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Lola MullenLowe Barcelona | Creative Advertising Agency Spain

Lola MullenLowe Barcelona | Creative Advertising Agency Spain

Hi, my name is Giorgio and I am an art buyer. What an art buyer do as a day-to-day base, is looking for photographers, illustrators, advises the clients about what is the best for the clients in what direction to take photographicly and with the illustrations I don’t have any particular strategy in searching for artists I can start, you know, with one photographer, looking at representents or maybe looking and finding pictures in magazines or of course searching online, but there are no real rules. They can be from an art gallery, but there are no rules. Enjoying most of being an art buyer is travelling, meeting lots of people I have the opportunity to understand art, especially photography I see work that really blows my mind very often, actually. There is lots of art out there and especially nowadays, they mix all different kind of arts together, which is really surprising. Every day The magazine, I prefer from Production Paradise, is the Spotlight because, for instance, if I have to work in a different territory like South Africa or Russia or whatever, I don’t have many links and contacts, so that can be very good as a database. You know, a starting point to find the right people to do a professional job Production Paradise is very useful to find artists and professional people, who deals within the advertising markets

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