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Make Money on YouTube Without Ads

Make Money on YouTube Without Ads

– I’m gonna tell you 10 different ways to make money on YouTube
without having to rely on ads, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a big channel or a small channel. If you don’t wanna rely on ads, I’m gonna tell you exactly
what you need to do, and we’re startin’ right now. (upbeat music) Okay, the first thing that I wanna say is, that you clicked on this video because you’re wanting to learn how to
make money from your channel. So, do not sell yourself
short by clicking away, make sure that you
watch this entire video, because there’s something
in this list for you. And, as we’re getting into this, I want you to think Youtube,
instead of thinking of it as an ad platform, I want
you to think of Youtube simply as nothing more
than a traffic source. If you can make that change in
the way that you’re thinking about Youtube, it’s going to
make a humongous difference on how you approach everything it is that you’re doing on your channel. Okay, so the very first way
to make money on Youtube without relying on ads, is
to set up a blogger website. When you do that, that is
going to give you the ability to send people from Youtube
to your blogger website, where you can make money
from ads, or you can make money from other things
that are on this list. I want you to think of
your website as a very valuable resource, and as
we’re going through this entire list, I want you to think about how you could apply some
of the things in this list to your website, so that you can amplify what it is that you’re
doing over there, as well. And, the great thing
about having a website is, they don’t have all of the requirements that you have on Youtube. On Youtube, you gotta have
4,000 hours of watch time, or you have to have a thousand
subscribers or whatever. On your own website, you do
not have those requirements that you have to, or those hurdles, that you have to jump through in order to monetize your website. So, using Youtube as the traffic source that’s going to send
people over to your website where you can monetize the viewers there, that is a way to win without
having to rely on ads. The second thing that you can do, which is extremely
popular all over Youtube, it’s extremely popular all
over the internet in general. I mean it’s kind of what
makes the internet work is affiliate marketing. So, basically with affiliate
marketing how that works is, you set up with companies,
let’s say Amazon as an example because it’s the easiest. You set up an account
with Amazon and then, if you send somebody to
Amazon, if they click on one of your links, they go to Amazon, and they actually buy
something, then you will get a commission of that sale. On Amazon specifically,
you don’t even have to sell anything that they
directly clicked on to look at. So, if you’re sending them
there for camera equipment, and they’re buying diapers,
you’re still gonna get a commission of those
diapers within the first 24 hours of them clicking on your link. Which is pretty awesome. Now, if you are going to do
any type of affiliate marketing from you Youtube channel or your website, I’ll put a link at the top
of the screen that will take you to another
video where I talk about some dangers and some
disclosure information that you need to make
sure that you’re doing in order to make sure that
you’re compliant with Youtube. And, this also applies
to your website as well. Okay, the next one on the list here is, if you are live streamer,
if you’re interested in getting into live streaming,
or if you just want to set up a link where
people can actually donate directly to you and what
it is that you’re doing, www.streamlabs.com actually offers a way that you can do that. So, if you’re live
streaming, you put a link in your description,
somebody can click on it, and they can pay via
Paypal, or via credit card to donate to whatever
your cause happens to be. And, the really cool thing about that is, you don’t have to have any
monetization enabled on Youtube. You don’t have to have your adsense on, you don’t have to have the
ability to accept super chats, because it’s all done
in the stream labs end, and Youtube doesn’t have
anything to do with it. So, even if you fall
under those requirements, you can still make a few extra
bucks by using stream labs. Number four, if you create
any type of creative content, you can sell digital products. Even not necessarily creative content, if you make content to
where you can create some type of digital product
that you can sell from it, then you can sell digital products. That can be a template pack,
that can be a photoshop PSD, that can be light room presets. It can be anything like that,
but you can set up a store, I’ll actually put a link in
the description to Selfie, to where you do not
have to have a website. You can use them, and
through them they have the shopping cart thing set up
to where you can send people directly from your Youtube
channel, to your Selfie page, and on your Selfie page
it’s going to allow you to take payments from
people to where you can sell any type of digital product
that you can create. Number five, if you have
knowledge in your brain, if you have a certain
skill set that you think people would be willing
to pay for in terms of the information that
you can share with them, you can create a course. Now, with creating a
course there’s usually some up front money that you’re
gonna have to put out. You’re gonna have to put
out some up front time, but the return on courses can be huge. I have a handful of friends
that make a ton of money off of courses, so if you
have information like that in your brain that you think
other people would pay for, then definitely courses
are a fantastic way for you to make money off
of your Youtube channel. I’m actually working on a course myself. Number six, merchandise. You can set this up through
www.spreadshirt.com, you can set this up through Teespring, you can set this up through Amazon Merch. Basically, the idea is
that you create designs, you upload those designs
to one of those sites, and then you can send your
Youtube viewers to those sites, and then if they make a
purchase, then you of course, get a commission for that purchase. Now, here’s the thing, if you do like an Amazon Merch Account, you
can make an entire store that’s not necessarily
branding just your channel, but it can be targeting your
main demographic of people. Same thing with all of these sites. Instead of making it to
where you’re just trying to promote your own brand, you can make it to where you’re basically putting together a bunch of different items
that people that are interested in your topics would be
interested in wearing. As an example again, on the
Photoshop tutorial thing, you know, in your particular
store you could have something like, you know,
“Photoshoppers Do It Better.” You know, something like
that, just as an idea off the top of my head. The next one on the list, even though there is some work
involved in this one also, you’re gonna have to send
out a bunch of emails, or contact a bunch of people on Linkedin, or contact local businesses or whatever, but you find companies that are in line with the type of content
that you’re making, and you try to get sponsorships,
full channel sponsorships. Or you try to at the very
least, get sponsored videos on your channel. That’s another great way
to make money without ads. The next way is through
Patrion or other crowd funding type of places to where you
can put additional content, or show some more about your life, or some behind the scenes stuff,
or something like that. And, get people that are
watching your Youtube videos to head over there and
support whatever it is that you’re doing over there. Of course, this all works
better if you are offering something good in return,
instead of just setting up like a donation page, but
depending on you know, how you structure everything,
and what your plan is, and what you’re trying to accomplish, and what you can give them,
and the type of content you make, and all that stuff, Patrion and other services like it can be extremely helpful for making money without having to rely on ads. The next one on this list is services. If you have a particular
skill set that you are very good at, you can offer those services off of your Youtube channel. Let’s say as an example,
you are a photographer making videos about photography so that you can show your skills, so that you can use that as your own personal portfolio, is a fantastic way to generate
more work for yourself, and you can also build courses around it, and you can also build
digital downloads around it, and so on to where you can really have a lot of assets in terms
of all the different things around your channel that
helps keep it all propped up in terms of monetization
without having to rely on ads. You might be watching this right now, and you might be thinking, “Hey, I don’t have any
skills that I can offer.” There’s something, and if you
don’t have a particular skill, or you don’t think that you
have a particular skill, then maybe it’s time, if you
really want to make money from what it is that
you’re doing on Youtube, maybe it’s time that you spend some time developing a skill, so
that sometime in the very near future you could
offer that as a service as well. Another one on this
list, and I actually have a bonus one after this. But, another one on
this list number 10 is, using a service like
Youscreen, or another type of subscription service to
where you can send people from your Youtube channel
to get exclusive content. Now, you can use a service like them for membership stuff, you can
use it to actually put just exclusive content. Stuff that you’re not putting
on your Youtube channel by itself, but you know,
like a regular series or something like that,
where you can send people directly from your
channel to sign up there so that you can collect a
monthly recurring stream of income from your Youscreen channel, or another service that’s similar to them. Next up on this list
is, if you can create, this one’s gonna take money up front, but if you can create a physical product, I actually have one that I’m
working on right now as well, but if you can create a physical product that would be a fantastic
fit for the people that are watching your videos. You do not have to have a ton of viewers in order to make a really good additional side income off of … Or even a full time,
a full blown business, off of a physical product in order to get money off of your
Youtube channel without ads. Like, as an example,
let’s say that you have a Youtube channel where you are showing character costumes from different movies, different TV series, and things like that, I’m talking to you, Heidi. One thing that you could
do, or you could create, or you could have made is, you could say, “Okay well, they wear these particular “types of accessories, be it bags, “or jewelry, or something like that “in these particular films or videos “that I’m covering. “So, what I’m gonna do is, “I’m gonna make an etsy store “and in that etsy store I’m going to “make or have made the
particular types of things “that people are wearing in the videos “that I’m sharing so that “people that are watching my videos, “because they’re interested in this stuff, “they can head over to my etsy store. “See all of the different
things that I have available “for all of the different
characters that they like.” And so on, and then maybe you can generate some sales that way. If you have more ideas of ways that people can make money without relying on ads from their Youtube videos, let me know in the comments down
below to help other people that are gonna watch this video. And, if you wanna learn more
about growing your channel, making videos, and all types
of other Youtube related stuff, start now by hitting
the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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