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Marc Pritchard talks about the power of advertising and their “Like a Girl” campaign

Marc Pritchard talks about the power of advertising and their “Like a Girl” campaign

You know, in the work that I’ve seen that is the most impactful it seems to have at its core almost a cause, a calling, a purpose as opposed to you know what we in the tech industry call speeds and feeds. You know features. This will make your hair shiny this… You have to say all that but yet but at the end of the day there is this purpose. Well the core of the creative canvas does need to start with the what the brand is it stands for and what the brand delivers and so Pantene is a great example, Pantene, the idea behind Pantene is, strong is beautiful which you could probably take in a lot of ways, exactly. And we and we have ads that show how the product works and we have how-to videos that show how you can get different hairstyles using different types of products we have what we did in the Super Bowl which was dad do which was where these football players are doing their daughters hair and I have three daughters so I’ve done a lot of Little Ponies and a lot of dad do. That about all I am good for. exactly. I’m still bad. I get my ponies Roll’s over here so they’re really not very great but that has been the reason why is because we found an insight that daughters that spend time with their dads are more confident and they feel stronger and so it has an emotional connection as well. Like a girl and always, a feminine protection brand that is about confidence and so what we’ve done is we’ve found some insights where half of girls significantly dropped their confidence significant drop during puberty right with lots of reasons for that, but one of the reasons is that demeaning comments like “you do that like girl” so we decided we’re going to change that and we’re gonna make “like a girl” mean amazing things. It’s interesting because I saw the research, in fact you did change the perception and so here’s a you know, a consumer packaged goods company. You know, which is in the business of making quarterly profits and you know selling you know one could argue pretty commodity products to to a large group of people but here’s a company that has changed the perception of what it means to be a girl right in society Did you set out to do that. Well I think, yeah I think we really we did because you know these all these products are kind of everyday household and personal care products they’re actually very personal very intimate they are part of your everyday life and what we have found is that when our brands can connect to something personal and connect to something emotional connect to something that’s relevant in popular culture we can make a difference we can make a difference in how they feel about themselves we can make a difference how they feel about others we can make a difference of course how they feel about the brand while providing also the product so this one was a classic example where 90% of of women and girls felt that like a girl was a was a positive thing before we did this, after we did like a girl, 200 million views later seventy-six percent felt that “like a girl” meant a positive thing. That’s a remarkable change and the brand is growing.

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