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Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques | Wharton on edX | Course About Video

Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques | Wharton on edX | Course About Video

responsibility of marketers is to help firms become more customer
centric, and the way to do so is to collect and analyze
data on customers. But with the advent of
social media and the ability to track browsing and purchasing
behavior on the internet, we now have new kinds of data
about our customers, and more of it than we had previously imagined. How do we make sense of it all? What tools and techniques
can we use to make good data-driven decisions
that will increase our markets and our market share? I’m Raghu Iyengar, an
associate professor of marketing at the Wharton School
at the University of Pennsylvania. This course, Marketing
Analytics Tools and Techniques, was designed to give you
concrete tools and techniques to help you collect data,
identify different types of data, analyze and interpret data,
and how to slice and dice data to make good managerial decisions. Not only will you learn
how to collect market data. We’ll also understand the key
method for analyzing the data and how to thoughtfully
interpret the data. Most importantly,
you’ll also see how data is applied to decision-making
using lots of examples. This course takes a managerial
perspective of data, meaning that it is
taught from a decision- and action-oriented perspective
with real-world examples of how marketing analytics are applied
to current business challenges. You’ll learn the difference
between primary and secondary data collection, regression analysis,
conjoint analysis, and market segmentation, the best techniques
of using social media data, and how to parse viral marketing
campaigns to identify critical customer data about your most vocal
and influential customers. By the end of this course, you’ll be
able to collect data on your customers, understand the reasons for
collecting that type of data, use different tools to cut up
the data, analyze and interpret the data to gain key insights on
your market, apply these insights, and, most importantly, take
actionable data-driven decisions that will increase your market share. Whether you’re a marketing manager,
a brand manager, a consultant, an investor, a product manager, an
entrepreneur, a nonprofit leader, or an advertising
executive, this course will help you connect your firm to
your market using information so that you can make better
managerial decisions. I hope to see you online in the course. Thank you.

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