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Low Budget Testing For Shopify | Facebook Ads Strategy 2019

Low Budget Testing For Shopify | Facebook Ads Strategy 2019

(relaxed hip-hop music) – Yo, what is going on, everybody? Welcome back to the channel. In a few moments I’m gonna hop
behind the laptop right here and show you the exact low
budget Facebook ad strategy to allow you to basically test a bunch of products rapidly, okay? So if you have a list of five, 10 products that you wanna test, and you don’t wanna spend too much money in the testing phase of the product, this strategy right here is
gonna allow you to just that. Without having to spend
too much very quickly and not see the results, you know? That’s one of the biggest pains, one of the biggest things
that concerns dropshippers. Especially if you are new to the platform, you don’t know how Facebook ads work. Then you’re gonna be a little hesitant to spend money and that’s fine. So this method is gonna allow you to have about two to three ad sets, we’ll decide once we start to do it but, spending no more than $20 a day, okay? And you’ll be able to get some engagement, a lot of engagement on your ads. And you’ll also be able
to get some purchases if your product is an actual winner, so. You’re gonna have to be
a lot more patient, okay? That’s just the nature of this. I want y’all to realize
that it is gonna take time and as long as you have the patience and you have about $20
saved up to the side then this can work for you. If you don’t have $20 to
spend on an actual business that can turn to a six
figure business for you, then I recommend you
don’t even do this, okay? Go raise some money, find a
way to get $100 to the side so you can actually spend money on your business and invest in something that could possibly
change your life, okay? If you don’t have $20 to spend all day, just click outta this, click
outta this video, okay? Don’t worry about dropshipping right now, go raise some money and then
figure out what you wanna do with your online business. But for everybody else
who is ready to invest in their online store, I’m gonna show you how to do that. Let’s hop behind a computer screen. Before we actually get in
and start messing around with Ads Manager there’s a
few things that we need to do. So, in that last video this
is the video I created, right? So if you haven’t seen that video, I’ll link it up above, go check out how we actually created this
ad and what principles you need to have in your ad so that it sells and it converts customers. Once you have that uploaded
onto your Facebook page, upload a nice description, insert your call to action in there. And that’s it, once you have
that post listed on your page, you’re ready to run some Facebook ads, so, let’s get into the structure
of the Facebook ad. So this is what it’s gonna look like. We’re gonna run one campaign with three different ad sets inside. So each one of these ad sets
here are gonna be $5 each. You can make, if you are
on a really tight budget then sure, you can just
do two different ad sets but the differentiating
factor between the ad sets are gonna be the audiences. So I have three audiences
that I picked out myself. And depending on how much
audiences and how much budget you have you might wanna play around. You might do more you might do less but at least have two ad sets
because if you only have one you won’t have anything to compare it to. You won’t know if your
ad is doing well or not. But for each one we’re gonna
use the same exact post so that exact post you saw on Facebook, we’re gonna be using that ad
to boost this post pretty much. And get some traffic to our store. We’re also gonna do some
engagement campaigns. So, unlike other people,
I like to do video views for engagement because
there’s a certain way to do it where you can get it to where
Facebook will only charge you when, the person watches at
least 15 seconds or more of the video and I’ll show
you how to set that up. But for now, let’s just go
and create our first ad. So, what I like to do, honestly, is I like to create one full ad. So I like to create one
campaign, one ad set, one ad, launch it and then
I duplicate that one ad ’cause it’s a lot easier to just duplicate an ad you already made and make changes rather
than trying to create them all at once and then going
through some confusion. So I’m gonna go ahead and
create a Conversions campaign, I’m gonna name this, Face Slimmer Test, and that’s it, Face Slimmer Test, just so I know what the ad is while I look at it at a glance. So that ad set, we can actually, I’m gonna come back to
the name but for now what we’re gonna choose is, we are gonna choose our Purchase pixel. Don’t worry if it’s red. You always wanna choose purchase, you want Facebook to send
you who are gonna buy it, not people who are just gonna
add to cart and leave, okay? ‘Cause Facebook will actually do that if you tell it to do so. Just go straight to purchase even if you have a brand new pixel. Now we can ignore the custom audiences, we don’t have any yet. For the countries, I like to
do English speaking countries so, I have that audience saved right here. There’s about, I believe,
25 of these countries. You could do a simple Google search but if you’re in my E-commerce bootcamp you will have a list of these already. I know I wanna target women off the bat so I’m gonna set this to women. I’m gonna go for 25 to 65
plus because, you know, I’m not really sure if 18 year olds, actually, we can leave this broad, okay? Leave this very broad, since
we are testing, we don’t know. We don’t wanna make any
assumptions, alright? But I can tell you that
women are gonna be the ones that buy this product. Also you wanna make sure
you select a language. This a part a lot of people skip out on. Just because you select
English speaking countries doesn’t mean people there
are going to speak English so make sure that you
have English selected so they can actually read
and understand your ad copy. If you pay attention to this
potential reach right here and I take English off, it
goes up by another 30 million so that’s 30 million people
your ad would’ve been shown to who don’t even know what
you’re trying to say. So, you can automatically
exclude that from here. So, now, it’s time to choose our audiences. I have some audiences
already selected right here. So, the angle I’m coming from is makeup. So I got some makeup audiences right here, I’m just gonna paste those
in, keep this nice and sweet. If you’re wondering how
I found these audiences, they’re pretty much, I
spend a lotta time just, using the suggestions tab, so
once you find one big audience use the suggestions tab,
try to get audiences. Like these micro audiences I really like of 197 thousand, you know, 711 thousand, those audiences below one million, and just try to stack those up until it becomes a big enough number. Now, another thing is make sure you uncheck expand detailed targeting. ‘Cause if you leave that checked, what you’re telling Facebook to do is ignore everything I just put in here, go with whatever you think works. And that’s not what you
want Facebook to do. So, if you unselect that, we can see the audience potential reach drops down to 23 million and
that is a good range, okay? I like to aim for between
5 and 50 million, okay? Those are very good
audience sizes to go with. You’re giving Facebook a lot
of room to optimize your ad, a lotta room to play with and
that’s what Facebook likes. It’s gonna give you those low CPMs, and if your product is a winner, your key is to reach as much people for as less as possible, okay? So that’s the way you do
that, you set yourself up in the beginning by
choosing a large audience, a large pool of people. And secondly, if your product is a winner you’re gonna wanna have an audience that you can scale into. If you just have one million
people in an audience and you find out your
product is doing well, well, congrats, you’re not gonna be able to go past a thousand
dollars daily, though. So make sure you give yourself, we’re looking for scalability here, that’s the point of all this. So, start off on the right foot. And, that’s that for the audiences. When we come back down
into the placements, this is where we could
get a little choosy, okay? So we’re optimized for mobile views so I’m gonna go ahead and
select mobile, alright? Mobile only. And it’s not gonna make
a big difference anyways whether you do or not but
I just like to select it just so I’m sure. Now, on the Facebook placement, we wanna show this ad
on the feeds, of course, we wanna take instant articles off, in screen videos, I
would tell you to do that but your video needs to
be 15 seconds or less for in screen videos. So it doesn’t matter whether
you select that or not. I do like suggested videos, alright? Don’t sleep on this, suggested videos is basically gonna show your video to people who are in
a video watching mood. So when Facebook is detecting that people are watching
videos back to back to back and they’re in the suggested videos feed they’re just gonna keep playing
and auto-playing videos. That’s the perfect time to catch somebody. So take off everything else. And we wanna show it on Instagram as well. This is why we wanted our video
to be less than 60 seconds so we could show it on Instagram. And beauty products tend to
do very well on Instagram. That is a tip for y’all. So, finally we have mobile
selected, we have Facebook feeds, we have suggested videos
and we have Instagram feeds, that’s all we need. And if we take another look at audience, potential reach is
around 22 million people. We’re expected to reach
up to a thousand people which is, you know. Actually we have to set
the budget down here. So I’m gonna set this budget to $5. So that is the low
budget ad strategy, okay? Just set each one to five,
you could down to three even if you have no money, but, let’s be real here. Let’s set this to at least five so you can get some data coming in and make some decisions fast. I wanna set a start date, okay? So I like to start these at around, 12:00 a.m. So, you know I like to set
these at around 12:00 a.m. And if you wanna set an
end date then you can but I do like to, well I have to select
the next day, actually. But as far as the end date, that is out one month from now so we can leave that alone. And seven days click one day view is usually the default setting so I like to leave it on that. And that is the ad set,
that’s what we have for the ad set so far. So let’s go ahead and
give this ad set a name. I’m just gonna name it after the audience. Which is what I like to do, so I go, makeup, slash, English speaking countries,
so I’ll just go ESP for English speaking countries, female, slash, 18 to 65 plus and that is the basis that I use to name all of my ad sets. So, at a glance when I’m reading my data I know the characteristics of that ad set. And that is it for this ad. Now we just have to select the ad creative and the ad copy right here. So, I’m just gonna name
this, video ad one, ’cause it’s all the same
ad from that Facebook post. So, make sure you come down
here, use existing post. You want to select the Facebook page that you are advertising from, and that is this page right here. Also select an Instagram account, alright? Don’t sleep on the Instagram. Make an Instagram because it comes off a
lot more professional and you actually get to
see the market’s comments and things like that, so,
you can get more data. We’re not just talking
about Facebook Ads data, but we’re talking about market research and market data, seeing what
is stopping them from buying, seeing what their concerns are. Usually they’ll comment on the post, okay? So make sure you have an
Instagram account hooked up and finally, you wanna
just select that post. So, this is the post right here, I’m gonna go ahead an
select that and continue, and as you can see, Facebook
will actually generate. Okay, this is bugging out right now so I’m just gonna close, if Facebook bugs out on
you you can always close and save to draft, okay? You don’t have to close without saving. But once you do that
you’ll be able to click that video ad again, that section. And you’ll see right here,
this is what the ad looks like. So on Facebook feed this is
what it’s gonna look like. As you can see we picked a nice thumbnail, be clever with the thumbnails, okay? You can always edit this later
and split test thumbnails. But, the thumbnail’s gonna
be the first first first, initial, point of contact with the customer, so make sure that this
is attention grabbing. And whenever you can
show a before and after, that gains people’s interest, they wanna see what’s going on. So, this is what the ad will look like. As you can see, very clean. (gentle music from computer speakers) It’s finally coming together,
it’s actually coming together. And if you scroll to the side, this is what it will look like, in Facebook’s suggested video. So it sticks out a little
bit over here, I like that. The headline is popping out, too. No painful procedures needed. You know, that’s dope right there. And, I don’t know why it’s
playing the music, but. So, this is also how
it’ll look on Instagram so check this out on Instagram, looks really really nice. That’s a post right there. Now we’re gonna make sure this goes viral. And all you have to do is, also, if you don’t have
the call to action selected you should have a button
option pop up here if this is your first time running the ad. And it should say, add a call to action, so just select it, choose shop now and add the link to that product, okay? And once you do that it’ll add that. It’ll add this link down here. It’ll add this section so people can have a clearer
call to action for your video. Alright, so that is the first ad set. What we created was this one campaign, this ad set with the
audience one and this ad. So now, I’m gonna publish this and we are gonna duplicate this same thing for these two audiences
or these two ad sets and then we’ll create one
for video views right here. So, we’ll publish, and boom, as you can
see, it is that simple. And we have this going out at $5 a day, you know, depending on your
budget you might do less. You might do, a little more, actually, but
we do need variety, okay? So, one thing I’m going to do is, I’m going to duplicate this ad. So if you actually exit
outta here, come here, to the ad set level right here. All you have to do is, make sure that this ad is
selected and duplicate. And what you want to select is, duplicate it into the original campaign and duplicate two copies because we have to make
those two other ad sets. And I just wanna edit the names so I don’t get them confused. So I’m gonna go with, my other audience names
which is, Beauty 1, and Beauty 2, if you guys want more tips on how to select a perfect
audience every single time, I highly recommend you join
the E-commerce bootcamp. I have crazy crazy strategies in there to make sure your select the audience, perfect match every single time. But, let’s continue on with this video. Everything stays the same, right? Every single thing is the
same except for the audience. So I’m gonna come down
into the Beauty 1 ad set, and remove the interests from here, and I’m gonna go back and grab the Beauty 1
audiences right here. ‘Cause that is the only difference. And, you’ll see we have a
different amount of reach here which is pretty good, I
like that, 34 million. That’s a good reach to go off of. Now I’m gonna come into Beauty 2 and I’m gonna clear that, and I’m going to copy Beauty
2 audiences right here. And, paste that right in there. So, what it ends up looking like
is 43 million for this size, we have this one which is 34 million. And we have this one which is 22 million. So, we can now easily launch these ads so I’m just gonna select them two. Another tip is if you hold
Command if you’re using a Mac, Command and just select
other ad sets you can do so. So you could select multiple at a time. Or if you’re on a PC you can hold Control and then select different
ad sets here, alright? And we wanna publish those. And once we do those, that
is pretty much it, okay? So we’re done with the
Conversions campaign. We wanna give these time to optimize so we’ll come back to these
two to three days from now. But we still have to make
this video views campaign so we get some engagement, alright? Engagement is very important. Social proof is what’s gonna, determine whether people even
consider your ad, alright? So, let’s go back out,
we actually wanna come in to the ad set area, we can
select any one of these ads. And duplicate it into a
new campaign this time. So this new campaign, I’m
gonna call it Video Views. But with this one I’m gonna come down here and select the objective
to be video views. Exactly what we called it, in stream? No, we can not select that. If Facebook ever suggests
any of these things to you just unselect them because
they’re just gonna do whatever they want at that point. But make sure you duplicate in one copy of that ad set into this new campaign that is a video views objective now. And we are going to name this ad set, All Audiences and keep
everything else the same, we’re not gonna change nothing else. And once we scroll down,
what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna see some options here. And the default option right here is 10 second video views,
but this is a trick and this is actually very valuable for anybody watching this right now. You wanna select ThruPlay. And what that does is it allows
Facebook to deliver the ads to help you get the most
completed video views. If the video is 15 seconds or shorter. For longer videos it’ll
optimize for people who are likely to play at
least 15 seconds of the video. So, that is great, okay? You can select ThruPlay
which is gonna get you people that actually watch the video, not just a three second video
view and then leave, alright? Also, when you get charged, come down here and select ThruPlay. You want Facebook to charge you when they watch at least
15 seconds of the video. Not on an impression, an impression means whenever it just shows up
on the person’s screen. That’s when Facebook charges you. You want them to actually, hold Facebook accountable and say, I want you to show this to people who are actually going to
watch at least 15 seconds. And the way you do that
is by coming down here and selecting that option. And now, if they watch
10 seconds of your video and scroll away, Facebook
won’t charge you. So you get free free video
views and you’re gonna start to see that, you get so much engagement because people who are
actually watching the videos are actually gonna
understand what’s happening and they’re gonna be more
likely to share the video and put some engagement,
you know, put some comments because they just invested
more time into it, alright? So that is a little trick right here for the video views campaign. And that’s also why I like
doing this for engagement rather than a post engagement campaign. But that is it, everything
else stays the same. And you are all set, once you launch that, you should have two different
campaigns, like we mentioned. And it’s going to have four total ad sets. With four total ads right here, all being the same ad, which is the exact same
set up we have here. One campaign, three different ad sets of three different audiences each. And the video views campaigns with audience one, two, and three. Now, quickly, I did forget to
add the other two audiences into that video views campaign, so let’s go into there,
since the ad is in review you can make changes but
otherwise I wouldn’t advise to make changes in this case. But, for example purposes
you wanna do this beforehand. And remember I said we
wanna get this number down to about 10 million, so
this is just audience one. And the trick to do is
to narrow the audience. So I’m actually gonna go, and narrow by grabbing
a different audience. So I’m just gonna grab one of
these audiences right here. The other two audiences that actually, this ad set doesn’t contain, and I’m gonna narrow this audience. And add that down there. And what’s happening now is, you see that the potential reach went down and what happened is
you’re telling Facebook, find people who match
one of these interests, and they all also must match
one of these interests. So, you basically have a
two times more likelihood of getting Facebook to
match it up with the person, your ideal customer, pretty much, the person you’re trying to reach. And to go even further, if
you have a third audience which is this one for
me, I’m gonna copy that. And I’m gonna paste that
down here even further. And pay attention to
that number on the side, you’re gonna see it
drops down to 12 million so this is a great way to narrow down and really pin-point on Facebook, what ideal customer you’re looking for. So you give ’em three different layers that they must go through. And if they like at least
one of these audiences, then they’re in a high
likelihood to wanna shop at our store, that’s
what we’re predicting. So, this is what we’re gonna tell Facebook and we could go ahead and publish
that campaign right there. And that is the low
budget testing strategy. Now, if you wanna do
this with other products, you wanna, rapidly test other products as well, all you have to do is, for the video views you could keep the same campaign and just add a new ad set with
whatever new product you have or a different product. But create different conversion campaigns for each different product. And this is gonna be a
total of, you know, $20 in a course of a day. And that is enough to get some traffic, some high quality traffic at that, going into our store and
potentially buying a 30, 60, or $70 product which is
what this item is priced at. So, that is the low budget
strategy, hope you enjoyed it. Alright, guys, so that is the strategy. Just finished showing you the low budget rapid testing strategy. And you know, with just $20
a day you could go ahead and you could have traffic
going to your store, you could have highly qualified people coming into your Shopify
store ready to shop with you. But doing this low budget strategy, it’s very important to keep in mind that, you’re gonna have to give it time, let your ads optimize, you
should close your laptop right after that and look at those ads for another three days. Now, you’re probably wondering, okay, how do I know if
it’s working or not? You’re gonna start to see
traffic coming into your store, you need a lot of traffic before
you actually make decisions so don’t look at the 60
people coming into your store and saying, I didn’t get a sale. You need a lot more than
just 60 or 100 people especially if your ad account is new and your pixel is fresh. What I encourage you to do
is just close your laptop, consider the 20 or whatever amount that you set your budget to, consider that as a loss, okay? And that is the best way to go about it, I’m not saying it’s gonna be a loss but just think of it as a loss so that you won’t go and open and interrupt the
optimization of these ad sets. Thinking that you’re just
throwing money down the drain, you’re gonna get some data. And the one thing that
you do wanna look for is, of course, purchases. If one ad set has three
profitable purchases then you wanna go ahead
and scale that campaign. Go check out my other video where I talk about how to
scale Facebook ads properly. And knowing your metrics. Calculate your ROA, see
what your minimum ROA is supposed to be. If your ad set has three
profitable purchases and is meeting that ROA that you want, then go ahead and scale it, okay? Try different audiences, start split testing the
thumbnails of the videos and scale it to the moon. If you haven’t gotten any purchases then look at the click-through rate, the link click-through rate to be exact. So make sure that you have
a link click-through rate of at least 1%, that means
people are showing interest in your ads and your ad
is actually doing well. So, what you gotta do from that point on is to go check your store, go
change the description of it. Add a different offer, give
them a different coupon. Things like that, that
means they’re interested, they just have to now
be encouraged to buy. So that is a little break down of that, if you wanna see all the
little nitty gritty details and strategies on how we’re
gonna make this product a winner go ahead and join the E-commerce bootcamp, I will link that down below. It’s gonna show you every single one of my strategies that’s gonna allow you to go from zero to six figures quick with your online store, alright? Using some crazy strategies
that I have inside there. So, in the next video, not really sure what I wanted to do yet,
but I do wanna do a giveaway for anybody who’s looking to
join the E-commerce bootcamp but you don’t have the money to start. Go ahead and comment down below, Shopify Facebook Ads 2019, okay? Comment that down below. Make sure you’re subscribed
to the channel, alright? And then, on top of your
comment I want you comment whatever videos you wanna
see next, so let me know. And I’ll go ahead and I’ll
put that into my inventory of videos that I should
make for you guys later. And I’ll select one random person to win that free scholarship to the E-commerce bootcamp course, so. Go ahead, enter the giveaway
and I’ll select somebody, announce it in the next video. And with that being said, man, I wanna show you this real quick, let me show you the
sunset that we have today. So, this is the sunset today. Just a beautiful way to end the night. And for anybody watching this, I hope that I can see you on the top floor of your building one day, so. Make sure you enter that giveaway, if you wanna check out
some of my other videos, I’ll link ’em right here and
right here for you as always, it’s your man, Mohamed Camara,
I’ll see you on the next one. Peace. (relaxed hip-hop music)

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