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Marketing Research Case Study – Key Tactics When Advertising to Mothers

Marketing Research Case Study – Key Tactics When Advertising to Mothers

Tormented Moms
Hi I’m Graeme Newell. How can you win the hearts of mothers?
We’ve evaluated thousands of ads targeting mothers, and our research shows that brands
usually follow one of three very distinctive paths.
We call the first path “nirvana mom,” a joyous maternal paradise.
“We do a little dance to make the tears stop. You’ve learned a million things to help your
little one, like what to do at the first sign of diarrhea”
Whoever thought diarrhea could be so wonderful. The key emotional driver behind nirvana mom
is order. “Hey, you made your own lunch. Yep. I’m so
proud of you!” No clutter. No chaos. The children play quietly
in their room. “So how’s it going girls? We’re doing great.
Great. Mom’s like you choose Jiff” Pacing is another key driver for nirvana mom.
This is slow, quality time. “I know when I was pregnant with Nick, one
of my hopes and dreams was that he would love being outside, and thankfully he does.
Sacrifice is the next key emotional driver. If you want to win mom’s heart, show her selflessly
giving. “Come on guys, we’re going to the airport.
Good game. You need a ride? No thanks, my dad should be coming. Every day, millions
of people choose to do the right thing. There’s an insurance company that does that too.
And moms light up when their sacrifice is appreciated. Hallmark nailed the feeling in
this ad. “Tell me that I’ve been a good mom. That I
actually taught you something. Tell me I’m ready. That you look up to me. Tell me you
like spending time with me. That I’m doing this right.”
Commiseration is the third key emotional driver, a sympathetic friend who understands that
families sometimes torment mom. “Shit. Good afternoon madam. Can I see your
papers please? Hello. Mommy in a bit of a hurry was she? That’s not my mommy. Step out
of the car madam!” Of all the spots we tested on moms, that one
got the most reaction, both positive and negative. So remember, great brands don’t just meet
mom’s functional needs. They also build mom’s ego, and show her she has a friend who understands
her pain. I’m Graeme Newell and that’s
emotional marketing.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Research Case Study – Key Tactics When Advertising to Mothers

  1. Everything you said is just assumption. more precisely – you are selling fog 🙂 how did you segmented and profiled that types of mums? how did you can predict reaction for each "mum profil" on advertising types? marketing 🙂

  2. I think if you were to research these ads in focus groups, mums would be reluctant to admit they like them and that they get an emotional reaction to them but when you research online when they are watching on their own at home away from their peer group, I suspect they would love them as I do.

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