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Managing Stress – Brainsmart – BBC

Managing Stress – Brainsmart – BBC

Watch this. One little piece of paper can have a remarkable effect. Stress is stressful. But if you understand a bit about what it is, you’ll be better able to deal with it. First though, take a few deep breaths. In fact, do that anytime you feel stressed. It helps. Stress is a survival mechanism When danger appears it can get you out of trouble quickly. Your body crashes up the gears and throws all its resources into getting you moving Your heart pumps furiously to increase blood pressure Glucose is sent to the muscles as a fuel injection, and you become totally focused on what psychologists call fight-or-flight Thing is, this emergency state is only meant to last just long enough to get you out of danger But here in the 21st century we stress about different things and for much much longer Your brain and body stay on red alert, and you’ll be less able to think clearly learn or remember things Take a few more deep breaths Because as you now know stress is a physical reaction and deep breathing helps to counteract its effects So what else can you do? Okay, top tips to reduce stress. First get plenty of exercise Let out all that locked up energy Now back to the problem. Get in control Scope out the situation and how you’re going to tackle it Don’t stress alone. Talk to someone Socialize and have a laugh you You can’t laugh and quake with fear at the same time. Get down with nature on a big or small scale and And if your mind won’t stop worrying get something else to do instead

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  2. this video was very bad, i watched it stressed out an d it mad me feel a lot worse with all the loud noise and pounding heart beats sounds it got me more worked up and then the end that talks about relaxing is super short does more her than good 

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  4. Wanted to share an article about dealing with stress, it's so harmful

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  6. So I have a huge problem…
    So it's my freshmen year in high school and you know that you always have to make a good first impression. So the only problem with that is that I suck a lot algebra and my parents nag about it with me. Here's how: I had a 74/D and that is passing 70 or above. But I'm trying and my Dad is saying how if I don't improve my grades I'm gonna be in the military and I'm trying it's so much. I need help I have anxiety attacks and its having a huge toll on my health. I'm a good,down to earth person but school is stressing me out any tips?

  7. this is utter bullshit, so if I have a exam next week, and I need to revise but I can't because I'm stressed your recommendations are to breath or go outside and not revise, therefor increasing stress. YOU CAN'T FUCKING WIN

  8. the main strategies for coping with stress are to take deep breaths, reassure yourself and talk to someone, exercise and doing a hobby (quick solution), you could even put your focus on something else e.g. to have a big meal. focus on a reward. but dont overdo it ..

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  10. for years much of it came from low wage work places where i was abused mentally. Nowadays my work is much more humane and easier but in te year i cam down with a manageble but lifetime sickness.

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  12. 2:02 "You can't laugh and quake with fear at the same time."

    Ahahaha! I beg to differ hun! You ever heard of hysterical laughter as a stress response?!

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  14. Thanks for the Video, Please share more videos on creativity . That croc and man animation is damn good. XOXO

  15. my teacher is making me watch a bunch of these sort of videos and the time they are taking out of my day is stressing me out

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