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Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi | Official Teaser | Kangana Ranaut | Releasing 25th January

Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi | Official Teaser | Kangana Ranaut | Releasing 25th January

India A majestic civilization a fertile and prosperous land People opened up their hearts to welcome everyone including some uninvited guests with cruel intentions In the wake of such destruction and injustice, when innocent people were being harmed the very land gave birth to- Manikarnika Freedom! As brave as a man, she fought! She was the queen of Jhansi! Har Har Mahadev
(In the name of Lord Shiva)

100 thoughts on “Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi | Official Teaser | Kangana Ranaut | Releasing 25th January

  1. खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वह तो झाँसी वाली रानी थी…
    Witness a glimpse of the most fierce warrior, the Queen of Jhansi.
    #ManikarnikaTeaser out now:

  2. I love it dis kinds of movies… May God bless you kangana jiii log kuch bhi kehtae wo unka adat hai bas mere liye tou jahi chahiye tha jo apne kar ke dekhaya sab ko…. N I'm from Arunachal Pradesh….. ….!!!

  3. Definitely this movie will make every woman shed a drop of tear not as a coward but as a warrior feeling and realizing her inner power. Not just JHANSI RANI but all women who sacrificed their life for freedom has to be worshipped . JAI HIND

  4. The worst movie ever…. This director is worst …better to watch Manikarnika serials better than this movie. ZERO star from my side and if i get the actor's and director in front i will split on they face. worst actors and worst director . Absolutly bullshit movie ever…

  5. यह फिल्म पूरा चाहिए इसका पूरा फिल्म का नाम बता सकते हो आप

  6. DĚS!!! Ta herečka je tak hnusná… že nepřátelé museli utíkat z boje jen jí zahlédli. Neuvěřitelným způsobem přehrává… a není to sranda! Spíš sračka. O_o

  7. Best movie ever…I Saw that full movie .She was really great ..Salute krti hu us godess ko ..bahot khub …bestest ever ..what dialoges,songs ,acting was amazing .koi el bar bahubali mat dekho but ye movie jaroor dekho 😘😘😘😘

  8. im from malaysian n done watching it…it is superpppppppp bombastic film history in indian.hope one day razia sultan

  9. Why are British soldiers looks like Indians ?? Don't blame me, I really don't know the history, anyone please tell me.

  10. Podia chegar esses filmes indianos para nós Brasileiros mais rápido amo eles e não consigo encontrar em nenhum site .

  11. When I was in HCL … one guy from MP said "Laxmi Bai got a power of real Durga" … Anger, skills, fast just like Goddess Durga …

  12. in 1957 … she was betrayed by Gwalior king by not opened the main gate … Finally she returned through her highly confidencial canal where she encountered britishers and suffered fatal injury … afterwards died in a cottage with no proof …

  13. If unity gone in India then not only one manikarnika … several came and withdraw all foreign invaders …

  14. She is patriotic,
    That's why liberals hate her.
    Ye akeli aisi hai Bollywood me jo apne Hindu hone par garv karti hai.

  15. Jitna bhi kaha jaye Kangana k bare mein utna Kam hai Magar not like media or bollywood jealous side, but from a positive n brave prospect. Who can deny she is best of the best, jab andar se himat aati hai aur kuch andar se nikalta hai na to producer aur director bhi majboor ho jate hai cast karne k liye coz everyone knows she has the quality nd abrave heart, she knows though media or even bollywood also don't support then there is public to support her.

  16. Mein ro pada kyunki akeli laxmi bai
    ant tak ladi kas tab koi laxmi bai ke sath hota jo sare angrezo ko khatm karne mein laxmi bai ki sahayta karta

  17. I salute to rani laxmi bai kyun ki ek aurat hoke bhi sare angrezo ki khilaf ant tak mukabla kiya vo bhi akele

  18. Jhansi ki Rani was not just a queen but most of all a Mother who fought a war with holding her babe. My family fought along side with her. We have due respect for her. We do adore her as she was a brave beyond our imagination and deserve our respect more than any Sufi saint . The film is imagination as she never said Har Har Maha Deva.

  19. रानी लझ्मीबाई अंन्ग्रेजों के खिलाफ लड़ी। और कंगना रानावत करनी सेना के खिलाफ इन दोनों औरतो को मेरा सल्यूट हैं।

  20. Kashmir ko azad kary India varna Kashmir men iss k jesy hazaron azadi k matwale hain aur India unhe kabhi rok nhi pay ga
    Free Kashmir

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