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Marketing & Advertising : How to Attract Customers

Marketing & Advertising : How to Attract Customers

Attracting customers is the first thing you
should know when you consider starting a business. It’s also an ongoing process every day in
the life of your business. Hello, I’m Peggy Collins, and I’m here to tell you how to attract
customers. It’s been said that people only buy three things. Essential needs like food
and shelter. Solutions to problems. And things that make them feel good. Consider these things
when evaluating your strategy for acquiring new customers. It’s imperative to first determine
who you want to attract as a customer. If you’re selling dental equipment, the answer
is easy. Dentists. For most businesses though, identifying the intended customer isn’t quite
that clear or obvious. Find out everything you can about your target consumer using whatever
resources are available to you. Market research professionals can help you with everything
from surveys to focus groups. But if you can’t afford that route, use the internet to research
basic demographic data, such as age groups, gender or ethnicity for your community. Find
out their buying habits, like preferred shopping locations or merchants, frequency of purchases
and what they buy. Ask lifestyle questions to find out how they spend their time, and
who influences their purchases, like children, pets, or aging parents for instance. Now,
you should have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customer is. And the info you’ve
gathered will help you determine the most effective method to reach them, where to reach
them, and what offers would be most appealing to that customer. Next, this information can
be helpful in determining the tone of your message. For example if your customer is a
female, age thirty to thirty-five with school age children, you might consider sponsoring
a kids event, or offering a gift certificate for school supplies with a purchase of school
uniforms. It’s also wise to consider offering a complimentary service of particular value
to your customer, such as karate schools that provide free transportation after school.
Or dry cleaners that offer free delivery and pickup. Everything you do should be about
attracting and keeping customers, from the sign on the front of the building to the way
you answer the phone and greet customers upon arrival. The little things here can make a
big difference with your customer. So meet a need, provide a solution for a problem,
and reach out to them where they live. To attract new customers, advertising is really
essential no matter what form it takes. It might be an ad in the local newspaper, a radio
or television commercial, banner on a high traffic website, e-mail marketing, a creative
promotion, or a charity event. But to have the desired effect you must know your customer,
period. Hiring a good advertising agency can save you countless hours, frustration, and
plenty of money in the long run. Remember it costs a great deal more to acquire a new
customer than it does to keep the ones you already have. So treat them like the treasures
they are, and they will help you spread the word and attract more new customers. These
are just a few tips on how to attract customers. Wishing you good luck and good business, I’m
Peggy Collins.

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