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The first option is to scatter the seeds directly at the top of this tank and you will see that I Can imagine that some of them are really growing very fast, you will see them there The one is already very big also few days from now. I am envisioning that This place will be filled with vegetables. Hi guys It’s another beautiful day once again, and you are here back at Dexter’s world channel Today I am so happy because we already made the final set up of our stones and the water is now being filtered By the stones I am glad because a filtration system Is already in placed for this tank And I can see that there is an improvement because from dark green This water turn into light greens. Maybe we will have To do some adjustment because I really wanted to make this water a crystal clear one we already have this box now filled with stones and joseph will Of course help us. I am planning to Transfer all the Water spinach here in this filter bucket, and you will see that this is now filled with stones at the top level I will put this core sand because I wanted that the roots will Really be able to hold the stones and initially this very tiny seedlings really need some fine sand for the roots to hold on and this is the reason That I have here fine sand, and we will place this at the top of this big stones. I Have two options in mind The first option is to scatter the seeds directly to at the top of this tank or Just Transfer the seedlings that I have Propagated and place this seedlings at the top of this box So I have two options in mind And I will scatter this one the water really become Brown this is really a big help to our Filtration system and at the same time our aquaponics will Really become very successful Because we already have this seedling beds maybe I will just scatter the seeds over here the seeds of the lettuce but in doing so we have also to be patient enough to Scatter it properly because if we will put two or three or more seeds together then We will have a problem when they grow because we really need to separate them so my way of doing this is we need to scattered and it’s of the seeds will really have a Distance from each other. So this is not the place for them so I’m looking forward to Having plenty of vegetables at the top of this filter tank This is made of concrete cement And if you are new to our channel You can browse our other videos and we have showed the step by step process how we made this filter Bucket and also the setting up of the pipes to make this a good filter and a good filtration System and a good nitrogen cycle is being done And of course, it will develop a good bacteria for a fish Maybe I need some more Sand because this will pull the roots before the roots can really penetrate downward by the way Let me tell you that we already have segregated some good quality of koi from this pond I am so happy because we have this koi grow so fast even raised in a very small tank So this is the koi that we have harvested from that tank well they are so visible because the water is Still very clear and he will see that I can imagine that some of them are really growing very fast One of which is very big so this business is no longer needing the big space because the wrong notion is that you can grow this koi as as big as this one if you have If you have a vast Trunk of land meaning you have a big space but in our system, we just feed it four times five times a day we will feed them with live food such as mosquito larvae and even this worms that we can gather from the River and you will see the outcome so you will see that they are really growing But I don’t want to sell them because I wanted them to grow for video purposes Well, this are my pets. And of course later, we will able also to catch some inferior Qualities and maybe we can sell it on a wholesale basis at a very low price so we will also give some food to some of the the fish that are there Some of them are still there we can get good size you will see them there The one is already very big also have failed to get this one. But the sad thing is this I’ve released 1500 Japanese Koi and it seems that the number has reduced to half Maybe we can only harvest around 700 or even less Because they practice Cannibalism and those ones that though big are making the smaller ones as their food cannibalism is one of the problems of having a smaller pond, but I am so happy still because we have produced a Quality going up of this very small pen May not be a perfect work compared to Planting this on the soil, but what I am very sure about is that we grow this Naturally and without use any fertilizer. We don’t use any chemicals To grow this vegetables and that’s a good thing to know that we are eating vegetables that are free from Pesticides and that’s what I am doing right now, and I would like to share this knowledge to you Few days from now I am envisioning that this place will be filled with vegetables Different types of vegetables and I can encourage people to do their own farming for us to have a good health and for us to maintain our health and Be free from sickness So let’s also examine this Well, it’s natural that they will really look like that they’re so stressed because they are disturbed 3 days from now. I’m sure that this Vegetables will really be growing fast. We can make use of this as our food and The nicest thing to know is you’re growing it right at your farm Well, this is the thing that we can share with you so far I Hope that you will continue to like and share our videos and if you are new Well, I invite you to subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you will be notified of our future videos by the way we are uploading videos every day and we are doing this to Entertain and of course to update our subscribers of our little farm of vegetables and fish so thank you for watching only here at Dexter’s World Channel! You

100 thoughts on “MASSIVE koi fish growth on my OUTDOOR CONCRETE POND

  1. Boss dex.. concern ko lang po.. mahirap ang pag linis nyan okey lang naman nets and rocks na naka sako bags.

  2. I think sir idol dexter, feeding the fish with live foods will naturally turns your fishes to practice canibalism, most especially when they get hungry.

  3. good day sir Dexter hingi po ako Advice pwede po ba mabuhay ang Betta fish sa Bowl lang without heater and filter oxygen?? sir dumaan ako sa Sucabon sa petshop mo pwede po magbenta naman kau ng Talisay leave doon and Catsand kasi dati nakakabili ako sa Shop mo catsand doon tag 10p by pack now wala na..pls reply po

  4. Dexter. Could you create a video showing us the koi you've selected and giving us update how they improve in terms of their body, pattern and skin quality. Looking forward to it. Thanks

  5. One problem your going to have is with the sand falling to the bottom of the tank. Strong rains will wash it to the bottom very fast.

  6. Congratulations on the growth rate of your koi and on the success of your garden as always brother God bless and keep you

  7. Idol pano po magpa rami ng koi my lima kaming koi 3years na sa amin pero di parin dumadami noticed me po

  8. If this sand will fall into pipe below and fill tube holes. A lot of work again to remove all the stones

  9. Hi Dexter world,nyc to watch ur video's as becox I fond of aquatic fishes, but one thing u talk much mr.and I request u to focus on ur video more

  10. Sir I watch your video how to avoid swordtails eat there fry and kt work and thank to you sir dex I love yoyr videos and it inspire me more about aquatic fish and pets

  11. I put sand in a container, put the lettuce seeds in with the sand, mix together then scatter sand and seed mix, it will separate the seeds. Thanks Dexter

  12. as always, thank you for another great video. I'm inspired and want to start fish farming but I need to buy the land first. wish me luck to get it.

  13. Looks like the sand is going to fall through the rocks and be gone to the bottom.. Floating cups with sand and plants might be better.

  14. I have a question sir please answer it i badly need a solution.my filter bucket is being homed by mosquitos.what is the solution for this?

  15. Hey Mr Dexter…i ve been following you since 6 months now. Writing for the first time, i stay in saudi Arabia Riyadh and love your work and fish compound. Hope i can be your guest one day. Will visit Philippine just to meet you. My best wishes stay connected. Regards Ayaz Khan

  16. Watching your vids inspire me to set up an aquarium.. But ill wait until i have more free time.. Thanks your vids are informative easy to understand and really interesting

  17. Great video.. for clear water you might want to put the pump on one end of the pond. Maybe that would work.🌍🌎

  18. Hi Dexter I give you 10 ,1albino white platinum guppy And you gave me 2 oranda breeder pair

    It's a deal or not

  19. My home made concrete pond for Koi Fish w/c 2mtrs x 1 Mtr x 3 feet deep is great for rapid growth of my koi fish.I bought these koi fish from Cartimar Market last Feb.13 2019 From 2 inches to 1 foot now!

  20. I built a local backyard Koi Fish pond 2 Mtrs x 1.5 Mtr x 3 feet deep using pebbles as filter . The water stay clear and no algae

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