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MAKE $5,000 EXTRA | 3 FREE Facebook Ads Hacks in 2019 for Dropshipping LIVE | MASTER Facebook Ads

MAKE $5,000 EXTRA | 3 FREE Facebook Ads Hacks in 2019 for Dropshipping LIVE | MASTER Facebook Ads

Everyone in today’s video. I’m going to be teaching you three Facebook ad hacks to make you more money. Let’s go Facebook at hack number one comment reviews on your Facebook post. So I’m going to show you an example in a moment So a few questions you’re gonna ask is why this works? Okay this works Because people love to see the experience of others due to so many people being burnt Buying through Facebook Ads as simple as that social proof is B and what why this works is our real goal is It leads on to question number two. How will this help me of Building trust. I’m gonna reduce your CPMs Reduce your cpc’s and subsequently increase your ROH ass. Okay, you’re going to be getting a higher click-through rate So that’s the real goal with Facebook Ads People get confused quite a lot with Facebook Ads that you know, it should do everything No, but the real goal with Facebook Ads is just to get the click onto your website Alright, so and how often should I do this? I do it once a day so if I’ve got to win creative, I’ll just tell my VA s get a review from the product page and put it on there once a day and What I get them to do is hashtag customer reviews. Okay, so customer review put in quotation marks Okay, what they said fully okay, I get legitimate reviews Okay because I don’t build just drop shipping stores and build real beer brands and I get people to come back and buy and So in quotation marks put what they actually said and get them to Take a screenshot of the actual review put it in there and you’ll notice this works straight away by people liking it and love Harding that and you know the smiley face and all of that that comes with it and I will show you in the post a very similar approach to this so pretty much Should add the more authentic the review the better. It’s going to be okay because again, it’s just more authentic It’s not to say that ones that are imported through Aliexpress aren’t but these are more authentic because they’re real reviews Especially if you’re marketing to an American customer and you’ve got American people it Resonates with the individual a lot more so let me show you that. Alright, so if we ever look here, I just found this dog harness that’s definitely a winning product and you can see how you know customers actually go on here and they give legitimate reviews now that is Exactly what you want realistically but most of time that doesn’t happen and I’ve noticed a Lot of people have been doing this a lot more and I thought it was a great idea, too And I’ve been finding it works. Well just add Do what they’re doing but under your page and customers love it and you can see that you know, they’re giving that the love heart They’re liking it people like these legitimate reviews They like, you know that people will even go through and they will see all of these And they will people do read them, especially when something has hundreds of comments People do crawl through all of these a lot of these are probably going to be the page. Yeah, so the page and stuff but Other pages just as an example this is one that I just found will have similar ones like this and you’ll just see hundreds of people liking love harding and So you do that every day it goes to the top It goes to the top of the comments and customers see it it Gives more social proof that you can do yourself Okay, because this social proof and it reduces your CPM and increases your CTR, okay So a really really simple simple hack, but it’s a really really powerful hack that I’ve found really does help So if you’ve got a winning post, okay, sorry winning and creative just go and do it. Just do it once a day There’s no harm in not doing it. It’s only going to help you. Okay, and people will comment and so Then just respond to them it builds a lot of trust with people Let’s move on to the next half Facebook ad hack. Number two frequently asked questions in your ad copy This is something I’ve only recently been trying it’ll be in finding it works quite well, and it’s a fantastic little hack Okay, so it’s important that you understand that this hack only works if you provide good customer service why? Is that because if you don’t have good customer service? You’re not going to know what the customers are really asking I and probably going to be in charge backs So, how do I get this feedback? Okay. So look at your Facebook post I actually asked for back from people Okay, and actually that’s another little hack literally on your post ask for feedback from people and they will tell you trust me they will Tell you okay. So you read your comments. Okay reading the comments You reviews you get from customers I get tons of reviews and I read them making sure that most of the time are happy. You’re never gonna please everyone but seeing if there’s Something that you you can see and just jot it down simple as that your live chat Ask your VA is if they notice some Simple questions to jump on slack and and and DM me that’s what I do that all the time or emails Okay, they’re sources of your customer service can be used to really amplify your business Okay, and again, it’s like anything you can answer someone’s question Then it’s one less barrier for them to not buy. So what what do I do with the feedback? Okay So now I know what to do. What do I do with it? So get five? Five or more. Sorry Popular questions at least five the customers ask and put it into your winning creative with a new ad Okay, so you want to get the the main ad? creative same thumbnail all of that and The same ad copy pretty much and then at the bottom check out our FAQ and it essentially becomes long-form copy Okay But it’s a fantastic way to test and I have been finding that I get about a twenty to thirty percent bump in CTR just from doing this and It really doesn’t take much and I also in a determiner page so I will be showing you how to do this And so again, how does this help you? So again more importantly? If we if you can tackle someone’s questions or all reasons to not buy from you are the sizings wrong Or the product quality isn’t good you Know the shipping that all of that then you can answer all of those then your breaking down those barriers and You’re turning doubts into reasons to buy it. It’s just marketing psychology okay, so This again is going to result in a higher CTR With a lower cost per click lower CPM and high conversion rates because that your pre framing them as well Not everyone’s gonna read them But the you are going to pre frame a lot more people so when they’re going to land on your website your actual conversion rate on your site’s going to be higher because I already know what This will beginning but for those who don’t you just add it to your website as well? Okay? So I definitely recommend adding that to your web page as well Just have down the bottom like, you know How a lot of people have our five five thing guarantee have you know, if a Q’s? There you go simple as that So can I make a video with the FO Q’s in it? Yes, I haven’t done this personally, um is something I plan to try? But it is if you got a need product and that you can fill it in in a logical way Then yes, okay then definitely if the way I would envision this okay to give you Think about it for a moment would be it would work really well with a need item or want, but you know You show what the product is show what it does show the intent and then there’s the best way to actually do something like this Would be to get real people to answer those questions. So if you ever seen those ads like it’s so You know just randomly interviewing one of your people. How was your experience with us it was? Fantastic, what would you say the shipping was like it was extremely fast. What was your quality? Like it was great, you know those types of things getting someone to actually answer it Let’s say like a mic in front of their face would be how I plan to make that type of video to put that vision In your mind on how that would best work and it seems real it seems authentic and it seems trustworthy Okay, so I’m going to show you how to how to do this now Okay, lovely. So this is sort of just generally how I’ll set it out I’ll set it out at the bottom. Of course but I’m just showing you this this is how I do it so that they scroll down and they can see frequently asked questions and one of the ones that most people get is how long Does you take and Then you just want to put the answer. So sorry economy. I put Q and then I put a answer we deliver all items within one to two weeks guaranteed and I literally just pretty much copy and paste that for my top five questions One of them that you generally want to add will be around Will be Around shipping product quality’s probably what it is depending on the type of product it could be sizing It could be Instruction manuals, like if I look at this item here and you look at instruction manuals for instance That can be a common thing So as I said just gauge your customers, okay? And another way to gauge that I’ve got to add to the slide is to install hot jar and you can survey them So when they on your website, they can give you actual feedback and you can look at those questions Okay, and again just collate them spend an hour or so get all those questions find the top five added in there just do a question and then the answer question and then the answer and You can you’ll see that you should see a higher CTR and lower CPM and as a result the actual ad itself should do better Obviously that means you are going to be resetting you’re getting a new post ID But it’s a very very good way and I highly encourage you to add this to your product page as well So that everyone can see it there again answer any questions and you’re done So that is hack number two Facebook at hack number three five a video on the product being reviewed all used So this is a really cool one that I’d seen and I thought that is actually a really cool idea Because getting reviews from customers is a fantastic way You can also get it through Instagram If you’re growing your Instagram You will get reviews and I highly recommend that you use those put those together into a video and add captions Okay is super-powerful. But if you don’t have that that’s fine. You can do this. This is really professional So, how’s this how hack help you makes your video unique for starters again. It’s going to rip The goal is reducing CPM CPCs and CTR. Okay So, how is this going to help you with conversions? Okay So this gig is an american lady in this instance, which is perfect and in dropship and most customers Us women or just us sorry just women in general most dropshipping stores are more orientated towards women So it will resonate with them More increasing your chances of conversions. Okay, you know they see someone using and reviewing it giving their feedback it’s the exact thing that Econ vids pretty much do so how quickly can I get the video again? It sort of depends on how fast You ship the item to the individual because you have to ship it give them a link and there’s a couple other than instructions I’ve sort of forgotten off top my head and You know the payment plan that you provide because there’s three tiers you choose the tier it’s like a hundred bucks Okay, and if you’re scaling getting a hundred buck review video from someone who does as professionally as hundreds of reviews is Just you know a great way to really test something completely new that that can really help increase your overall conversions and again, So just to give you an idea I would recommend doing this on ten to twenty hours a day, you know So don’t do it immediately Making start making some money and then testing new creatives. I’m good audiences. So let me just show you the actual gigas Alright so you can see the review here She has you know hundreds of reviews over 1k in total really high overall review rate You can see plenty of her videos that she uploads here of various things And if you have three people base to you does come down And once these crossed more interest Really want something like this you can You can see here. They’re about you know, the premiums, you know in Australia about seven hundred dollars Which I think in Americans about five hundred dollars Parminder dolls, but you can get the basic one for about 75 bucks And I would recommend that you know start with that you want to try a new creative You just have to provide the scriptwriting tour communicate with her for 75 bucks. It’s pretty inexpensive You know 14 days, but you can get that down So if you wanted to spend a hundred bucks, okay, so that’s why I say to look into it pretty early on so, you know 1080p close-up shots home setting you just need to provide your product a link to your product is script if you have One a list of the features you’d like presented in the video Okay, and and that’s about really all you need to do I find that these work quite well on for you know less than a hundred bucks It’s a fantastic way to try and get something completely unique Professionally made given to you that you can just upload it onto Facebook and news Accordingly, okay, and that concludes today’s video on three Facebook ad hacks to help you Make more money if you didn’t like today if you did like today’s video Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification Bell Comment crush it down below to go on the chance to win one of two calls with myself. Ricky Hayes after 30 comments Okay guys getting a lot of those comments. Absolutely. Love it. Okay And hit the like button once we get a hundred likes Okay, guys I’m gonna be making more videos similar to this really want to hit get you to smash that like button as well Tell me any other videos you would like as well I really have a list of being really ramping up my videos to really try and help you all again There’s a link for the subscription and don’t forget as well. If you want other videos similar to this around Facebook ads Then there’s those three links there now. I do apologize if I seem a little off today I’ve been a bit and well, I’ve actually been Mmm going to go in a gym as well. And so personally I really saw all over I had never been in a gym in my life and For the life of me I can see why I didn’t So anyway, thanks guys for watching. I hope this really has helped. You have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye

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