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Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

[music] [And I can’t change] [even if I tried] [even if I wanted to] [and I can’t change] [even if I tried] [even if I wanted to] [my love, my love, my love] [she keeps me warm (4x)] [music] [and I can’t change] [even if I tried] [even if I wanted to] [my love, my love, my love] [she keeps me warm (4x)] [and I can’t change] [even if I tried] [even if I wanted to] [my love, my love, my love] [she keeps me warm (6x)] My heart doesn’t see race. Love has no age limit. That’s my best friend. We are neighbors and best friends. We all have different religions but we have universal love as well. I love my sister. Love is love. Our family is no less than any other family. [music]

100 thoughts on “Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

  1. Wow , I hope this message makes it around the world a million times over, this is the best AD I've ever seen, this is powerful

  2. It is true that love has no labels. But love has a choice. And a choice is hard to make for we (human) are made of mortal flesh 🙁

  3. I dont wanna read this hate Comments I just Wanna say It's true and so beautiful to watch❤Good luck for all couples

  4. When It said love has no age, it meant that even when you are old you can still love someone and be loved, it didn’t mean adults and minors getting together, so you can stop making jokes about that. I completely agree with every one of these, this video is beautiful.

  5. I'm Christian but I dont believe " anti-Homo" or anti love for that matter. You love who you love its as simple as that ❤

  6. Great video. I wish there could be more media like this on the education/ social awareness of women’s burden and pressure of childbirth. It’s a big thing, a lot of people are suffering and getting sick due to pregnancy and childbirth. But most people take childbirth for granted, not grateful and respectful enough of the fact that a women needs to sacrifice A LOT for having offsprings, and her own decision to have children or not.

  7. This is such a great video!! Love has no lables lesbians gays bisexual and straight <3 people date each other because they love them not because for no reason I'm so happy that you guys made this video!!

  8. This mad me cry because of how beautiful this is people need to understand that love has no labels. There are so cruel people in this world who don’t understand true love no matter what gender age race religion ir. disability you have were all equal xxx

  9. I came out to my mom and said I have a gf and she's alright with it and I'm to scared to talk to my dad about it because I had a talk to him in the car and he was making a bunch of homophobic phrases

  10. I would raise my children in a Christian family and guide them towards traditional marriage, but in the end, their sexuality is not my choice and i will care for them the same as if they never came out of the closet

  11. Well, as I am considered hateful by today's standards I shall see myself out of this world when I have served my purpose.

  12. I've seen this video too many times to count and it makes me happy cry every single time. I got lucky and saw it on TV when it first aired in 2015 and my heart exploded. I really wish I wasn't the only one in my family to see it. My sister identified as Bi so I know she'd have loved it.

  13. Why am I required to "love" people who I do not agree with? Who's actions or religion is totally against mine? I dont care how long I live, I will never accept things like homosexuality or islam. You can not force me to.

  14. I think I've watched this video a hundred times, but it always makes me cry… <3 and gives me hope

  15. People who preach "diversity" are also terrified of any idea which is not leftist. As to labels, the Left does nothing but label people and then falsely brand any other ideas "hate."

  16. The two girls one with Down syndrome! They are sisters and they are my far cousins I met them about two years ago. They are really sweet their names are Maddie and Sophie.

  17. My school forced everyone to watch this two years ago. It was the first time I ever witnessed a display of lgbtq+ love. My science teacher showed the video and he’s gay and was smiling the whole time. He’s the reason I realized that it was ok to be gay. Mr. Blaney, if you’re reading this by some miracle, I’m still closeted as an ace lesbian at our school. But thank you so much for existing. You’re the reason I realized that being gay didn’t change who someone is and I realized that the beliefs I was told to believe were so incredibly wrong. I’m out to a few friends at school, but I would’ve never found myself if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much, it really means the world to me, and you changed my life. I’m really forever indebted to you. You’re one of the best teachers I could’ve ever asked for.

  18. Honestly, just bringing everyone back to reality. My parents are homophobic and I honestly could never work up the courage to come out to them because I know they wouldn’t like me afterwards.

  19. Funny how the only two genders can easily be identified by different bone structure and different skeletal characteristics.

  20. Love is love, but not everything is love. I can love my dad, but that doesn't mean I have sex with him. I can love my best friend, who is also male, but we don't have sex. I could love a complete stranger, but that doesn't mean we have sex. Actually love and sex are not the same thing. They are NOT synonymous. That would mean I was having sex with God. Blasphemy. Yes Love is love, and GOD is love. But not everything is love, and not everything is acceptable.

    Here's a good exercise. Practice true love. With your pets, with trees and flowers, with people. TRUE love, that comes from God. A lot of people can't handle that, because it will reveal the truth. This is why the water is so muddy. People suppress the truth, so they are no longer abide with true love, and then all of a sudden marrying a tree or toaster is love.

    Evil seducers will wax worse and worse, and the love of many will grow cold.

  21. Is the whole world losing common sense ? Is this global human civilization only leaded by childish emotions? Am I the only one to be shocked by all this propaganda ? Some people want to make a gay pair, fine. But why do they lie to a kid by pretending him, that he has two fathers? Why do they manipulate kids at school with all their ideology ? Can't they leave kids alone from all this sh.. ?

  22. its already 4 years this came out, and still touches me, its so pretty, so pure, so human, i started crying because i wanna be a person full of this, of kindnees, i wanna love myself and love everyone as well, i live so i love

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