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Marketing Live 2018: Succeeding With the New Google Ads Interface

Marketing Live 2018: Succeeding With the New Google Ads Interface

How’s everyone doing? My name’s Brian, and I lead our
Google Ads campaign management team. And today, I want to talk to you
about our Google Ads platform. So I’ve been really
looking forward to today because we just started
switching advertisers over to the new Google
Ads experience. Did anyone see the switch? Anyone see it in your accounts? Good, there’s a few of us. So first things first,
we want to thank you for all of your invaluable
feedback in the Google Ads platform. We really couldn’t have done
it without all of the feedback that you give us every day. Now, to no surprise to
anyone in this room, the world of marketing
is getting more complex. Consumers use multiple
devices throughout the day, watch more videos, and
visit more websites and apps than ever before. They’re also more
demanding, and expect to find more information they
need quickly and on the go. As marketers, we need tools
with speed and simplicity to engage with consumers
in the moments that matter. To this end, we’ve built the
new Google Ads experience to help you better meet
consumers rising expectations. We’re excited to see so many
advertisers already using the innovations in
the new experience to grow their business faster. Now, speaking of
faster, let me give you a couple of examples of how the
new experience helps you get things done more efficiently. How many people here have
used the keyboard shortcuts? This is one of my
favorite new features. Yeah, we got some
keyboard shortcut users? Excellent. So in just a couple
of keystrokes, I can navigate to the page I’m
looking for to make a change and find the right data. It’s really convenient. So try out the
keyboard shortcuts, if you haven’t
tried them so far. The other feature I
want to introduce to you is called Notes. Many of you have told us that
tracking and sharing changes to Google Ads accounts
with colleagues or clients can be time-consuming. For example,
suppose you’re going to launch a
back-to-school promotion and see a big
increase in clicks. You’d like to capture this
information so it’s not lost. With this new feature,
you can simply leave a note directly
on the performance chart so you or anyone
else on the team can see what drove that change. We’ve also completely rebuilt
some of your favorite features from the ground up so
you can get the most out of your search campaigns. For example, we simplified
the keyword planner while adding new features. Now, you can get an overview
of your forecasts in one place, or add multiple keywords
to your plan in bulk. Ad variations is another tool
that’s fast and easy to use. And can help drive big
increases in performance. We all know that finding
the right creative message can have a significant impact. And ad variations helps you
do this quickly and at scale. In a few clicks, you
can run ad copy tests across one or more campaigns
or even your entire account. Take a look at how ad variations
helped Merkle improve their ads and increase their clients
conversions by 14%. Anyone tried ad variations? Few of us out there– excellent. So now, let’s hear
from iProspect UK, who beat their performance
targets for a global campaign with help from these
and other innovations in the new experience. Let’s play the video. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] [MUSIC PLAYING] – iProspect is one of the
leaders in the digital market industry. We always pride
ourselves at trying to be at the forefront of
any change that’s happening and the forefront of
new products coming out. Simply Be had a huge
launch of swimwear campaign in the last six
months and they really wanted us to help
push that forward. – Simply Be is a
brand that exists to put fashion first for
women of all shapes and sizes. The We are Curves
campaign is a celebration of all women with curves. It’s about being confident
in your own skin. What we’ve found with
iProspect is a company who made us engage our
customers in a brand new way, a way that was fit
for the digital age. One thing Google
AdWords does is give us enough transparency
and enough data to actually effect
change in the business. – Working with
AdWords has really helped us to beat Simply Be’s
targets in the last 12 months. You know what results
you’re getting immediately. And you’re able to invest more
money, if it’s doing well. Things like time of
day that immediately show in a more visual format. It allows you to make
quicker decisions, which can immediately have impact. And it’s all just because
you’ve seen a pie chart when you’ve logged in. The opportunities
has really improved. Being able to remove
keywords in bulk that have had no
impressions– that’s really helped to drive
performance efficiently. – AdWords is now more
important than it’s ever been. What we can do is go
out to the customers who we know are in the
position to buy on that device at
that moment in time. [END PLAYBACK] BRIAN TSCHOEPE: So this
is such a great example, and there’s many
more improvements that we hope that you
discover in the coming days. Now, I’d like to
introduce to you Blake Reese, our senior product
manager on recommendations, to come to the stage and talk
to you about what he’s been working on for the past year. BLAKE REESE: I need the clicker. There we go. Thanks, Brian. Thanks so much for that
great presentation. So for the last
two years, my team has been working to completely
redesign the Recommendations page. We strive to show
you the most relevant actionable recommendations to
optimize your accounts to meet your business goals. You’ll see recommendations for
all aspects of your campaigns, including 20 new
recommendation types. For example, suggestions to
set optimal bidding strategies, add audiences, and
create better ads. And if you manage
multiple accounts, you can now view and apply
these recommendations at the manager account level. You can even start
accessing them in the beta release of
the new Google Ads API. So what’s the benefit? For international
retailer Mango, by adopting smart
bidding recommendations, they were able to drive a
59% increase in conversions with a 22% increase in ROAS. Koch Ford, a large
car dealer in Canada that runs a small
marketing team, sees the Recommendations page as
a valuable time saver and also a campaign educator. They like that Google is
able to analyze their account and make suggestions
that can significantly increase their conversions. Since opting into TCPA bidding
through recommendations, their conversions
increased by 77% with an additional
34% decrease in CPA– really great results. And there’s more. As I alluded to
earlier, our vision is to understand how
you value Google Ads and provide
recommendations to help you achieve your
optimization potential consistent with that value. That’s why I’m happy to
announce that we’re launching the new optimization score
to all Google Ads accounts over the next few months. As the name suggests, this
will help you prioritize which recommendations you
need to take action on to grow your business,
making it easier than ever for you to focus on
what really matters– more of the strategically
important tasks. You can easily tap into
your Google Ads account’s maximum potential by checking
the optimization score and following the listed
recommendations that meet your business goals. The recommendations
that are scored fall into the following categories– bids and budgets. ads and extensions, keywords
and targeting, or repairs. We look across all
aspects of your campaigns to detect whether they
are fully optimized. And if not, we provide
a recommended action to help close that gap. If a recommendation
is more closely tied to your performance,
it’s given more weight for your overall score. For example, if you
have conversion tracking and audiences setup and want
to drive more conversions at a profitable CPA, then you’ll
likely see a recommendation for enabling target CPA
automated bidding and perhaps one for setting audience
bid adjustments. Target CPA will likely
be worth more points because it can help you
drive more conversions for your desired CPA. But the audience bid adjustment
recommendations will still be worth some points
because it will drive more conversions than your
current manual bidding setup, just not as many or as
optimally as target CPA will. One thing I want to call out,
in case folks are wondering. The optimization score is not
used by your quality score or ad rank. The score is mainly designed
to help advertisers become more successful in a balanced way. Over time, it will
get better and better in highlighting the most
timely and impactful ways to optimize your account. In fact, advertisers who have
the score in their accounts now are finding it so
helpful that they’re applying over 30%
more recommendations directly from the
Recommendations page to drive better
performance results. They’re also returning to
the Recommendations page to apply more recommendations
more frequently, which is a great sign. As you know, the tools and
features in the web interface aren’t the only way
you can use Google Ads and manage your accounts. So I want to take a moment
and highlight improvements we’ve made to Editor that will
help you get your jobs done faster. We’re continuing to invest
in Editor to help you setup and manage campaigns
efficiently and at scale. In the coming months, we
will share the newly updated Google Ads Editor. For the first time,
Editor will fully support cross-account
management, allowing you to operate
across your different accounts seamlessly. Let’s say you’re a
large fintech company, with different accounts for
each of your product verticals. You’ll be able to open your
multiple accounts in one window and make changes across
them quickly and easily. In addition, we’ve
made some improvements to the overall look and feel
so Editor will be even more intuitive and easy to use. For example, we are
using a fresh color palette and a design in line
with Google’s material design theme. But more importantly, we
have updated fonts, icons, and UI components to enhance
usability and accessibility. We’re excited to bring you
the new innovations we’re announcing today, and
hope that they better drive ROI and faster
growth for your businesses. I’m sure you have
some questions. You can follow-up with us
here or after the talk, or ask the product
managers directly during our roundtables,
tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Thank you so much.

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