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MakeMeSell Event – Cross-Channel Digital Advertising (English)

MakeMeSell Event – Cross-Channel Digital Advertising (English)

MakeMeReach makes our life easier because
it enables us to have all the information from the different channels of the client
in just one platform. This conference was great. I really liked how each actor has a different
point of view but, at the same time, all of them are aligned in the same direction. Players like MakeMeReach bring us new opportunities
to gain traction in a different way with solutions we are proposing to our customers, both in
online and offline. Partnerships like MakeMeReach we have at Snapchat
– they are really beneficial for us. They help us have wider penetration in the
market and they help the clients understand how we can work with them, and how all our
technological advances can be bigger in the market. It was a fantastic event. Thanks so much to all the partners. We really like these kinds of events like
MakeMeSell, where we have the opportunity to interact with all the customers and understand
the demands of the market. I would say, Google in a partnerships company
so we like to partner with companies like MakeMeReach to build and customize the perfect
solutions for certain segments of advertisers.

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