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Lower Your Ad Spend with Video (Video Marketing 2019)

Lower Your Ad Spend with Video (Video Marketing 2019)

(notification bell)
– Facebook ads. Instagram. Commercials. Pinterest. Billboard! – [Videographer] Oh, my god, it’s- (dramatic music)
– Ahh! Regardless of whichever marketing strategy you use in your business, you’ll need to invest
financially somewhere. Those who are ahead of the
game reach their audience and bring in potential
customers to their business every day while lowering their ad costs. While Facebook ads can be an amazing way to increase your visibility, there’s more competition than ever. And more competition means ad costs go up, and this can become a point
of constraint for businesses. You can continue to push
through the budgets for ad costs that might bring you a few leads a month, or you can do it a different
way that has the potential to reach an even bigger audience
while driving costs down. Here’s how I was able to lower my ad costs while still bringing in
just as much, if not more, leads to my services. Before we get started, I wanna show you the exact method so you can start implementing today. So click the link below for
access to the exact strategy, step-by-step, that I
used to lower my ad costs while bringing in more
leads to my business. (calm music) Most of us use Facebook ads. I do, too. But, it’s not the only
thing that I rely on. I’m also relying on my video assets, and here’s the reason why. When you post something on Facebook, how long does it last? After a day, two, it disappears in the algorithm, right? Because it’s a social media platform, and the amount of content
is just over-saturated. When you use YouTube as
the search engine it is, you have the ability to create
omnipresent video assets that last, that give
you legacy positioning and positioning for profit, because people are typing in, looking for the solutions that you solve. In every single video have
that call to action of, “Click the link below,”
“Get on my email list,” “Allow me to nurture you.” It’s like renting versus owning. Renting the space on Facebook means you have to keep paying to play. If you want those posts to keep showing and keep getting in
front of your audience, you have to keep paying
for it to keep showing up. On YouTube, it’s the opposite. It may take more of an upfront
investment of your time, and maybe resources, like hiring a video editor
to make that video for you, but now you own that space. And when you use YouTube SEO so that you can show
up in the top rankings, that video will last so
much longer than Facebook. We have a client, for example, with our strategy, who
gets over 100 leads per day using these omnipresent video assets. Now, if you compare that to what your cost per
lead was on Facebook ads, let’s say if you’re paying
three dollars per lead, and if you were spending $300
to get 100 leads per day, that cost adds up, doesn’t it?
(buzzer honks) Or, you can put that ROI
into your YouTube videos. This is the entire strategy
that I wanna share with you, is that when you can create videos, position them on YouTube
using YouTube SEO, knowing what your audience is looking for and ranking in those top spots, intriguing them and gaining their interest because of the way that
you present your messaging, and then use that omnipresent
traffic and conversion to bring them towards your call to action, this way you’re not limited to YouTube, but you can also use that
video to repurpose it for your Facebook, for your
Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to bring warm traffic to your funnel and build your remarketing lists. If you’re the kind of person watching this right now thinking, “Oh, my gosh. Filming YouTube videos? Isn’t that really time consuming?” I’d love to know, comment below. Let me know how much
time you actually spend filming each month for any of
your social media platforms. Because what I wanna share
with you is how we filmed 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours. I actually have a master class, so you can click the link below. It’s gonna show you not
only how we do that, how we batch all our content
and how we script it, but also the YouTube SEO so that you can get your videos
ranking in that top spot. Because if you just upload
it, set it and forget it, you may as well just be throwing
your content to the wind. It’s not gonna make the
difference that I’m telling you is going to get you ranking
and getting in those top spots, instead of spending your
money renting versus owning that space, that real estate, on YouTube. So, what we do is, we batch film 60 days of
social media and video content in only eight hours. We script out our video ideas, we bullet point everything
we wanna talk about, we make sure that every single
video has a call to action that’s gonna drive
people to the email list, get them on that email list, be able to nurture them, and
then drive them towards a sale. What we do is, instead of filming one video
at a time, I used to do this, every single Sunday I
would set up my camera, I would think of what to talk about, I didn’t film with any
sort of format in mind, so that made the editing impossible. It would take me an entire
day to film one video. So, I hear your pain when
you think that this is time consuming and takes a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What you can do is
batch film your content. When you can film 60 days of
social media and video content in eight hours, and then be able to repurpose
it so you have it for YouTube, you have it for Facebook, for Instagram, for Instagram stories, IGTV, Pinterest, blogs, email lists, the sky is the limit. So, you have just saved
time, money, resources, and positioned yourself for profit by using YouTube as the
search engine it is. You can still put these
videos as Video View Ads or engagement ads on Facebook, and what that’s gonna do is, it’s gonna really help you to
build your remarketing list, and do it at a lower cost. When we’re using this video content and running ads to it on Facebook, now we’re able to build
up that remarketing list and warm up our audience. So, now when we are running
ads towards our webinars, or our conversions, or
some sort of traffic ads, we’re now sending it to the warm traffic who’s seen all of our videos, because now they know they can trust us through the power of video. If you liked this video,
hit the thumbs up, comment below, and subscribe
for more weekly videos. I wanna hear from you below. Tell me, how much time are you spending
on your videos right now? And how much are you looking
forward to only spending eight hours every 60
days when you’re creating 60 days worth of social
media and video content. It’s gonna be a game
changer, I promise you. And when it is, I want you to
screenshot yourself filming, put it on your Instagram stories, and tag me, @marley_baird, and I’ll see you soon. (calm music)

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  1. The arguments however in Norway, is that with Facebook we build communities. Facebook in Norway works quite well. YouTube isn't so much used here, but we have to do something with that!

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