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Loma Linda Pad Thai Vegan Microwave Pouch Meals Instant Heat and Serve

Loma Linda Pad Thai Vegan Microwave Pouch Meals Instant Heat and Serve

Loma Linda Pad Thai Vegan microwave pouch ready to eat meals instant heat eat Blue Zone meal emergency survival bug out bag prepper pantry food hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you been looking for nutritious vegetarian vegan food storage options of foods to put in your Bug Out Bag or stock your pantry
foods that you could eat in a hurry foods that didn’t require any
preparation maybe heat them up but were already prepared and ready to eat prepackaged shelf stable ready to eat good for you meals so if you are dieting in a hurry in an emergency if you didn’t have electricity or you had to grab your Bug
Out Bag food you could open it and eat it emergency food doesn’t have to mean open a can of chili or heat up a dehydrated meal mountain house you can find already prepared packaged meals that are shelf stable and have a shelf life of up to two years that are actually delicious and nutritious one
of the foods that I chose recently to add to my prepping food stockpile was by Loma Linda maybe you’ve heard of Loma Linda California it’s one of the blue zone regions in the world with longevity that people
live the longest of anywhere in the world many of the people that live in
the Loma Linda California area belong to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church they
eat a plant-based diet live a healthy lifestyle vegetarian Loma Linda has been making vegetarian healthful food since 1890 you can read on the Loma Linda Pad Thai label it’s non-gmo it’s gluten free yet includes seven grams of protein
look on the back of the Loma Linda Pad Thai you can see that this package is considered two servings of
130 calories each you can read the rest of that nutritional facts and
information and the ingredients so if you wanted to eat the entire packet it
isn’t the 130 calories because there’s two servings in here so it would be 260 calories pay attention to the calorie count whether you’re counting calories as a diet
weight-loss program or you’re tallying your calories to make sure you’re
storing enough food for prepping emergency long term food storage if you read the directions on the Loma Linda Pad Thai you can heat this meal packet dish in the microwave for one minute or you can drop the package in a pot of boiling water for several
minutes before you put it in the microwave find the little notch and open
it up about two inches this package is Loma Linda Pad Thai pad thai I’m going to put it in the
microwave for 60 seconds it actually makes popping and
crackling noises and then remember it’s hot you could eat the Loma Linda ready meal Pad Thai out of the pouch if you wanted to but I’m going to pour it in a
bowl it has a very fragrant aroma it almost smells peanut buttery you can see
soy bits little bits of corn tiny corn peppers tomatoes I see some peppers and it just
smells delicious let’s check it out this is very delicious you can see that the package of Loma Linda Pad Thai
makes a lot of food and it’s very filling with a spicy kick well this tastes very good this has a spicy kick I love it check out the foods from Loma Linda see if it isn’t
something that you want to have in your pantry whether you need a quick lunch meals for dieters or you need some food for your Bug Out Bag emergency survival food learn more at alaskagranny.com please
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11 thoughts on “Loma Linda Pad Thai Vegan Microwave Pouch Meals Instant Heat and Serve

  1. I’m Thai so I’ll have to give it a try. Authentic Pad Thai doesn’t have corn, but I understand this is Vegan. I love most of your videos, they’re very informative. Thank you!! 👍👍

  2. I Love Loma Linda meals!!! I’m from Orange County. Ca but my relatives are mostly in Loma Linda. (Yup, they are 7th day Adventist’s) They are far healthier than I am.

  3. I just learned something……never heard of this food and didnt realize they did not eat meat….very interesting….stay safe and God Bless You and Your Family

  4. i 1st tried & learned of Loma Linda when i visited a friend in Oregon..i loved it !! it was canned items.. my friend thought if me Bcuz im a vegetarian.. unfortunately I've never seen any of them around where i live in NY .. i would love to try those pouches !! do U know if that company does mail order / online orders ?? that would be Great !! thanks for the review !! 😁

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