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Marketing and Blogging Trends For 2018

Marketing and Blogging Trends For 2018

okay he would rhyme bit off again Alonza Pichardo are you my man doing awesome and great to chat once again how was your a bobble day turkey day how was your day yeah it was good actually I was at the starting point of the parade which was crazy 76 in Central Park West so I got a ton of pictures put them up as a travel page on my blog what's that were there any Trump floats no no I didn't see no no I did not see yeah no I don't think they would have I think that there could have been people out upon the Central Park West even they'd be up there with their I thought I smell like a big orange pumpkin head exactly like it was kind of a little bloated but uh not to see your pictures man that was cool I've always wanted to go to that and I've been many times I've been in New York but I've never there in turkey time on that but I never I never got I never never have gone to the parade seems like a pretty cool experience man it was fun I watched this so many times as a kid probably 20 30 times and Santa comes through and that starts the official beginning of Christmas and it was neat seeing it in person because you see all the stars I saw wood I see I saw common which was cool he was like right in front of me I'm different like Smokey Robinson some of the older school ones and then just the balloons it's pretty crazy because they're actually six stories tall there was no Jason Bateman oh yeah no Jason Bateman unfortunately I didn't get to see my ugly yeah but the mirror yeah no it was a good time definite changeup and like I said being on the street where it started was pretty neat you know the NBC cams and stuff that's cool man that's great that's great but anyways been on this chat we're going to cover marketing and blogging trends for 2018 what do you see as some of the trends that are coming for this new year do you see anything mind-blowing coming on the bike yeah I think I think one of the benign yeah seriously it really is because we've talked about this 10-year dredging of the a dredging the muck this this 10-year cycle for whatever reason the whole renting car is renting the home showing it off in and dishonesty any lying it's funny when people get to get money people are so desperate even if they stacked up a lot of money they're so desperate to lose it or they they tie their value as a human being to numbers which is a form of insanity it's insane but people lie and that's something where you probably seen on a lot of YouTube videos and a lot and then even people telling the truth they just base it so much on that outcomes because they're trying to bamboozle people so I think it's gonna there's gonna be a huge shift where I mean look at these videos all the views we get this is this is the wave of the present in the future with internet marketing blogging people are gonna be really honest and transparent and just return to the fundamentals of if you wanna really perhaps per online if you want to make money online you're gonna make it about you generous offering service and then understanding that it's a skill that you really have to practice you have to create you have to connect you're gonna have to help a lot of people for free I mean you you know how goes and I know it's if you see someone who's living their dreams through the online in the online world they helped they develop the skill and they helped a lot of people for free and they were very honest and they had great integrity needs people happy people who are doing it and who are enjoying the ride and I think that's gonna be one of the biggest shifts just away from the Shiki nuri and the lying and that the just disgusting stuff that's going on online because it is it is a disgusting and moving away from that towards being real honest and generous and I've seen it happening already you know those people are just getting fed up with that this the height and all that stupid stuff and it's just gonna be stronger and stronger and I'm I feel grateful that we're doing these videos and you asked to do these because I really think we're starting to you know shift the curve here and I think we're you know in our own little way we're starting to really show folks like this is how you do it guys no that's crazy cuz like um first couple of videos we did um you know I've known you for a while now but we never you know we never interacted in this way I'm like shoot I wish I would have connected with you like this a while back you know cuz I did I've done webinars with other people but you know there was really no you know back and forth or I really didn't say much at all you know I was just like you know just there so in in terms of this this back and forth people you know both of us sharing knowledge it's it's a good thing whereas instead of just having someone me me me all the time you know so it's a good it also proves you know we're knowledgeable about what we're talking about you know that's real important that's really important it's showing off it's being generous showing off not showing off what you know but showing what you know and then doing it generously like so many people you see I mean in some cases it's that real heavy just total my scam it was just it was scamming oh my meal people just so good it's like these people that are are good at what they do but they're not they're good teachers or they're a good mentor but they're not the best exponent of what they teach they're lazy you know when it when they when their feet are put to the fire they just you know they hate they tap out fast man you know there's many people online that I like that you know they talk a big game but they cannot you know back it up and it's the truth I think I think 2008 you'll see in 2018 rather you're gonna see you know a lot of sifting out of the lazy cream anymore rise to the top the authentic people who back up what they say you really have to there's one skill you're gonna learn as you're looking to build a thriving business of course it's service patience all but really be authentic like when I meet people offline I've met through my travels a number of people who've known me for years online and you meet me a person the first thing they say and we get together then when we go they're like you're just like the guy followed on the blog there's no deviation there and with my chats with you I can see you're exactly who you are online there's no deviation between you to it and that's perfect authenticity whereas a lot of folks they don't have that and especially like you said where they're not backing up even if they're good teachers or they're helpful in their own way when they're on video it's another thing to really follow through on that and to do it through social media your body wherever different channels and just being generous and like you said that the laziness thing it does strike a lot of people and hey leveraging is full I get that but when it comes down to it you really to do it to reap to keep going up and I don't mean like for your ego but to gain a greater platform to help people and that's what I do like I do what I people I call money I'm like I love the life I live but these videos I think like this is awesome that I have this opportunity to serve people and help people because I didn't have that in the beginning and I really had a tough time for a long time I'm so grateful that I had this opportunity so the more authentic you are in what you're saying teaching and being and doing through emails one-to-one through social media you'll keep rising in your niche and become more well known and more importantly you'll be able to do it and sleep all at night because there's no deviation right that's such a big part of it's so worth it to keep your word and years down the road to be building a thriving business and not to worry about the freaking IRS or being thrown in prison or just from a lesser aspect feeling that you're not being true to yourself maybe not being really too happy with your stuff look if you've had success you know that's that's a tumbling no problem I know that off the hook for you man I just know one employed but not definitely agree with that man but um cuz it's like I don't know maybe cuz you know you know we've been working together for a few months now man you've been even surprised when I get something up so far how did you know I'm about now man I'm not about strike out a project two weeks you know it's about now you do when I post view or these it's like some folks they're thinking weeks ahead of time I'll get that out in the weaker and you it's like minutes two hours and that that's how you want to be you only have the now guys you don't the future the past is gone it's a ghost it's the future it's coming but you have the moments so get into it and you do that better than like anybody I've seen online and that's that's what you got to be like and when you're in the moment to you're more you you're more authentic your mind doesn't have a chance to run away with it and say oh it's not good enough from that you'll believe in yourself it'll be uncomfortable sometimes but that's that's where your power is and you do that so incredibly well and that will be another thing too people won't be sitting on the sidelines next year I think the more they see your shining example they're just gonna be hopping on board and you know chasing their dreams and helping people and learning and I'm excited I think with this year was maybe uh maybe a purged of that stuff that came up but we're always evolving and people are gonna see it and they're gonna be like what's what's going on here do we have this human experience just the stack stuff up or to try to why do people to get money out of them come on you know that's that's laying it's stupid yeah that's true man that's true that's true but uh I don't know it's like as so many people are still looking for the shortcuts man and um I just don't get it because there's so many people have great potential and there's people that you see online they're not about anything but they can engage you know we're just promoting some thought every day is a new little link to some silly affiliate thing and like man if this person focused on one thing they would kick ass you know so that's just something that's baffling to me and it's like you know rather they shoot on a different link every other day to some affiliate thing or I got this new this new that focus it's like you see a person I'm if they focus on one thing they'd kill it you know to be great but I don't know I think that's a sign the times man we can't you know our attention span is uh it's about uh now now now instead of like you know long-term thinking down the road it makes me think of the line from the movie there's nothing worse than wasted talent right there you go and you know it because you see these people that have talent and they can engage and if they got into creating and connecting I have a ton of bloggers from India and Pakistan and all of them are ESL you know English is our second language and I checked this one dudes blog out and he wrote perfect English he could teach me grammar you know I'm looking at it I'm just like this guy is on point he never would have figured he was yourself and you see that and I know he'd been struggling and I offer some suggestions and what I would say as far as you know maybe networking doing guest posting or or blog commenting but it's just this idea sometimes people have so much ability and talent but they're so afraid to just get out there and do the networking he was a learning do the work and do the creating and connecting and you're like man it's it's yeet months and years of just kind of sitting there and they have so much ability it's like they got and go for it you got to follow a mentor too and if they're saying it's gonna take years of daily or five or six days a week of study and practice and creating and connecting and helping people who are free they mean it you know we've experienced it this is how it's gonna be but you want it to be that way because if it wasn't that way you would be you know sharking up and sharking your way up and just lying and then that that's a house of cards so you understand that you can't keep program hopping you can't change you lose your integrity and authenticity when every opportunity is the greatest in the world week after week because nothing's like that and people look at you and they'll be like they're our stuff they're not honest so like put your attention and energy from trying to sell so much so learning to helping to being generous to having fun with the process and to continuing to it so get your energy right in to be like why am I doing this really I want to help people yeah I want to build a business but when you learn that you could really the successful business long-term like you said you gotta look down the road past next week you got to get out of survival mode you can't do it to get bills every month they'll get a job if you're like down to 20 bucks or something or a couple hundred get a job pay your bills build up some savings then you could do the online bit from a better more detached helpful space with the right behind your exactly I agree with that 100% but hopefully men I'll be a shift in 2018 men because I'm that type of either you know I see people and I notice and you want to reach out man asshole if you focus on because I'm very I you know I use sometimes strong language but in a in a loving way no because you do literally want to like Greta not from a violent place but just grab him maybe like you you can't get you got it you know what it is to and you and I both know bro it's like you've seen the same mistakes made like literally over 10 years thousands and thousands and thousands of times or 10,000 times and it it gets frustrating because it's like you see the same person sometimes making the same mistake hundreds of times and then they come to you many months later like I said I remember a guy last year nine years in he wanted to I was doing more network marketing stuff or whatever and he went to join my opportunity and then last year nine years after he's like I'm getting ready to go and I'm just like oh my god it's not YouTube what's the lifespan unless this guy's yoga I understand patience of getting in at the right time but he was like I remember in the beginning before I knew what I was doing and you want to join then and then I'm thinking almost a decade it's you know you don't want to be jumping around but you have entually got a diving in and cut your teeth and learn what it feels like to just maybe struggle a little and and to be patient to deal with your fear so it's it's that and then and then to when you dive in it's like your longevity with your opportunity you'll be able to really develop your reputation and your name and people see you as an authority and as an expert that's something I think I mentioned like what I used to do other webinars people like you back then people could message you as you were doing the webinar because it was on um it was on another platform also called lab so I'm just something like that yeah yeah of course I remember blab yeah through Twitter people who were aware of me were like dude brag about yourself a bit you know like it's not it's not my show man I'm just here yeah so you know it's a it was an equal partnership but it was like it's you know I really have nothing to happen this you know I would hear NER but I was always directed to the point instead of confusing people you know so that's always been my approach to this whole thing you know instead of being too techie and you know talking circles around people know this means this oh okay that's about it so it works too you see like simple is powerful it's simple and persistent and powerful it's a gap you so much more and I'm like no it's creating a value and yeah there's certain aspects to it that may be a little more complex but the fundamentals they're the same help people learn you don't know anything about blogging or you don't anything learn learn from take two or three like one or two probably like really knowledgeable trustworthy like down there with folks learn from them check their blogs out they have courses you like to buy their course you can buy a few ebooks and then what you do you just study it you read it because most of us especially lot of people have no experience online they're gonna have no idea this stuff it's gonna be weird to it what so like when I went back to school I had to study stuff I took notes and I read it over and so on my mind Oh create value creates okay I get it I get it and how do you do that well then you look on for or maybe for some questions and but you'll have to learn you gotta learn before you could teach but the best teacher is like you it's simple clearing to the point and without adding one it's the Bruce Lee approach simple and direct that's why the man was a genius he really was and that's why it's it's you see the wisest and the best they they just get right to it because nothing is as complex as we think that's a blog that's a blog post title that Bruce Lee approach to marketing I'll take it to the point is you think of flowing like water and all his quotes he was he was brilliant don't overthink it don't just be do it that's been my approach that this whole thing man you know of course you got it it's like you said earlier you got a dedicate a good amount of time of learning then from there you add your own essence to it be yourself add to it you know you know you should always go beyond what you learned you know so that's a huge part of it yes learn the fundamentals then add your own essence and run with it and you know the potentials are limitless you know it really is and I think that's why it's actually another idea that came up next year what I think is really gonna start exploding as another trend is live video like broadcasts and I think because you could add that essence and I love how you put it by adding doing live video weather on periscope you know through Twitter Facebook live video or even YouTube live I mean video in general I'm just saying live because it's more spontaneous and in the moment a really video what better way to add your flavor tat your personality to your blog to your brand to your business just you know helping people now if you're commending to it by doing video and I see it I go nuts every day I mean I didn't do one today because I was so far I'll do one later this afternoon but I've done one every day for a long time I mean live videos but even if it's taped and you record it put it up later that's gonna be another trend too people are gonna move away from trying to manipulate people with slick copy and all those big numbers and there's gonna be more of a shift towards hey I'm a real person you build an online business by learning a skill you wanted wha yeah you're gonna build a list but you're gonna be practical and it's you're gonna get down to it cuz they're gonna see there's a disconnect sometimes people forget internet marketing that the words on the screen or are the questions come from human being and you will grow a successful business very successful business over the long term when you always remember that these are human beings that were dealing with they're not words on a screen or avatars and video is just a phenomenal way for people to see hey this guy maybe you know travels all over the world but he's a real person like me and he struggled and he's relatively down earth and they see the same thing with you it's just such a blessing this gift were given so I see video definitely being another trend next year internet marketing and blogging did expand it's funny what you said there man going back to engaging about three years ago one of the guys from problogger bald guy with glasses man I can't remember his name nah very general darren rouse the glasses the australia very well yes that's one of the first one of my first videos on YouTube was session 2000 mint 2015 and he asked me the PF the question about is your Facebook reach low have you noticed that your Facebook reaches lower and um that's all just asked a question and tons of people were asking questions he didn't answer nobody and a hand to God man I went there and I started answering questions answering the people's questions and I'm that led to a video that I did and that video got maybe about 15 20 thousand views and um it was simple we answer questions were answered you know so but this dude answer Noah's question and I respect the guy don't get me wrong but um I don't know if he's changed his approach I really don't follow him there's very few people that I follow but I just like dude why would you just post a question and not answer no you know engagements so big engaging so big you know I'm to the point where it's like if I'm not going to be able on a certain network to answer anything I won't ask the question just because you like to keep that engagement train going I mean in other cases maybe you put up a post to somebody asks you a question you miss it especially when you're asking a specific question when you have a lot flowing in and it's good to you a lot of the questions actually adding on to that and you hopped on it and anytime you have a chance to be able to connect with people and help them out just gobble that up you could be up to 1:00 in the morning and we're not talking about killing yourself but it's just gobble up man because that's where the six that's where you draw the connections that's where the success is yeah just popped and I was in them I don't go out of my way to do that you know I just popped up right in front of me I logged into Facebook and I'm like oh darren rowse is that's gonna question like 20 people ask you know and you know replying you know answer no one quite to this day if you go in his time line he probably never answered anyone you know so it was like the strangest thing you know you can't get too big for your britches man to you know free cannot answer people like who are you even if you're a million dollar earn or whatever you know you got engaged yeah and now you know what it is because that's the bread and butter of what we do we're all online guys if you're someone who has some massive thing offline and online just whatever then I'm like okay but if you're doing what anybody was watching this they have some type of digital asset online or they want to start the online bit so you definitely you know look at a guy and it's guys like Gary Vaynerchuk it's like they they don't you could tell they're like very real and him and it's not just because he curses and he acts more not acts I mean it's him beating him and you'll see he'll engage folks I mean despite being whatever multi-millionaire are many different levels but you always want to remember to keep engaging with people one-to-one yeah I remember when I lived in Fiji Tony Robbins owns a resort out there and one of my neighbors and I've heard so many stories about this guy and never make the headlines and you understand why it's worth when his company went public he's worth like 400 three and fifty million dollars the amount of detail this is a neighbor in Fiji a dude that just you know pudgy and more an Indian because there's a lot of Indians in Fiji moves out there and the event you get attention detail that Tony Robbins put into getting this guy to work at his place animala Resort in Fiji off the clock he gave him like 10 grand he fed him lobster and it was just like he didn't have to do any of this he had some type of equipment like 30 40 grand shipped out from the states that just because he appreciated so much that this guy would work off the clock for him at his resort to set up his live feeds for his resorts that I heard his um seminar she does all over the world so it's like all he had to do was say okay I'll pay this and that's it but it's like after he was a millionaire so many times over it's like he loves people and that's why somebody like that is just he is all about from the heart I mean I remember back in the day man I don't know if you remember probably late 90s early 2000s it was a guy who always had an infomercial on TV and he was always like promoting like being an entrepreneur and working for yourself and you know really and I really dug the guy man and I was a young guy maybe 18 at the time I can't I know what he looks like he have black hair a clean-shaven guy and he always had this infomercial it was always similar they always gave it and um that was one of the guys man even at that early age did only he sparked that in me you know like man and he you know maybe he was lying maybe it was a gimmick I heard he committed suicide he was arrested and I'm like he committed suicide in jail okay well-known guy I can't remember his name man but um yeah I found out like he got arrested but it wasn't even a long period of time he was sentenced to but um he took me you know he committed suicide in jail but um that guy man I think it was great because I wrote a bad read a blog post by another marketer who actually basically said what I said about that about this guy he kind of he sparked that in him and he was probably like 14 at the time and he was kind of shown an appreciation to the guy cuz really no one really recognized him you know and he was almost he was around the same time as uh when Tony Robbins started getting super-famous with the infomercials yeah the infomercial with the celebrity's name and no it's funny if I have I saw his face I'm sure I'd notice it right away I'm blanking out on two he had a blonde model who was well-known for a while who would like introduce the infomercial and he would go into his spiel you know and we had a lot to do with books reading books we're getting these little books he had in these like when back then it was DVDs and you know and stuff like that and yeah man he was a interesting cat and he's he always had that spark to something in my mind back then you know you know he's never know what that sparks coming from that's the beauty of it for me it was um one of the guys that got me going was it Bob Proctor and he's still around he's probably almost 80 the last I read I think he had like this is years ago 240 income streams but he was about from the inside out you know positive mindset helping people you learn you be you become that's perfect you always talk about that and you realize yeah you're learning how to do it you're gonna you're being the person maybe you're not seeing the results but you're still seeing them you're doing things from and then you become the person and I was just listening to a CD the girl was dating at the time her father gave me the CDs and it was like a spark and then I got thinking Grow Rich and I started reading that and I'm like oh and again it's like you just it's like a split second it's the moment and you're just like maybe maybe this is possible and then from there you are moving in a certain direction and you never know and that's what's so important to this coming year be open you know doesn't mean you're gonna accept everything down the road but let your intuition guide you if something sounds too good to be true if somebody's talking about all about outcomes all is about money nothing else then you're gonna know something's wrong here because these people that are happy and successful say it's not about that that's nice that'll be an extra or a bonus but you know you open but then discerning you're not gonna accept everything that comes down the pike but then you're gonna come across someone who seems like they're cool and they know their stuff when they're down maybe you're afraid to move in that direction and just remember what we're saying it's all about being in the moment because when that spark hits when you feel it don't quench it out by doubting don't and you've said it so many times I want to go don't doubt yourself man believe in yourself trust yourself and you will always succeed you know I live by that motto man because you know growing up really growing up without a father growing up without a mother you know the only cheerleader I had in my life is myself so I live by that motto and I stick to it man because you got to be your own number-one fan you got to root yourself on man because no one else is gonna do it well you know you got a wife you know not talking about my own situation where there are times or even and she that's what the hell you what are you doing what are you doing her points where I was just like even her my dad who you know but he really he never really did for he never went against we were in the same part like I was older so he had no idea what the hell I was doing he said I have no idea I had so-called so-called family members trying to give me tips and something this you know those people might that I'm this you know family members I'm like take your shitty advice man I trust myself yeah you know our intuition knows you know you always know and you just have to there's gonna be a point in your career when you really when you've reached the point and you'll see it where you're really rocking it out and you're helping people will you look back and you realize in those moments when it seemed like nothing outside of you supported you that you realize that was the moment where everybody the the people at doubt they get weeded out are the people are relying on other people there's gonna be a point where it seems like everything's either turned it and you realize I have to trust me that's the tuition we all pay every person up cooked we they've reached that point where it seems like oh my god everything nothing is working on the outside so now either I trust me in my intuition or I quit or I fail for another ten years and that's it I'm so glad you brought that up because I've had that experience where it's just you realize it has to be you and relatives will tell you people tell you or my mom Helen I you know they they give you they give you their advice but I've never asked him for the advice you know I trust myself I don't go for that man you know you got to you got to I remember points just people saying what are you ever gonna do and just you gotta yeah you'll always be an office worker more people telling me that will you always be that so you know you may just well and I was just like kind of a different opinion I don't think I'm gonna be like that and then you see that just other people the only reason they're doing is because of their fears so don't get caught up in that just okay you know you minimize your time obviously their family will be spending some time with them but you got it trust you because deep down when you have that spark you have that excitement there's a part of you that knows that that's I could do this and then you just have to honor that over all the crap that goes on outside and then off with the advice of folks who maybe have their problems maybe they didn't follow their dreams and what are they probably gonna try to do a fuel maybe support you but that doesn't even you just have to trust yourself and then other people will tell you you're making a mistake or they're off for all this other advice and then you realize it's like I remember a while ago I was listening to um ASA listen to Howard Stern like way back in the day and I remember people would call up and they would tell him I think you made a big mistake with this and Howard would be like you know how I'm real he is I'm able to hear maybe shifting but back in the 80s and 90s and he'd be like wait a second who's who has this show that listened to all over the world and is like I know how to do this I trust me why am I gonna be afraid about it I think I'm the NSA no he will he went on I think I probably heard that too because I still listen to him yeah I don't all of it but I listened to him but um I think he went because he'll sometimes have this great philosophical just like little speech for his audience man and I think he went into a sphere where like he was saying people like to project who they are onto others you know and it was on the same vein where people were like telling him what to do with his show you know since he's almost 70 man he can't be throwing baloney people's you know ya gotta change it up a bit man yeah that's it thanks from 30 years ago exactly you can't knock the guy the men's he's still relevant he's been in this one almost 40 years that's enough he's always been vert he's been brilliant he's known I remember in the movie and I was talked about in the show how many people listened to him and half listen because they want to see what he says next by everybody listens because they want to see what he says next what happened to people hated them but they still wanted to see what he's gonna say next and half the people loved him and that's he was very he still is but clever and I said philosophical and you see a lot of these folks who have this longevity and so many they have to have it going on up here because it's just and that projection that's so true and you know how many people that just they manipulate people off that and they go so deep on the pain points and your life sucks right now you know you're sure yourself and what you got to make some money you have to be and it's like you can't make it about the outcomes and so many people try to manipulate these like unscrupulous marketers based on these projections and being ashamed and it's got to come from a higher energy space to sustain and to enjoy it and it has to be for you know what I want the freedom I'm kind of sick of a certain life but you're gonna learn that service learning trusting your intuition trusting yourself connecting with people being humble being open how many times have you said people tell you stuff and I already tried that or you know you know yeah you always come back to give them tips and it's like are you alright because with me man I you you know you probably get it to man when I'm on Facebook I just post music that I like that's about it or I post because whenever I post something from my website is because someone's either asked me a question and instead of answering them because I get a shitload questions man why reach the priori man answer because it's too much because people just want want one you know they do this for me you know instead I'll just shout out and I won't even tag the person because I don't want to embarrass them but I'll just shout a blog post there you go that'll help people you know because uh you get it two minutes once you reach a level you just can't you know you just can't get give gave like they want you to you know what I mean people or they want to lowball you who are they just gimme gimme gimme you know like I told you I wanted to guest post on my on my website what do you want me to pay them him rather yeah so you pay me you know the brass balls on these man I'm like first of all you contacted me I don't know who you are you're connected to me but obviously I don't know who you are yet you're telling me to pay you yet you're requesting something from me I so you paid you know that's a good thing you know this the one guy last week sent me I think it is it's funny and I know hey these people are coming from a different energy or whatever some guy sends me something and he was like okay I'm a I'm a guest posting service I'll get your featured on all these famous blogs and I'm like no I'm not interested and he's like he sends me a couple emails back why not why not you just I ignore I spam it let's put it in junk I just put things in jump right away I don't have time like this is how you want havin a junk folder guys if you want to be annoying like we don't have time so since we have hundreds of people to work we just hit junk then this way left look at it because you can't do this guy's but anyway he said why not and I'm like and I showed him my blog I'm like see the sidebar when I got on him for free these sites you know virgin and all i need's just like oh well if you have any friends you know make sure you refer me to that when I call you I'm gonna refer a guy who contact me cold you don't even look at my blog to see that I've been featured on the site you promised to get me on I'm like I've already been on boards I've been on and besides how is this guy ever gonna do it I'm like you can't like what a guy like that be cold emailing you get on those sites by knowing influencers and by running I remember a guy who's whatever top top blogger and he's like he has all the stuff syndicated on entrepreneur and Forbes but he took the high-level folks from those magazines who handled the syndication department out to lunch for a few times and he also built his name up through his content but then he really wined and dined these guys and that's the top blog sometimes that's what it takes it's relationships these people are not going to respond to a cold pitch but it's like you hear that type of stuff and you see why people struggle for years on end dude and there's also people that feel like you owe them yes because they're connected to you I'm like oh keep me in mind man if you know anyone did it instead of them making and don't get me wrong I'm always willing to I always go above and beyond for people when they're so like um take take take take take I ignore you man we gotta help you god help yourself you get if you help yourself and if you really want to impress someone who you know as established they have their they have a name online and they're very generous they have exposure they have successful business if you want to impress them or if you want to catch their eye help them unconditionally and I know this is such a mind screw for most people are like what are you kidding me I need so much help someone I had a guy who was a New York Times bestselling author and without me asking him asking him he tweeted my first three books out to like a million people collectively and it's like I never asked them how did you get that how did that happen Ryan I promoted the guy asked him how I could help them even before I was really a known guy per se I mean I was kind of known quote-unquote foot and it's like I help them without asking for anything and what happens is friendships form and like friends they don't assume they just could help each other out effortlessly it's like a very organic thing and so many of these folks that are asking asking asking and it's one of the things to it you kind of get greater exposure and become more successful that you're gonna have to learn the art of just not even staying no but ignoring people that are just takers that's one thing that holds other people back and that's something next year I know this trend is going to continue because so many folks that have that potential and they feel so guilty or bad and I'm like eventually if you're scaling the right way so many people are gonna come to you you'll be generous and you'll help but you have to learn how to be like no and I mean this wife he works online she's a pretty successful coaching business and she used to get these folks that just wanted all types of stuff and then they try to guilt her and be like well you know you're doing spiritual work why are you charging and you know it's just like she had to learn how to deal with that and finally be like no you know I mean when she did and she had the not even the greater posture but to be like you can't just take on taker you know takers takers takers then you start to get the people who you resonate more with and more business but yeah if you if you're on the other end and you're learning you want to impress anybody you want to press me leave a comment on my blog and tweet my blog and then that's how everything happens and that's the tuition we paid I mean everybody pays the tuition nobody gets past it you just have to be generous know this people man does people you know I'm not gonna say names but I know other marketers who have gone out of their way to help people and they'll create a website for someone because they see that they want to do something and they'll totally on it man and that's a person's time and I've done that before too you know it's like you know I devoted certain amount of time cuz I've seen you had a hunger to do something yet you you totally on it you know and another one no marker used to do that a lie he seems he used to see someone his some of the people that followed him and he would create a site for them help them totally taken up that man's time and they did nothing with it you know there's people that do that to man they waste your time it's like any kind of it up for the rest of the people down the line you know well that's that's the thing you see that it's almost like having that severe poverty consciousness like no matter what you give someone who's so desperate and just not grateful they'll screw it up it's the energy and you have to real be grateful and be mindful of your getting a gift like this is not said from a point of arrogance this is said from a shear point of volume we don't owe anybody anything we help people but some people act like that we we owe them and we paid our dues we paid our tuition we've you know blood sweat and tears and being really generous so when you have someone send you you know tweet you or offer you like I mean a whole site or it gives you free information even if it's two lines you be darn grateful for that because those two lines of information from someone who's charging you know 300 bucks an hour for coaching or you know your sponsor but whatever person who has living the dream that one or two lines could take years off of your learning curve so realize that when you get free information from people or somebody goes through the the energy and effort of putting out a whole site you know creating a whole site for you because they treat that like gold and then you'll understand energetically and just you'll come from the right space will you'll build your business on a more successful foundation because yeah we don't know my wife we really don't owe anybody anything and it's just from the pure aspect of its its generosity and we enjoy it don't get me wrong we love it but never take successful people helping you out for granted never ever do that and it's something where it a lot of people do and then it's to their ruin because not only there you burn a bridge with someone but you also bring it in some funky energy into your life call it whatever you want to call it or just unintelligible all the time we see it in our experience when you go down that energetic path you're gonna start bringing in people or bad circumstances or you're wondering why you just lost that much money and it's just energetically what you're putting out there and then you see those people that are grateful that are happy and no matter what and then they just keep expanding and life keeps getting better why are they it's here's to be happening so easily they put in the work but they're grateful man if somebody tweets my stuff I you know you might see this stuff sometimes but when I I go on Twitter when I saw a 399 eBook I'm like I just thought if somebody sends me a message I just sold another I just bought one your ebooks you know love it I just bought one of your ebooks they say hell love it like well who sold another evil because I'm faithful for every cent man I remember what it's like to be working 18-hour days down the road as a security guard with frigging during the winter minus 20 wind chills with the gale I mean I remember that man and that that's tear down my mind so when somebody sends me a scent or a 278 Commission on a3 I am like that's awesome and it's not horseshit I really feel that way and that's how you build the foundation for doing it right and so many people it's like well this isn't enough that's not enough I'm grateful man and I had to clear out a lot of other stuff but when you get that attitude the good attitude you know you're gonna realize when somebody sends you a little bit of advice or they retweet your stuff or like oh I shared it here they commented on my blog or be grateful and engage and that's where you really start to put yourself in the position where you'll succeed online you have the foundation down and people will love you and you'll have followers and fans and it's more opportunity to help people in the business success that will flow to you too but this is such a turn and it will be such a turn from this year from unfortunately some of those YouTube videos they get hundreds of thousands of views and it's gonna be a total it's gonna it's like the warrior forum I mean that's even shifting which is cool you have new ownership over there I did at a podcast interview with the guys I don't know what I'll go live but it's like people are starting to see a lot of garbage on it but it's changed and people are starting to see we're gonna have to treat this like like the offline world where you know from the high energy space where you're serving and helping and getting away from that the trash and I think it is it's really making this shift and I'm just grateful that it is and again that we have this chance to show people that this is the way to do it with integrity if we're again it's always you could sleep at night it's a nice feeling so nah man it's just because as she was saying I was just thinking about a lot of things megacities people feel so entitled man like you know just cuz I know you yeah you don't know me you know of me you know that means though it's like yeah because I tend to treat people how I would want to be treated and I hope they would behave like like you know be grateful like if someone did all that for me like when out of that way do it I would forever be grateful to that person and I will always hold them in high esteem instead of just you know give me give me give me give me do this do this I would hold on here you know no I remember at certain points in my career war I would do like some of the design work I would I wouldn't pay but I'd like listen I let's give you exposure so I'd have the designer put his name on my cover so then you know gazillion people see his name and then more and more business multiplies versus just you know obviously that's just one way but just think about be grateful take anything for granted and think about how you can help people if people help people maybe I haven't helped you out but how could you help them and don't take anything for granted don't take people for granted don't like your said just because you know someone or you know of them don't think I know them you know they're it and it's just keep helping people and that's one of the best things you could do let me help them out let me help them it's like you you share my stuff like right away it's like automatic and I'm so appreciative of that and it's that's the type of thing that I try to pass on and think about ways you know what I can when I do my video later I'll mention us doing these videos and promoting it and I put it on Huffington Post I put it I'll put it up medium I'll put it on it's awesome I love it a little bit we did now I put it in the Twitter sharing group like you mentioned earlier I need to get on LinkedIn to myself I was on there like a few years ago not a big following right everywhere I go I get a good following like people like like why do you that 20,000 people followed you here 17,000 because these are people that just you know getting to know me you know like what do you mean why so it's like um not definitely man it's like um I share your stuff because the trust of all the content is great and you know how to appreciate you know how to paint Jamaica's I'll be honest man I read what I need to read you know what I mean but your stuff I'll sit there and read it you know cuz you're a great storyteller especially when you're telling a story about one of your travels and it's really no house-sitting man it's really uh nah man you definitely be best not one of the best the best and that's not kissing you behind is being honest you know cuz I'm very honest Wow I appreciate it man I'm humble I just love what I do it's it's so much fun and I just I feel so grateful and connecting with dudes like you it's people realize over the years obviously all the worldly success quote unquote you know money and and during your life it's awesome but just connecting with people and having fun and helping each other out and it's automatic you share you help that's why you have 2010 have you so many appears to be getting out the ying-yang as far as you know followers and money and jobs it's like you talk about twenty thousand follow you help people that's how stuff close to you you help people you pay it forward you pay it forward you share it you share it and LinkedIn actually was interesting the other day I have blogging alerts set up on Google will alerts the only one I really have and I saw a LinkedIn post come up under a blogging alerts oh my god that's another area where I could help people it's coming up I hadn't thought about it but it's coming up under there Google that's a really a cool thing so it's like I've seen a lot of The Huffington The Huffington Post stuff that you posted the videos I seen a boatload of retweets I was like in shock like how many people were either sharing it retweeting it I literally had to take my number off of Twitter because it was just too much MIT was like a dailies people were retweeting and and then I will see you hey man thank you and it was like it looks like wow this stuff is really you know and it comes back to like I've said before we've came into this really with nothing major in mind yet it's blowing up the major way you know that that's the perfect place to do it I mean you could have the initial of thinking okay I'd like to maybe work for myself but I've read so many stories about these folks that are like they're so pleasantly surprised and then they're shocked because like I just got online some folks I learned you don't have these grand aspirations and then of course 99% of the time these people that do these phenomenal things and and whatever even if they're not as well known but there may be followers come to them and the thousands of views and ten thousand and a hundred it's like they're not in it to get they're not in it to squeeze as much out of people it's just they're having fun helping people and then those numbers keep multiplying and I look at the other day and I guess he had a fairly big vision but like Jeff Bezos the other day and how everybody knows the Amazon guy he's one of the first people he maybe Bill Gates in the late night he's a Microsoft was huge but he was worth or after Black Friday over a hundred billion dollars and you think okay obviously he had somewhat of a vision but I talked to a truck driver for an important work down the road when I was a security guard in a galaxy far far away and the guy said he knew a friend of his it was a trucker and he was really struggling and he had a nephew named Jeff who was building some stupid business out of his garage and he asked him for a two thousand dollar loan and the uncle said and this talks about projecting and crapping on people's dreams he said what a stupid idea musta stall stuff who's gonna care about buying stuff he's doing that I was garage the guy was Jeff Bezos and that two thousand dollar loan that the uncle could have given to him would have made the uncle would have been worth a truck driver would have been worth I think at that time this is back when I was in the terminal like 700 million dollars and he didn't see the vision he didn't see hitting Jeff's and people said when they've been around him that he had the vision he had the drive but it's like he didn't see how being a hundred billion worth a hundred billion dollars in his in his garage 20 30 years no way he wanted to help people now I want this website where people could buy all types of stuff and then you see you're in it for the right reason and it's scales and it's scales and and it's like that with most of these guys some people have that vision a lot of them are just like I want to have some fun with something and help people and learn and so use that same success technique that same fundamental that we're sticking to it's like when you're not so desperate to get you do the right amount of giving with the right energy that helps the getting happen on its own exactly I agree with that man because it was just a chip that first video was just a chat man you know and it led to all this you know potential even bigger things going into 2018 but um you know it's been it's been crazy man you know because you know that first video is to catch his chatting you know and it led to all this so it's been it's been interest like you said coming in but really nothing you're not expecting anything but coming in just with a you know whatever happens happens and let it be you know in clean slate clean slate that'll be another another trend I think people are going towards the clean slate again they're gonna see from our examples we're talking about in these videos it's like we're not in there at these heavy expectations and look at how quickly these multiplied like you said whatever comes out of it down the road the more you realize that it's about the giving and just enjoying the process and not being so heavily attached to the outcomes we all have attachments you know we're not monks in Thailand and you know giving up renouncing everything no we have that but it just has to be like a little bit and then when you're like let me just have fun like you said the first video was we were chatting about old school rap and this and that and that that's the fun of it when it's just casual and then you're covering these business principles but you're not so focused on the outcomes that's when everything flows and that's where the results really come together more and it's just always the experience with me and in the beginning when I did struggle more it wasn't about that and that's why I struggle and I think the people that are really struggling online they're gonna learn next year the more folks like us that gain a higher profile to help people make it about the service make it about doing the videos writing the blog posts learning before you teach because before you teach you're gonna have to learn and that's gonna take study and you're gonna have to put away the money outcomes for a little bit and not be so caught up in that and that's how everything really starts to pop when you learn you gain confidence than you teach you're studying you're studying you're teaching and then you start to grow your own following and you're helping people big men gotta I agree I agree so I'm enclosing man any uh what would you say to the like just someone that's new that's probably seeing a video like our videos for the first time with any kind of person that has any kind of hunger to you know build something that's their own and seek after their passion what will be your tip for them and really hate about really focus on the passion over the prophets the prophets come over time because when you're passionate about something so you want to build a business what do you really enjoy you know that's an area you're passionate about then you want to tie that to maybe like a pressing problem or something you could solve you know some need you can fulfill but when you really follow your passion the passion the work is the reward you're enjoying that and you're not thinking about the money you're not thinking about anything else other than learning creating connecting helping people that's the energy that makes everything go and really all the problems you see in life are people that have no interest in passion and like they want money or anything in traffic or maybe they don't want the money as much but they get obsessed with social shares and traffic and when you make it about the passion you really don't think about that all that much you're having fun learning you're having fun creating and connecting and doing it patiently and then over time you'll start to set the foundation and you'll start knowing oh cool you know 100 people visited my blog today or maybe in the beginning 15 oh that's awesome I had nobody yesterday that's so cool but you will be attached to it and you'll keep following that path so that's what I'd say more than anything really a nice you're passionate about like a business model it seems like it'd be fun and then from there you'll do the learning you'll line with awesome mentors like yourself you'll ask the advice then you'll know – okay it's how I dropped some money here because every successful business there's an investment there's no free online business you can do some free methods but you'll buy all domain and hosting you'll buy a book you'll buy a course and then then you'll start being a successful online entrepreneur and everything will come together for you all that passion yep when you're passionate about what you do money will always come you know Burton's man certainly so and what do you got pull any big plans for 2018 what do you got down the pike oh man business-wise just continuing to do what I do I mean obviously it's always subject to change but a lot of guest posting I'm really putting the Blitz on the promotion for the ebooks I don't think I'm gonna write anymore cuz I have a lot out there and that's the online world as far as the offline world I'm an announced to the family yet but uh but will be going to Thailand my wife and I Calais will be there in February for at least six weeks which will be fun so you'll see more videos maybe some more colorful tales hopefully the eight ish long centipede doesn't walk into the house like it did last year in the same place but if stalled make a blog post about it that was who I remember that I thing with nuts man that was the real that was I've faced a spitting cobra in Bali like looking right my eyes and ten feet away so it couldn't blind me because they can spit out the ten feet and I was more afraid of the centipede man and those things are like like my one friend said it looked like something out of the new King Kong the Peter Jackson movie when they fall down with the bombs that's what it looked like and it was literally this big literally this big and as quick as lightning you wouldn't believe it so um so yeah that was fun so we'll see but after that who knows what about yourself what do you have going on in 2018 I don't know just keep doing my thing being of service helping you know and I hope to get the hell out of Rhode Island I'm sick of this little state man I would love to get out you know any worry over any more a particular somewhat peaceful man that's it I heard of that yeah peace over man I'm telling you nah but uh just keep doing my thing man because this year was a good year every year gets better in terms of money-wise so it's been a weird it's like every up a step so hopefully that keeps keep growing in that department and keep being of service you know and helping people and awesome that's all that's what it is guys listen to the man yeah now but uh nah man this is always awesome about doing these videos again and uh you know we got to come up with a name no it's been blocked I can get the posts out left and right this I have it I love the images that you do on a Matthew uh because I don't know if he creates them the little cartoon in someone Matthew Loomis says build your own block yeah I want to get like something like that done because you're always smiling and I always look serious thumbnail to these videos you know this good for branding you know would be recognizable I'm not sure who he hires he has a guy do that forum because I don't usually the post design and then it'll take him maybe a day or two for the guy to whip that up and they are clever they're very creative the guy is really good yeah I could check with them but yeah I know we'll come up with the name I could write but sometimes like the names for stuff like this I have more blocks or I try to thing out I want to get it down so yeah I'm sure we'll come to us we'll get it out there I think the most important thing is to just thanks what's up chatting the facts right just something basic because that's exactly what it is it's you're chatting and then you leave it up to me man I put a cuss word in this on them is not too many blogging tips blogs that have mentioned Peter North I mean I I'll cover anything so yeah I hear you now but this was fun as always you know it's always great having these back and forth with you man cuz I'm you know it's it's a good energy mask like I said was great doing this with someone where's the equal back and forth and it's not me me me you know yeah no oh it's always my pleasure bro always my pleasure I have so much fun and the time goes by so quickly before we know what it's Monday yeah man we could be people we talked long but the long while before we even start recording so we definitely meant it'll be a marathon chat exactly all right I'll see you again in two weeks everyone else will be back in two weeks again peace out man awesome man thanks problem

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