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Marketing Acupuncture Clinics With Facebook Ads – BOOM DMC Training

Marketing Acupuncture Clinics With Facebook Ads – BOOM DMC Training

Hey there it’s Matt, I appreciate you taking
a moment to watch this little training video on how we’re getting great response and return
on investment for our Acupuncture clients. The great thing about our system is its simplicity. The reason why your typical website doesn’t
convert is that your customers get lost or overwhelmed by the options. So what we utilize is a streamlined approach,
where we run ads, people click on the ads, and go to a dedicated landing page that prompts
them to enter their information and schedule an appointment. So let’s Jump Right In . Let’s first take a look at a typical Facebook
Ads campaign. The top level is the campaign level and within
the campaign level you have different ad sets. Within the ad sets you have your individual
ads. So back at the campaign level, we’re able to
set the campaign objective as well as a campaign spending limit, if we want. Going into the ad set is where we set the
page we’re advertising for, daily budget and schedule. Audience is where we can utilize custom audiences
or look alike audiences, targeting locations, age, gender, etc. And then if we want we can layer in some detailed
targeting to dial in the best cost per click. We can also exclude people that match certain
interests and behaviors. Placement lets you choose where your ads will
show up. Most people use FB on mobile. I prefer to control my placements vs letting
FB automatically make those decisions. Finally there’s optimization and delivery
– where I choose to go for lowest cost without a bid cap. Our last step is the actual ad creation. You choose your creative, image, text, display
link, and headline. I always like to tell what I want my prospects
to do by using a CTA or call to action for a button. We’re having huge success using the Lead
Forms, but I’m also going to show you how we integrate this with a custom micro-site
for maximum conversions. But first, let’s take a look at how we track
calls We use a service called Call Fire, that allows
us to create a call tracking number for Analytics – which will tell us about our responses,
as well as for recording the phone call if we want for customer satisfaction. Moving on to the actual landing page or micro-site. For this, we use a software called clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is a highly optimized landing
page and funnel creation tool. The landing pages that we’ve created with
this have been tested and finessed for maximum response and conversions. Although it appears simple it has gone through
rigorous split testing to arrive at what works. We modify and update the landing page with
your information and our call tracking number. Some people will call, and others will submit
their information through the form. Once they submit their information, the lead
is routed directly to whatever email we set up — live and in real time. Through this simple and straight forward sales
funnel, we are able to drive hundreds of leads from people searching for your service with
maximum return-on-investment. I hope this quick training was useful to you. If you are interested in more information
on how we can set up the same system for you and get you hundreds of new customers, please
reach out to me at [email protected] Thanks again for your time and have a great

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