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Making of advertising our new campaign | Bobcat Equipment

Making of advertising our new campaign | Bobcat Equipment

Our company is working every year on the LFP — — which is a long-reach plan over five years. We want it to have a full communication concept. Applicable for all our product lines. And all our marketing material. I was expecting Bobcat: strong, different, daring. We wanted to have a campaign that really
attracts customers to be part of the Bobcat family. I wanted the campaign to be a bit out of the box. To do something that was not done before. King of Hearts was proposing a very strong concept. They unleashed the cat. It was like a big surprise and I’m kind of shocked — — because it was completely unexpected. Second view was … WOW. They got it because it was daring, it was out of the box — — and it was respecting — — I call it DNA, but they were respecting that Bobcat spirit. It was really innovative. It was really something — — that really serves the Bobcat brand. Now we’re part of something that’s the beginning of the future — — of the new Bobcat. My creative point of view was to work around that — — that animalistic feeling, that bestiality. That kind of machine that you would — — start up after 20 years in the garage and it would still work. It would still be your trusty partner in crime. We have to tell the story of the Bobcat world. The Bobcat world is an imaginary world. An imaginary city. Each machine is a hero. All the machines have to work like true comic heroes: together. The campaign is about action. It’s about also pulling this — — machine and this environment into motion. Strong images. Showing the product but giving an emotion. Which is more than just a piece of metal. The image of that cat into our logo
everybody in our industry knows about it. So it deserved the right attention. After many years of different tech lines and messages — — we decided to keep it simple and to
go with the “One Tough Animal” slogan. It shows the animality of the machine.
It shows the machine at the centre piece. It’s almost like an animal getting out of the comic environment. This graphic execution, the comic style, it appeals to you. The comic is not really a drawing, not really a picture.
It’s something in between. So it had to be drawn by hand, it had to be — — thought about in a comic sort of way. So the extreme perspective — — the extreme action, had to be ingredients of those ads. The biggest challenge creatively was to install an image — — that is not only beautiful to watch but also communicates with you. And enhances the brand itself. It creates a world you want to belong to. That’s Bobcat and it’s passion. It’s really about passion. Once more, Bobcat became one tough animal.

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