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Marketing Monday: Does Direct Mail Work?

Marketing Monday: Does Direct Mail Work?

Hi everyone I’m Marshal Carper and it’s
time for another marketing Monday. This is gonna sound like a weird topic for a digital marketing guy, a Content Marketing guy, to talk about but a
question that I still hear a lot especially from brick-and-mortar
business owners is does direct mail work? So direct mail, your classic send a bunch
of letters, send a bunch of flyers and a bunch of postcards to the mailboxes of
your potential customers as a means of driving business… it’s a pretty
old-school tactic it’s been around for as long as the postal service has been
around really and there’s a actually a good bit of conflict over whether or not
this still works because you still get a lot of direct mail, right? A lot of
businesses are still using it but is it effective? So ,I would argue that with the
right approach direct mail is still relevant. It’s not cheap. It’s gotten a
little bit cheaper as the postal service tries to be more competitive and offers
a lot of flexible plans for how you target and where your direct mail
campaigns actually go, but does it work? Yes, if you think about it in a creative
way. So if you’re going beyond basic promo cards, which I think are pretty
hit or miss. You’re probably better off using Google ads or Facebook ads to
really target the right people instead of doing like a “hey get 10% off your
appetizer if you bring this post card in” but direct mail in a B2B space I’ve
seen that work really really well if you’re smart. One of the cool things
I’ve seen clients do or partners do is actually forego the big blanket postcard
approach and send something a little more personalized and of a lot more value. One of our partners the PT Services Group, they do appointment setting where
they call businesses and set appointments for salespeople to meet
those business owners, they ran an experiment where they sent out a book
first. It was a book that their client had written and the return rate on
people actually setting appointments made with the salespeople
went through the roof. Huge spike because when they got the book in the mail those
people paid attention. Those prospects felt like they at least owed the
brand that sent them a book a phone call another one of our partners they send
out video games and consoles to their prospects as a means of getting
engagement Yes, this stuff is more expensive but for
the return that you get, it’s actually way more efficient than a lot of traditional
advertising campaigns or even digital advertising campaigns that are available.
If you want to go the postcard route, if you’re looking at more of the
traditional route of direct mail, look at collaborating where you do like a dual
promo with another business in your area and really take advantage of the
demographic targeting that the postal service offers. Now you make your budget a little bit more efficient that way but in general I would encourage you to send
something that’s eye catching. Otherwise It just ends lost in the mail. So it can work
but you have to be different you have to be bold you have to do something that is
really going to catch someone’s attention if you’re going to do direct mail. So if
you’re looking at that, shoot me a note. I’d love to talk to you about it because
there’s probably some cool things we can talk through that might help but other
than that thank you for joining. See you next week.

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