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Making of ”Modern Tree Pop-Up Card“ for the MoMA Design Store [Advertising]

Making of ”Modern Tree Pop-Up Card“ for the MoMA Design Store [Advertising]

Hi my name is Peter Dahmen. I’m a designer and a paper artist. Last year, in 2018,
I created a pop-up card for the MoMA Store, The Museum of Modern Art Store in New York This year, they asked me to show the design process in a video. Well, actually I needed about seven days to create this card. Of course I cannot show every move in one video take, so I created a very short version which shows the design process in 70 seconds. Here it is! [Music] I hope you like this video. If you want to buy this card, please have a look in the text box right below this video
here on YouTube I will post a link to the MoMA Store so you can purchase these pop-up cards online. Thank you for watching! Bye bye!

14 thoughts on “Making of ”Modern Tree Pop-Up Card“ for the MoMA Design Store [Advertising]

  1. I was one of the first 200 subscribers, I've been watching you create wonders all this time, and I've picked up a few hints and skills along the way. reproducing the card will be fun for my holidays. Thank You for Always Putting Something Wonderful On the WorldWideWeb

  2. …. I shall be at my workstation tomorrow, trying to copy this! It actually looks like it might be easy to do – unlike most of your creations, which just leave me gobsmacked and envious! Thank you, Peter.

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