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Marketing Communications and Advertising MSc

Marketing Communications and Advertising MSc

I’m Patricia Harris, and I’m Course director of the MA in Marketing Communications and Advertising at Kingston Business School. Kingston’s MA in Marketing Communications and Advertising course is aimed at graduates of any discipline who know they want to work in the world of
marketing communications either in advertising, PR or sales promotion. They really want build their career in an area of the marketing
communications environment. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge of marketing or marketing communications. You do need a good first degree but it can be in any subject. This is quite a specialist course so you do need to know that you want to build a career in the world of marketing communications. On the MA in Marketing Communications and Advertising course, students study a range of modules but many of
them are about elements or marketing communications. There is a large module called marketing communications and advertising which runs throughout the whole length of the course and that covers all of the elements of the communications mix – advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, sponsorship etc. The focus here is very much on integration and the importanve of integrating all of the communications campaign so that they fit together and there is synergy and so they work together
to support the overall objectives of the brand. In addition students study as specialist module in public relations where they learn how to write press releases and how to manage public relations campaigns to various stakeholder groups. Students study a module called interactive marketing communications which focuses on digital and new social media. Their growing importance in the marketing communications mix. They also learn other forms of communication which are interactive, two-way as opposed to traditional one way forms of marketing and communication like advertising. In addition to all of those communication modules, students study buyer behavior and they study market research and data analysis
where they learn about both quantitative and qualitative market research. And then finally they study a module in research methods that enables them to produce an independent piece of research in the form of a dissertation. Graduates of Kingston’s MA in Marketing Communications and Advertising degree have gone into a range of jobs within different areas of marketing communications. We have quite a large number of graduates
in media planning and media buying agencies. We have graduates in specialist digital agencies. We have graduates in traditional full service marketing communication agencies working on advertising and other forms of communications and we have graduates who have moved into consulting where they
are not working directly on communications but working with communications on things such as CSR –
Corporate Social Responsibility projects and so on. So quite a wide range of graduate destinations but with
a very strong focus obviously on marketing and communications. I think what makes Kingston’s MA in Marketing Communications and Advertising degree unique is that it builds on the heritage and the track record of marketing masters at Kingston
which we have been delivering for many many years. So the Marketing Communications and Advertising degree taps
into that very rich heritage and tradition. The blend of modules is very rigorous. You don’t just study marketing communications and advertising although you do
spend a lot of time studying those on this course. But you also study areas of marketing management, market research and buyer behavior so you have a very strong foundation in the
theoretical underpinnings of marketing communications decisions and why the marketing communications work in the way that they do. And that is a very powerful blend to
take to the job market these days.

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