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Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Use Uber to Market Your Law Firm

Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Use Uber to Market Your Law Firm

Hey, so check this out, so I was recently doing some research for
some pay per click advertising for a client, a personal injury attorney in New York. And I started noticing that
the clicks were extremely expensive. Anyone who’s done pay per click advertising
knows that the clicks, I mean, you know,
if you’re a personal injury attorney, construction accident lawyer in New York
is over $200 per click, it’s crazy. So, I started thinking, what is a different way
that we can spend, that we can reach more people, and basically make our dollars go further. And I was in an Uber one day and it hit me. Why not use Uber to market your law firm? So I am going to show you how to do that right now. Okay so this is the presentation of how
to use Uber to market your law firm. Now Uber can also be synonymous with Lyft
which is another service similar to Uber. I think Lyft is a little cheaper, but,
and actually Lyft is what I use when I travel. But Uber, Lyft, people know it as Uber. So that’s what this course is called. How to use Uber to market your law firm. Now, as I discussed before I was
doing some research for PPC pricing and this is just a chart showing,
uses a screen grab from Google. As you can see here,
some pretty common search terms, personal injury attorney
suggested bid is $133.40. Divorce lawyers $32,
car accident lawyer is $209, DUI lawyer $81,
criminal defense lawyer $45. Now these are going to vary by city to city
and also depending on your expertise, how good you are running AdWords or how
good marketing company is at running Adwords. I like to think I’m better
than most running Adwords and I can get these clicks
to a lot cheaper than this but still, you know for something like
car accident lawyer where the bid is $209, I’m probably still around, I don’t know 80 to 100 dollars per click,
just depending on the the city I’m in, and some of the optimization
and some of the competition. So even if you have somebody
who knows what they’re doing with PPC, this is still a very expensive endeavor, and you know the other thing is
that with PPC leads you know, you don’t get– every click doesn’t equal a lead. You know, it might be four
or five clicks per lead, just depending on kind of the market
and different things like that. So you end up spending a lot of money
for each lead and PPC advertising, especially if you’re in
a major competitive market, it can get very expensive very quickly
and that’s kind of why came up with, I started thinking about different ways that we can spend money to
generate more leads than PPC. So the general strategy with this is
that you’re going to provide a driver who drives for Uber or Lyft with a car
that is wrapped with your law firms branding. With your name, your phone number,
your practice areas, all that kind of stuff. You’re going to pay for the car,
you’re going to pay for the maintenance and you’re going to pay for the insurance. Now, obviously you own the car
so you’re going to pay for the car. But you want to pay for the insurance
because you want to make sure that yourself, that your law firm is covered,
that you’re covered, that the car’s covered. You also want to pay for
the maintenance of the car, to make sure that it actually gets done. You’re going to tell the driver that
they are responsible for paying for gas, that is their only expense
for this entire thing, which is a pretty sweet deal for them. You probably want to find a,
you want to come to an agreement with a driver where they’re going to drive a minimum
number of hours and miles per week. This will ensure that
the car is actually getting out there and that your branding
is actually getting out there. If they’re only going to drive ten hours a week,
it’s probably not going to be worth it for you. You want somebody that you know,
they really do a lot of driving, you know, 40 hours a week maybe, ideally, or more. But you know, it’s obviously going
to depend on each situation and everything, but you want to make sure
that you have an agreement that they’re going to drive a minimum number
of hours or a minimum number of miles. Now, this benefits the driver because
they get a free car to drive for Uber. I was in Las Vegas back in November and
I took a Lyft and I was talking to the driver and she actually is in a program
that Lyft has where Hertz, the rental car company, rents
cars for drivers to use for Lyft. She pays $250 a week for this this car, you know
it was like a Hyundai Sonata or something, I mean so– She’s paying $1000 a month for you know,
she’s basically paying for a Tesla, or some really nice luxury car,
and she’s getting a Hyundai Sonata that you know, that she doesn’t even own. She’s renting it. You know, so when you compare
what some drivers are doing when they need a car, to get around for
Uber and Lyft, I mean this is kind of a no brainer. So they get a free car to drive,
and if they do have their own car, they don’t have to put wear and tear on their car. They don’t have to put miles
on their car, all that kind of stuff. You get a free moving billboard,
or I shouldn’t say free, you get a moving billboard that basically
is somebody that’s driving a car around that has your branding all over it,
around the entire city, for 40 hours a week, or whatever it is. If you price out that moving billboard
that I’m sure you’ve seen, they’re going to cost way more
than you’re going to see this– than at the end of this
strategy you’re going to see, or at the end of this presentation you’re
going to see how much this strategy costs. You know, so it’s really a win-win
for both you and the driver. You get a ton of advertising, you get somebody to drive this advertising,
this billboard, all around the city for you. The driver gets a car. Now, the other nice thing about this
is you get a nice tax write off. So, you’ll have to talk
to your account about this. I know, with taxes you can either write off
the cost of the car in the maintenance or you can write off per mile,
I believe is how it works. It used to be $.41 a mile,
I don’t know what it is now, I don’t know what it is when
you’re actually watching this video. But you know, if you drive, I mean
if 30,000 miles get put on this car. See times 4.1, that’s a
$12,000 write off right there. So, talk to your accountant about this. But it’s definitely a nice benefit where
you also get the tax write off for this. So the four steps that you’re going to
need to follow to execute this strategy. First you’re going to need to buy a car. Second you’re going to need to insure the car. Third, you’re going to need to wrap the car. And fourth, you’re going to need to find a driver. So why use this method? Well honestly, I’ve been racking
my brain and I cannot find, I cannot think of a cheaper way
to advertise your law firm. We already showed how
expensive pay per click can be. SEO I’m sure you know, is expensive. It takes a long time. Buying a billboard costs you
thousands of dollars per month. I’ve bought billboards before and they
can range anywhere from $1200 a month all the way up to $50,000 a month,
depending on where they are. But, you know, this is kind of similar
to advertising the side of a city bus. That can cost anywhere
from eight to $10,000 per month. You know, there’s just so many
methods of advertising out there and I cannot think of one that reaches
more people for less money than this. If you can think of one let me know. Cause I just can’t think of one. This is a win-win situation
for both you and the driver. The driver gets a car that they can drive,
they don’t have to put mileage on their own car. they’re saving money. And you’re getting somebody that’s driving
your moving billboard all around the city. It’s a win-win for everybody. It’s a great branding opportunity you know,
you’re getting your name, your picture, your face, all that you’re getting out there. And Imean imagine if you know,
this is great if you just had one car. Imagine if you had four of five cars. And you’re in a busy place, and you know,
in Chicago or New York or Los Angeles and you’re just in areas where people just going
to start seeing your face and your name and know your law firm over and over and over again. The other nice part about this is that this will continue to benefit your firm
for years even after the car is paid off. So a lot of times, and I’ll kind of
show you what I recommend as a car, that’s anywhere from $10-$15,000,
some people are going to finance the car, most people are just going
to pay cash for the car. You know, in the grand scheme,
10 – 15,000 isn’t that much money. So, you know, once the car is paid off, whether you finance it or
whether you just pay it off it’s an asset that you own that you can keep
using and keep using and keep using for years. You know, maintain that car, we’re going to talk about what type of car to buy, but you maintain that car for a long time
and its going to last you for a long time. And then, when you’re finished with it,
its an asset that you own that you can sell or you can trade in for another car. So there’s there’s a ton of benefits to this, in you being the actual
owner of of this vehicle. So step one, you need to buy a car. Carmax is a great resource,
I know they’re not everywhere, But I think they’re pretty
much all over the country. I know they’re in most major markets. What I suggest is a Toyota Camry, I think you should get a
reliable make and model. In my opinion Toyota Camry’s are very reliable. I mean, obviously that’s my opinion. If you have a different opinion,
then obviously go with your opinion. But, on the left here I took a screen grab. You can get a 2013 Camry for
$12,998, with 62,000 miles. A 2011 for $12,500, with 40,000 miles. I’d probably skip the 2008,
that’s 10 years old right now. But as you can see you’ve got low mileage,
a low mileage Camry, 40,000. And for a Toyota, I mean look, you know, you maintain a Toyota
its going to last your forever. So, that’s why its important for you to handle
the maintenance and not put that on the driver. But, bottom line is you can get decently
priced, a decent car for a decent price. So, a lot of people are going to pay it off. If you’re going to finance it,
I got a loan calculator down here. Say you want to borrow 14 thousand,
over 72 months that’s $225 a month. Not too bad. Make sure you get a car that has
four doors and has a large trunk. Four doors obviously, cause
its going to be used for Lyft and a large trunk cause
obviously people go to the airport, they have luggage, they
have bags, things like that. So, make sure that you get something
that can actually accommodate for Lyft, Uber, things like that. Now when you insure the car. Now, keep in mind, I’m not going
to go too detailed on insurance here. Because insurance requirements
vary state by state. If you’re a personal injury attorney
you’re going to know way more about the insurance requirements
in your state than I’m going to, so I’m not even going to
pretend to try know about that. Now I do know, that as of this video,
Uber and Lyft insurance covers from when the rider, from when the ride is accepted by the driver,
to when the passenger gets out of the car. So, there’s a couple things there. There’s going to be a lot of time that is,
that the driver is waiting for a ride to show, or waiting for a job, or just driving
to or from or whatever. That’s not covered by Uber and Lyft. I also don’t know what
the limits are for Uber and Lyft. I would think that you want some sort of policy
that’s going to to cover everything. You do need to make sure that
you have ride share insurance though. I’ve called around a couple companies, and a lot of companies
actually don’t cover ride share. So, you want to make sure
you get a commercial policy that’s going to cover ride shares,
you know, all that kind of stuff. You really need to do your homework on this one. Insurance policies change frequently, so just make sure that you
kind of cover your bases there. The estimated cost on this that I got
when I called around and got quotes, and I’m in Florida, was $200 per month. So again, not terrible. Now you’re going to wrap the car. Now this is an important one because
this is what people are actually going to see. So on the right here is a car that I found, I just did a Google image
search for law firm car wrap. And I found the Schwartz
law firm in New Orleans. I’m not sure if they’re a real law firm or not. What I don’t like about this wrap
on the side, or I’m sorry, on the back, is that they have the road to justice
David versus Goliath, Christopher Schwartz, and then on the bumper they’ve got
the phone number and the website. I think that you need to be very very clear
about what your firm is and what you do and who you help on the back of the car because
a lot of people that are going to see you who are going to have
the opportunity to call you are going to be sitting right behind you
in traffic, or they’re going to be, you know. So, stopped at a traffic light behind the car they’re going to see the billboard in front
of them, or see the advertising in front of them. You want to make sure that it’s very clear
what you do, you don’t want to leave it up to– I mean, the road of justice, David versus
Goliath, who knows what that is. I mean, I know that, I can probably assume that it’s a personal injury attorney,
different things like that. I see lawyerschwartz.com on the bumper, but I would not leave it to
people to try to figure it out. Make sure that it is very clear. So when you wrap the car,
most companies will design the wrap for you and they’ll include it in the cost. I called around and
including the graphic design this should cost you anywhere from
$1250-$1750 for a Toyota Camry, and that includes the design, installation
and the printing of the wrap. So again, not terrible. So now how do you find a driver? Okay so, first thing I would do is
I would ask friends, family and employees if they know anybody that might be
interested in this, because that’s going to be, you know, you want somebody
that’s kind of reliable, so if you can find somebody
through that approach that’s probably going to be your best option. If that doesn’t work, I would say
look at Facebook groups. And you see the graphic on the right here,
I just searched “Uber drivers of” and then I got, I’m in Florida, I’m actually in
the Lakeland so I got areas near me. So I got Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte,
South Florida, Atlanta, Columbia, South Carolina, New Orleans. But I guarantee you every major city
and probably most smaller cities have Uber drivers of something and if not then there’s going to be other
groups of Uber drivers that you can find. Go in there, find a driver, or put a post in there and I’m sure you’ll find more
drivers than you have cars for. Last option is posting an ad on Craigslist. I’m not a fan of Craigslist. I think you get kind of
shadier people on Craigslist. But again, you know, I mean,
not everyone’s like that. I’ve hired people on Craigslist before,
so those are my three suggestions. Now obviously when you find a driver you need to make sure that
you have an agreement with them. You’re an attorney,
I’m not going to tell you about that. You need to have, obviously
have something in writing. You know, come to an agreement, make sure
everything is spelled out very clearly. Maybe you want to do
a background check on this person, see their driving record,
different things like that. You know, you’re going to have to
kind of do your due diligence on that, and get to where you’re comfortable
with the entire situation, but– And that’s again why ask friends, family,
employees might be your best option, because now you know,
you can, you know. A family member’s probably not going to
recommend somebody who’s very untrustworthy or likely to screw you over in any way. So, here are the estimated costs on this. Now this is assuming that
you finance the car for 72 months. A lot of people are just going to pay it off. But if you finance the car for 72 months
it’s going to 225 bucks a month. Insurance will be $200 a month, roughly. Wrapping the car, I just broke it down
over 72 months and this is the $1700 wrap, that’s $24 a month and then maintenance
give or take is going to be about $40. So, your total monthly cost is going
to be around $489, call it $500 a month. And that is way better than
how much you’re going to have to pay for a lot of these markets,
for pay per click advertising. And I really cannot think of a way that
you will reach more people for less money. And if you can think of one,
please please please let me know because I would love to
implement it for my clients. Now also I have, full disclosure,
I have not had anyone implement this yet. I am dying to see this work. I would love to see somebody do this. I have pitched it to some clients
of mine that love the idea and they just kind of haven’t done anything with it. So if you do implement this,
please send me a picture of your car. Send me everything. I want to hear about it. I’m really excited about this,
and I’ve got a special surprise. I’ll send the first person
that actually does this. So, if you have any questions,
shoot me an email, leave a comment, and good luck with this. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Use Uber to Market Your Law Firm

  1. Excellent "guerilla marketing" tactic. A couple of suggestions… 1) Have a clear contract with the driver as to his/her status as a "self-employed/independent contractor" and/or the issuing of a "1099" and 2) Whatever phone # and/or website that's shown on the vehicle MUST be unique to that method of advertising (perhaps unique to each vehicle and/or location driven) so you can track it and know a true ROI on it.

  2. I believe it's against Uber policy to drive with a wrapped car. I don't know all of the details but it would be worth reviewing.

  3. nice idea. I think an almost easier way of doing this….is to rent cars for staff on contract hire. For example, here in the UK you can get a car for £150 a month, so that's $180 a month. No ownership worries or hassle. Just give your staff a company car that is wrapped. I think your UBER idea is brilliant but the fact no one has done it is because law firms aren't innovative.
    However it has given me another idea for UBER…

  4. In Chicago, Uber requires that the car you used to drive for Uber is “unmarked“. I believe that there is a prohibition against wrapping cars.

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