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Make Magic with a Small Facebook Ads Budget – Awkward Marketing

Make Magic with a Small Facebook Ads Budget – Awkward Marketing

– Abracadabra, a rabbit out of a hat. What did I tell you, folks? Hahahaha! Now for my next trick, I’ll make your money disappear. I’ll just need a volunteer
from the audience. You! What’s your name, beautiful? – Sally. – Now Sally, what I’m gonna need you to do is to put your entire marketing budget into Facebook ads, with cold audiences and no call-to-action. Did you do it? – Yeah. – Presto change-o. Now Sally, I’m gonna need you
to check your bank account. – ‘kay. – Sally, please tell the
audience what you see in your bank account now. – Absolutely nothing! I lost it all! – Alakazam, you’re broke as a joke. Now that’s what I call
tragic – I mean magic. (chuckles) – Something tells me that act would not be a hit in Vegas. (Cheerful theme music) – Hey, this is RKA and
this is another episode of Awkward Marketing. Because marketing your small
business can be awkward, sometimes awful. I’ll help you make it awesome. – Now that Facebook has
changed its algorithm to put personal updates
over brand updates, ads are more important than ever. They’re also more expensive than ever. So how do you set up
your ads to be a success and not suck your marketing budget dry? Poor Sally. I’ve got three ad hacks that I swear by for upping your results without maxing out your marketing budget. Number one: re-target,
re-target, re-target. The beauty of Facebook’s ad platform is our ability to tailor
ads to people based not only on their demographics, but on their behavior. So why waste all the power that this new technology gives us on old-fashioned tactics like spraying ads at cold audiences, only a small percentage of which are even interested in
what we have to say? If you’re just getting started with ads or you want to get a
bigger bank for your buck, this is why I’m gonna encourage you to focus your efforts on re-targeting, sometimes called re-marketing. Basically, it’s serving ads to people who have already interacted
with your brand in some way. That’s where the Facebook pixel comes in. It’s that little piece of code that you put on your website, that allows Facebook to track conversions, user behavior, in other words, who is visiting your website and what are they doing there? We already know that
only a small percentage of people who visit our
website will convert, at least on that first visit. Remember the lucky number seven. It takes seven interactions, seven touch points on average, before a prospect is ready to buy. That means once someone
has visited your website, you’re still gonna need
six more interactions with that person before
you can close the sale. Re-targeting allows us to continue nurturing that relationship, instead of pouring our ad budget into targeting audiences that have
never heard of us before. And the good news is re-targeting costs less and converts more. What’s not to love?! Number two: create different
ads based on user behavior. The main thing that I
see small business owners getting wrong about Facebook ads, is thinking that one single ad can do all the work for them. They forget that ads are part of a funnel that has different steps
you take customers through before you can make a sale. Remember how I said
that Facebook’s platform allows us to customize ads
based on user behavior? Instead of spraying one
ad to the whole world regardless of how they’re interacted with our brand in the past, you want to set up multiple ads for the different phases of your funnel. For example, let’s say
you’re a career counselor, and someone visits the
page on your website for your one-on-one coaching option. You might serve them
the first ad leading to a lead magnet quiz on ‘Is career coaching right for you?’ Then, once they’ve gone through the quiz and they hit the ‘thank you’ page, you might serve them a second ad linking to a free discovery call with you. And finally, once they’ve
scheduled that discovery call, you might serve them a third ad with a testimonial video
from one of your clients talking about how career
coaching changed her life. Your customer is going to have different needs and questions depending on where they are in the funnel. Shouldn’t you be serving
them different ads? Number three: don’t set and forget. Ads, like any form of online marketing, are most effective when you see them as part of an ongoing process. You want to always be optimizing and tweaking your ads
based on user behavior to get better and better results. And remember, this process takes time. Just as you are gonna
become more effective at tweaking your ads as time goes on, so does Facebook at serving
your ads to the right audiences. The longer you run your ads and the more you ‘season’
your Facebook pixel, aka send traffic to your website, the better Facebook gets at understanding how exactly users interact
with your content. One last take away: Facebook wants you to make money. The more money you make, the more you’re gonna want to use their tool in your business. Facebook isn’t out to get you. Now go on with your ad self, and make some magic happen. (Cheerful theme music)

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