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Make $2000 a Month on YouTube AD Revenue

Make $2000 a Month on YouTube AD Revenue

– So, I’m currently making over $2,000 a month off of ad revenue on YouTube. So, this video is all about what I’m doing to get to that level and some tips and practical ways that
you can get there too. (energetic techno music) Alright, so I am down here at sunset. Finally got around to
making a video today. It has been a very long day and I’m about to start
about 10 days of shooting, so this is the last video
I can make for a while ’cause I am like non-stop go-go-go, heading to Kansas City next. So, let’s talk about ad revenue. I’ve have actually gotten
this question a lot recently. People just asking, do you
actually make money off YouTube? And the answer is, of course, yes. There is money to be made off YouTube. It’s not huge sums of
money that are coming from the ad revenue, but it
does build over time, and like I was saying,
over the last few months, I’ve been making over $2,000 a month, and it’s just continually
growing every month. So before I go through what it takes to get that kind of ad revenue, I just wanna let you know,
at the end of this video, I’m gonna give you five tips and an actionable sequence
that you guys can use to help you boost your
view count and all that. And that’s one of the main
things, which is view count. So the more views that
you get on your channel, the more that you’re gonna
get paid by ad revenue. Makes sense, I mean, obviously. More views equal more money in ads. So, what I’m gonna talk about is how you get your view count higher. View count, obviously, will drive things like subscribers and all that good stuff, but if we’re just talking ad revenue, we’re not talking about any of the other revenue streams on YouTube, we’re just talking ad
revenue, then what matters is getting people to see
those ads on your videos. So what that means is getting more views on your videos, in general. Your videos have to be
advertiser friendly, you have to have all
your videos monetized, because if they’re not, obviously, you’re not gonna get the ad revenue. So, views, videos monetized,
and that’s what’s important to make more money with the ad revenue. So right now, on my channel,
I’m getting anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000
views a day on my videos. That’s all of my videos as a whole, and 20,000 to 30,000 views on my videos is equaling about $2,000
a month, give or take. It goes a little bit up and down, depending on how many
views I had in that month. But as my views go up on my videos, so does the amount of money
that’s coming in per month. So all my videos are monetized. Almost all of them. There’s a couple that’s
not, just for music issues. So that’s something you
definitely have to clear. If you’re looking for
specific YouTube music, I’ll put a link down in the description. But all my videos are set
around five to 10 minutes. My longer ones, 30 minutes. Those ones I’ll put multiple ads in. And so that’s one thing
you’ve got to think of. If you’re doing a longer video, it’s worth putting
multiple ads in that video. So, if you’re doing a 20 minute video, maybe you put an ad around
the 10, 12 minute mark. Because when you have people engaged with you for 10 minutes, they’re not gonna click
off when the ad pops up. So, for my 30 minute videos, I may do one or I may
do two ads within that, ’cause that also is gonna
bring more ad revenue into your videos. So shorter videos, I would
not put multiple ads. You know, five minutes, don’t do it. 10 minutes, don’t do it. But once you start getting
into that 20, 30 minute range, if you have longer videos,
definitely use some ad breaks, because that’s gonna help drive more revenue into your videos. So, how do you get more views, which is kind of like the
whole purpose of this video. Well, it’s actually a lot
simpler than you may think. So YouTube is like the second biggest search engine out there. Google’s number one. Which Google owns YouTube, so between Google and YouTube, you have the biggest search
engine at your fingertips. So any content that you create is being put into this search engine. So, the idea behind getting more views is create content that
people are searching for. Even if you’re a vlog channel, and you’re just doing
vlogs and they might not be the most searchable thing in the world, well you could filter in
searchable videos here and there, and you can drive more
views to your channel, which is gonna help your channel grow, get more ad revenue,
do all that good stuff. Making your content
searchable is kind of the key to getting more views on your channel. And when you content is searchable, what’s gonna happen is that new viewers are gonna come for that specific video, and a lot of times they’ll subscribe, and they’re gonna stay, and they’re gonna watch
more of your content. So, if you are a channel that does, like more vlog style content, well your searchable videos are gonna drive more views to the channel, and then those people
are gonna stay longer, and watch more videos, and as a whole, your channel is gonna grow because of it. But it all starts by creating
that searchable content, because unless your content’s searchable, people aren’t gonna find your channel. And that’s kinda one of the key things, especially for smaller creators, is that you need to be
able to be searchable, to be able to have new
people find your channel, because you’re not
gonna have, necessarily, the drive of, you know, a subscriber base that’s really gonna
push your videos higher. And from my experience of
starting with vlog style content, I really saw this transition. So, when I first started, I did just vlogs and my subscriber count was low, and my view count was super low. As soon as I started introducing more searchable content into my videos, overall, the views on my channel went up. And, on each of my vlogs, I did start to get more
and more views, per video. And so now, when I put out a video, I’m getting more views right out the gate, which is basically helping
my entire channel as a whole. But where I saw that change, is when I made searchable content. And when I made searchable content, my channel grew and all of
my videos benefited from it. Searchable content gets you more views, more views gets you more ad revenue, and that’s how it all works. So let me give you five tips on how to make more searchable content and how to figure out what it is that you should shoot on your channel. Alright, I got a dinner to go to tonight so I need to take one of
these birds and head home, and we’re gonna finish
up this video if this, that one doesn’t work. And we’ll finish up this
video when we get back. Alright, so I’ve got five tips for you that’s gonna help you get
more views on your channel. The first is research. And this is probably the
most important aspect to getting more views by
using searchable content. So you need to figure out
what people are searching for, otherwise you won’t know
what to actually produce. So, there is a tool that I use. It’s called Keywords Everywhere. And it’s a Chrome extension. And so what it basically does is that any time you have a
search box, anywhere on the web, that tells you the search volume that’s going into a
keyword, in that search box. So, if you go to YouTube
and you say GoPro HERO7, and you type that in
and what’s gonna happen, it’s gonna show your search volume right underneath the search bar. So what that does is it
tells you, right there, how many people are
searching for that per month. And that’s a huge indication ’cause you can look at different topics and different keywords, and know that, A, this is getting a ton of searches or it’s not getting any searches at all. And that will tell you right there if this is searchable content or not. So you’ve gotta figure out what types of videos you wanna shoot, and then go in and start
doing some keyword research by putting in the keywords
that are associated with the video that you want to produce and see if they’re even
searchable keywords. So let’s take a look at two keywords that I might do on my channel, GoPro HERO7 and DJI Mavic 2 Pro. That’s two cameras that I’ve
been working with recently, and it’s two videos that I might produce. So when you put in these
keywords in the search bar, the search volume for
GoPro HERO 7 is 880 a month. So there is some search volume there, but it’s not a huge number. When we put in DJI Mavic 2 Pro, you get a search volume
of 110,000 a month. So that’s way higher, but the other thing you need to think about
is your competition. So I use TubeBuddy, and
it’s another extension. It has a lot of features just
for YouTubers, in general. I’ll put a link down
below in the description to both of these tools. But it can show your
competition on the side. And so, my competition for GoPro HERO 7 is actually not that bad. Whereas, DJI Mavik 2 Pro,
the competition is insane. So, if I was deciding between
these two videos to shoot I would choose the GoPro HERO 7, because that video is more likely to rank. And ranking’s important, because when people are
searching for a topic, if you’re one of the first
few results that pops up, your video is gonna get views. So my second tip goes along with this. Say you’ve chose your topic. You know what you’re gonna do. Now, after you’ve produced your video and it’s all ready to go, you need to come up with
a title, description, and tags that all include the keyword that you were searching for originally. So make sure that your keyword
is somewhere in the title and you wanna put it closer
to the front of that title, if not the very first thing in that title. Then you wanna make sure
that, in your description, that in the first sentence
you have your keyword, and then also in your tags, you wanna make sure that
you put the keyword. Basically what that’s telling Google, is that this video is about this topic. And when you do that
it’s gonna rank higher. And then with that, you
obviously wanna have a thumbnail that looks
good, that’s eye-catching, that’s gonna be something
someone wants to click on. If you make a thumbnail title description that is not actually about the video, then basically people will click on, and then they’re gonna
click off right away, which is gonna negatively
affect your video. And you don’t want that to happen. You want people to click on to your video and then stay and watch, because YouTube will rank you higher, the longer watch time that people have on your video and on your page. So tip number three is ad captions. And this is just as
important as your title, your tags, or your description, because it’s another way that
Google can crawl your video, and see what the content is all about. So, basically it takes the
script, it can read the script now that you’ve put it into a text format, and then Google knows
exactly what’s in that video, so it’s gonna push you
higher in the ranking system. It’s also gonna push you higher just because you are now making your video more accessible to more people. So Google rewards that. And it’s a simple thing to do. I use rev.com. It’s probably the easiest way to put captions on your YouTube videos. They link up directly
with your YouTube channel. They’ll take your video,
do all the captions, and automatically insert
’em back into YouTube. It’s super easy and it
costs a dollar a minute. So, I do this with
almost all of my videos. What I’ll do is, just
when I produce my video, either I’ll make it unlisted,
get the captions ready, and then when I release it, the captions are ready
to go when it’s released. If you wanna try this on your channel, I’ll put a code down in the description. This gives you $10 free at rev.com. So you can try this caption
tip on any of your videos, up to 10 minutes, completely free. So I’ll put that link
down in the description with the other links. It’s something that I
highly suggest you do and as soon as I started
implementing this on my channel, I started seeing more views
coming through on the videos that I’m putting captions on. Tip number four is about
cards and in-screens. So, earlier, when I was talking. So when I was talking about watch time, that is an important feature that YouTube uses to rank your videos. So if somebody watches your video, and then decides to watch
more YouTube videos after you, YouTube will now rank your account higher than other accounts. Because watch time is important. YouTube wants people to
stay within their platform and they want them to binge. So if someone sees your video, watches it, and then decides to watch
another one of your videos, or a similar video on
someone else’s channel, your channel’s gonna be rewarded because that person entered
YouTube through your video, and they stayed for x amount of time. So if someone binges for like an hour, that’s better than if somebody just came, watched your video, and left. And so this is where cards
and in-screens come in. Basically, anywhere within
your video that makes sense to put a card to another
YouTube video, do it. So, if I was talking about
how to sell stock footage somewhere within this video, I would pop up a card, right at the top, that says go to my video on
how to sell stock footage. And what that will do is if somebody’s interested in that topic, they’re gonna click that link and they’re gonna
continue watching videos. So your watch time is gonna go up. And this is the same thing with end cards. You’re gonna want, at
the end of your video, to have at least two videos. I, typically, for those two videos, will let YouTube decide
one on the best video for the viewer, and then the second, make it a video that’s
related to this video. The goal of that is that if you’re gonna be watching this video, that you’ll click one of those,
and go watch another video. It all centers around this idea of keeping people within
YouTube and watching videos, because that’s gonna help
your videos, as a whole, rank higher, gets more views, gets more ad revenue, all that good stuff. And tip number five is to make sure that people stay when
they watch your video. So there’s two things that I would say. First, you need to have a good hook. You need to have something
within the first 10 seconds that tells exactly what your viewer is gonna see in this video. So at the beginning of
this video, what did I do? So, I’m currently making
over $2,000 a month off of ad revenue on YouTube, so this video is all about what I’m doing to get to
that level and some tips and practical ways that
you can get there too. Okay, so that tells you exactly what you’re gonna see in this video. Now, after that, I put my intro sequence. And I suggest just
making an intro sequence. Look, there’s a card right up there. And I would suggest that
you make an intro sequence, because an intro sequence is a great way to tell your viewer what kind of channel that they’re watching. If this is a new person
that’s never seen you before, this is a chance to just
basically put a little snippet of what this channel’s all about. So I put filmmaking in mine,
I put travel, adventure. So you get a sense of that
this is a filmmaking channel, but there’s some sort of travel and adventure element to it as well. So a viewer instantly gets a feeling of what they’re gonna
find in this channel. Having that hook and
having that intro sequence will help keep a viewer in your
video and keep them watching so they stay engaged with your video, instead of just clicking off. If you just start a video and it’s not that
exciting at the beginning, people are more likely gonna click off, and then your watch time’s gonna go down, which is not gonna let you rank higher. So those are five tips
that I use all the time to help my videos rank
higher, to get more views, to get more ad revenue,
all that good stuff. Guys, if you’re interested in more about the things that I
do on my YouTube channel, I’m gonna put a whole section in my Creator Film
School all about YouTube, and just my experience in YouTube, and the things that
I’ve found have worked, that have not worked. Go to creatorfilmschool.com and sign up to get the notifications
for when that launches. That’s gonna be a big
part of the film school. But, guys, if you’re new to this channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. There’s a lot of awesome
filmmaking tutorials, some camera reviews,
some other good stuff. And, guys, I’d love to hear from you. Do you guys have any tips
or tricks that you use that help drive more views on your videos? Because I know all of us are
interested in different ways to grow our channel and to
get more views on our videos. Alright, guys, that’s it. I’ll see you on the next one.

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