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Marketing and Advertising: Reaching The Right Customer

Marketing and Advertising: Reaching The Right Customer

My partner, Roy H. Williams says, “I’ve
never seen an advertiser fail due to reaching the wrong people, but I have seen hundreds
fail due to irrelevant, uninteresting messages.” Tom Wanek, here, and you’re watching Wizard
Marketing TV, where business owners learn persuasive tools and techniques to spark miraculous
growth. Keep watching, and I’ll explain why it’s
a mistake to overemphasize demographic targeting, and what to do instead. I’ll see YOU on
the inside. Most advertisers attempt to target demographically
when selecting media. In other words, they attempt to reach the ‘right customer.’ So who IS your perfect customer? Close you
eyes for a moment. Picture this person in you mind. Do you have a clear mental image
of your perfect customer? Okay, ready? Now open your eyes. If you’re a furniture retailer … is it
people who sit on furniture? If you’re a jeweler … is it people who
get married? If you own a restaurant … is it people who
eat? I don’t mean to be flip here, but think
about how utterly … utterly ridiculous this is … think about how much time and energy
is wasted trying to find the ‘right customer’ instead of saying the right thing. What’s more, media salespeople will try
and convince you that their audience is a perfect match for your business. Amazing,
right? I’m guessing you’ve heard this pitch before.
Well, salespeople do this because it gives them the leverage to convince you that you
need to reach their audience. Let me say this plainly: Forget about your
customer’s age, sex, or income bracket. Finding the right message trumps finding the
right customer. In fact, your success is directly related to crafting a message that is both
relevant and credible. Crawl into your customer’s skin. Walk in their
shoes. See the world through their eyes, and ask: What’s being offered?
How will it help me? Does this even matter to me?
And do I believe what this person is telling me? Your message had better answer these questions,
because that’s what your customers want to know. Relevancy and credibility. Engrave those two
words in your heart if you want to persuade customers to choose you. And remember: target the ‘right customer’
through your ad copy—not your media selection. Reach as many people as your budget will allow
with enough repetition. Choose colorful words, phrases and points-of-view that’ll resonate
with them. Make a compelling offer. Say the right thing.
Do this and you’ll be amazed at how many different people magically become the ‘right
customer’ for you. Heck, even if don’t reach the right customer—they’ll pass
your message on to someone who is. Now Marketing Wizards, did you like this video?
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