never have a problem again and your cuticles will always be supple I do more
in English yes it’s okay I or do more videos I will thank you exfoliate lips –
yes well you know what I find with the Maybelline I don’t need to because you
know what I do sometimes when I’m sitting here in social media at night
before I cleanse my face off yes mineral oil works to remove it
beautifully because I mean I use the Maybelline mmm see nothing mmm nothing
fine lines see all those lines when I do this they never travels never travels I
love Maybelline lip color as I’m sure you know so what I do is I will
there and I will kind of rub back and forth when I’m yeah on the computer and
what I’m doing is as I’m peeling off the lipstick I’m exfoliating my skin at the
same time so but I find that when I when I I wash my face with the rough side of
the face cloth so it so my lips get included in the way I cleanse my skin so
it’s a constant exfoliation I’ve tried the all day lipstick and it chaps my lip
so bad okay if you tried the Maybelline then try the Revlon because and there’s
also no L’Oreal sorry it’s on it’s on in the page sorry I missed that last one
the L’Oreal infallible I think is the name of it because some people for some
reason just can’t wear the Maybelline it bothers them but they can wear the
L’Oreal infallible and it works great and and and it’s in a so good it lasts
it lasts like the like the Maybelline does Revlon Colorstay ultimate suede
works well for me oh great thank you yes Revlon colors say that’s another one
so those are some options for you for the long wear the thing and again the
one of the reasons I love use coconut oil to take off makeup and moisturize
lips and condition here best stuff ever absolutely California to me coconut oil
should be a staple in any femme fatales makeup kit I use sonic toothbrush on my
lips every three to four days but I avoid anything painful oh well you know
why not you’re brushing your teeth you makeup brush your lips at the same time
right it works and and and you’re accomplishing two things with one action
rather than that I’m trying to change the way we the way I speak you know the
old thing kill two birds with one stone ah I just don’t like that so I say
accomplish two things with one action and if I say it enough it’s now part of
my vocabulary yes exfoliation when you exfoliate
everything it’s amazing how well your makeup goes on and stays on and it will
stay on better and last longer too I missed a question there about a
c’mere I’m not sure what that was but you know how to keep lipstick longer
when drinking for example yes exactly yeah you can drink and and it doesn’t
come up look it it’s not enough there’s nothing on my coffee cup and I know that
cup looks big but it’s just it’s just where it is with the camera nothing on
there with my with my lip color we’re talking about sometimes I use little
sugar to exfoliate yes chemical free and cheap yes yes and this
will be available on the channel – on the it’ll be available on the YouTube
channel and I’m gonna see if I can try and put it on them on my facebook as
well now I’ve lost my train of thought ah mirrors pedestal mirrors we should
use unrefined coconut oil should be use you know what I’m not a chemist and I
have to tell you the skin care the chemical ingredients in makeup and all
that is not my focus that’s for other people
Paula Burgoyne I highly recommend her she would be I say an excellent person
to check out her her website or web page for all things fractionated coconut oil
is said to be the best ok there we have it excellent Thank You penny
so yeah because I if I split myself in all these different ways I’m I’m not
gonna be good at or strong in any one thing makeup and hair is it i I do
special effects but it’s not something that I’ve gone into because it would
require too much time Paula be gone or be going be ege o UN I
believe Paula be going also look up the cosmetics cup or Paula’s Choice look
that up she I think that’s what she calls herself now she is she’s great for
for all all all those things as far as ingredients and everything else is
concerned so I didn’t split myself so I don’t do that because it pulls my folk
I saw other things make sense what’s the name of the Maybelline it’s the
maybelline superstay 24 hour and if you take a look at the video that I just put
up regarding the cholesterol deposits you see pictures of it right there
Paula’s Choice is good yes absolutely it is so for knowing more about the the
ingredients in the background the chemistry and everything of products
that’s the place to get information for those things that’s I’m sorry but that’s
just not my focus I have a little bit of knowledge in it but not certainly enough
to call myself an expert in any way shape or form now applying it that’s a
different story Bed Bath & Beyond has Maybelline
lipstick cheap at $7.99 in the States excellent Thank You Diane you’re welcome
Kimberly yeah oh that’s that’s that’s good to know
yeah whoa you are not gonna believe how I’ve got this set up I have to I have to
share this with you I’ve been trying like mad to do what do you call it
YouTube live for some time on my computer and boy FA it’s so complicated
so what I did was I found out I could use my iPhone so I’ve gotten on a selfie
stick duct-taped to the back of my computer open and and it’s so it’s very
precarious but I think it’s working okay anyway shows you what links you’ll go to
thank you very much shows you what lengths you’ll go to to be determined to
to overcome something and you can apply the same thing with makeup and hair you
know if you want it you want you want to you want to get there you can thanks
time you can also use a 20% coupon Oh excellent further that’s excellent good
to know you know what when when your you have a product that you’re that you like
when it goes on sale buy a few of them that’s what well I don’t really the lips
the Maybelline yes but I’ve still got a stash from my from my working days so
I’m I’m trying to work through that it’s like
I’m sure there’ll be tons left over when they put the last nail in my coffin but
powder doesn’t powder doesn’t expire so you know it’s fine
everyday price B B & B Bed Bath & Beyond okay that’s good to know in Canada here
of course we pay a lot more our sales here we’d be $9.99 I believe
even expired coupons they will take don’t throw them away oh good you guys
got it all going on that’s great yeah in Canada we pay we pay a lot more
I’m not and I’m not sure of our sisters in the rest of the world the pricing is
just different everywhere isn’t it wouldn’t it be great if we all got it
for free yeah that’s not gonna happen but we can save a lot of money by not
buying what we don’t need and that includes no magazines we don’t need them
we don’t need them we don’t need them we don’t need them and your products we
don’t need them we don’t need them which nail-polish colors do you recommend for
women after 50 years of age we pay more because of her pretty prime minister yes
our prime minister with a pretty hair that’s why we pay more good one penny
haha nail polish whatever works for you if you’re going to wear a blue undertone
lip color I suggest a blue undertone what do you call this nail polish now
see oh here let me get back to this I use I do my own shellac now what I like
about it is for Christmas I could put just a red nail polish over it and then
remove it with them with a non acetone polish remover and I still have the
shellac there if I used a Polish if I used a regular polish remover it would
it would disintegrate the shellac but yeah I do that just to keep my nails
you know from wearing down and being horrible and and then put polish on
where I need but I’m not in that position in life anymore
my facial skin is lightening now that I use SPF regularly even when I’m inside
so now I need to do a lighter foundation uh yes so go one shade or a half shade
lighter and see how that works for you I used to I wear the Audrey Morris
number 31 now I used to wear 32 would I buy it for the nails which one would you
suggest I’m not sure I understand your question about buying a kit for the
nails I’m sorry I I don’t I don’t understand your question
I mean if you’re thinking about doing shellacking yourself well you can look
at you can just google shellac because in Canada it would be different to do
your own nails you’d need a UV light and you need the base the color and the
topcoat check check Google because in Canada it would be different but the
same product is sold everywhere it’s just under a different brand name or a
different company I you know what it saves me a lot of money because it’s
used me what $40 to get that done I do it myself
and I spend $90 once a year for the product and that does me all year long
so again cost savings I’m all about that wherever we can so I’ll put up a video
for it costs me 70 bucks every four weeks for gel nails yes and gel nails
can look really good here’s the thing ladies when you’re in business and when
you’re still working and you and you may have family and everything too
time is really precious to you right so wherever you can get help to help give
you time then minus twenty five every four weeks for gel nails well YC univ in
the states because of our prime minister with his pretty hair we just have to pay
more so where was I yes once I retire I’ll go back to doing
it myself yes when you retired you need to do things that service your packaged
look for the business that you’re in when you’re retired like I am I ain’t
going anywhere that much but I still want to look my best for when I do go
out and the few things that I do do so I do it myself I save a ton of money that
way I watched my manicurist I do my own
Bravo I was getting my gel nails done for about six months – and that’s when I
just then I learned and I did it myself I want to go where you go yeah Diane’s
got some good pricing I don’t I don’t know
Boston ah well ladies it looks like we’re coming to the end of our time here
I hope this has been helpful yes right now I’m teaching and I need to put my
best face foot and frock forward as you would say yes exactly
you got it penny anyway thank you so much everyone I love me being online I’m
glad that this worked out I hope that it did it obviously did to some degree so
this one maybe I’ll get out my duct tape and my selfie stick and do this again
you’re so welcome Kimberly and now I need to stop this and I don’t know how
so we will see you online and hopefully if this works out I’m gonna try and do
it every couple of weeks thank you ladies

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