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Massage Techniques : Promoting Massage Therapy

Massage Techniques : Promoting Massage Therapy

If you were looking to promote your massage
therapy business, there are several ways you can do this. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae.
Now the first way is through fliers, brochures and business cards. And these are very simple
and easy things to help promote your business. Make sure you include all your information
like your name and your license no. which is mandatory by the way on any piece of advertising
that you do. You need to make sure that your phone no., your email and any information
about you make it very easy for the client to get a hold of you. Also, word of mouth
and in this modern time, word of mouth is still a great way to promote because cannot
only tell them who they want but why they want you and why the like you and why they
really like your massage and why they recommend you. What you did that was special that they
really appreciated. Also, you can advertise in natural health publications and these are
something that have actually worked personally very well for me. You can send a press release
and a story to your neighbor, your neighborhood paper. You can also throw a spa party which
is a really great way to cross promote other kinds of therapists. You can invite facialists,
manicurists and pedicurists so you’re not inviting anyone that will compete with you.
And that’s also very fun, it’s very fun way to invite friends and family and then they
can pass the word to everyone they know as well. You also can join your local chamber
of commerce which is an absolutely invaluable resource for learning about your local community
and economy and how you can fit right in there. And you can also meet other small business
owners and join forces and help promote each other. You can also do t-shirts and those
are great, fun ways to get you the word out if you have a really fun and unique title
of your business. People will remember that. And also donating your time, it’s also really
great way. What you can do is you can look for how ways to donate chair massage to local
community events like golf tournaments and tennis tournaments or you can go to a nursing
home. People are, in nursing homes are very in need of love and compassion and that’s
a great way to spend your time, not only marketing your business but helping others. So these
have just been some simple ways on promoting your massage therapy business. I’m Sundae
with Natural Sundae. Take care.

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  1. Hey there,thank you for taking your time to do this,i too am a Massage Therapist and I was wondering how to promote my business, and you have brought up points I needed. Thank you.

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