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List of 35 Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketers

List of 35 Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketers

hi it’s Matt with Kirk register seo.com and we just put out a blog post the other day on 35 different classified sites that are accepting of affiliate marketing offers a lot of times when you try to post classified ads they don’t want your affiliate links you know good luck trying to post affiliate links on Craigslist you know you might work for a little while then they list ban you it’s happened to so many people so you must we’ll look for some places where they accept those type of ads and fortunately there are and we’ve been creating sites to fit that market now one of them is the free ad forum com it’s got about 50,000 members your ads stay live for 90 days which is great and you can use HTML you can do clickable links you can also upgrade your ad for 5 dollars actually it’s you can upgrade your ad for a year it’ll stay alive for a year it’s ten dollars got to correct this and then you can upgrade for another five dollars and it rotates on the front page the site now this is a really good site because it gets traffic and it gets a lot of views and the way you can see this is that the the actual ads get views so here’s the free ad forum com okay you can see now if you upgrade your ad for five dollars you get your ad rotated here on the side this is the first page of the site so it gets good traffic and here is here’s a sample of some ads you can get an idea now the ads themselves are getting views you can see because there’s a hit counter here alright now this one’s getting a lot of views not all of them get a lot of views that many views but they all get views so your ads are getting views which is actually the most important thing because there are sites out there that have more traffic than this site looks like gets a lot of traffic but there are sites to get way more but they bury your ads and they don’t let you do a lot of things that the site does so for example you could embed your YouTube video here and that’s a great tool because the more embeds you have of your YouTube video the higher it ranks and YouTube that’s a criteria that YouTube uses to rank videos so the more places you can have your YouTube video embedded the better Plus people get to see your video and it makes a really career really nice added you could put up to three pictures here you can use HTML see this is HTML ad and you just click here and will go automatically go to the person’s website and here is a clickable link that we create for you that is created on the free ad form so you see even if you don’t know anything about HTML you just do a regular straight text ad you just put in your website when you submit your ad when people click here that you it will automatically create this link for you you don’t have to know any HTML but if you have an HTML add HTML ad you can use it too so that’s really good and you can see here these are the most recent listings so I mean these are just put out you know probably get just couple views but they were just put out you know 5 views but put out a few minutes ago so all the ads are getting views so this guy really had a lot of pictures and I’m just doing this you know live I didn’t I didn’t look at this app before so in a couple minutes he got 5 views so you know if it’s gonna stay on 90 days unless he upgrades it’ll stay on a year that’s a great deal so this is a decent place and you’ve got a character you’ve got a category you know definitely for businesses and business opportunities you can see right here there’s under jobs business opportunities 19,000 ads so there’s activity here folks so that’s that’s what you want to look at the site’s getting views and these are all those tons of them and possess opportunity ads and if you upgrade you can choose to have yours highlighted here you have this little icon do you know which will help you get more you know views to your ad it can stick to the top of the of the ad not rotate rotate down with the other ones you these are some people who chose to upgrade you know it’s sticking up here at the top and also you know they’re all getting views all the asking just got 107 views already so that is a criteria you know for picking a site is your ad getting views because you know I went on classified ascom which is a super popular site but the ads don’t get views which is kind of crazy so here’s one site you can add on you could submit to and you can also get software with submits to it so yes you can get software which will post to the site there’s a free version which submits to the business opportunity section only then you get the pro version and that will submit to any category and just a one-time fee and you can put a collection up to 500 ads a day on the site with software so that’s a correct deal you can click the link in the description below and will lead you to this article and it has all the links to the software as well and you know you join the newsletter and you can download the free software along with a lot of other free software and other submitters as well now there’s another site here which is really picking up free global classified ads real busy site and click here we’ll check it out and this is it and this is based on AWS class which is a very popular open-source classified ads software but you can see you know there’s tons of ads being here tons of places put business opportunities and you know you can also upgrade have your ad highlighted here and stick to the top of the category for 90 days so we’ll just stick up there for 90 days if you upgrade that’s $5 and the other ones will rotate down but yours will stay up there but you can post free ads here and you post a lot of them and there’s some software to they can get that is free which will submit to the site as well and so it’s a good way to get some very inexpensive or low-cost inexpensive or free traffic to your website then we have some more websites here by the way on that site you can use HTML on all these sites that I’m showing you can use HTML and they stay it live for 90 days and even if you don’t use HTML you get a clickable link all right I see here what the clickable link looks like even if you don’t know how to do HTML like this guy and you just put it on your website and you can use your affiliate link though I always think it’s a great idea to get your own domain name you can do a lot more with your own domain name but here says you know please fit at our website you’ll also do is put your link in when you submit your ad and we’ll create this link for you you don’t have to know any code there’s even a place to put your Facebook page up to three pictures and if you want to join the affiliate program for free at classify submissions calm you can put a special place a special place to put that link with a call to action and that’s great because what what a great place to offer classified ad submission services then on a classified ad site so if people and people have made sales by putting the link in there and people other people see the answer oh that’s a great idea I’m posting ads too and you get 50% reading current commissions again you can upgrade your ad on all these sites that I’m showing you these are the ah / type sites so it’ll be highlighted in yellow here stick to the top of the category while the other free ads rotate down again you can click the link in the description below and it will take you to this post you can get all this info article do this interesting this site was an article site you know that kind of came out of out of favor you know there were a million users so this is an old domain so you could post your ads for free on here I say live for 90 days you got a nice link back from a very old domain you could again put your YouTube videos on there get your YouTube videos with some traffic and ranking so that’s an interesting one USA free classifieds org that’s the dot org domain it’s nice to have some backlinks from dot-org domains you know the Google kind of looks favorably on them again free classified ad site you can post your ads and then we have a whole bunch of other they’re all very similar like this with different keywords and so forth here’s one was great for legal services we could put all different types of ads on here and then we have a whole other list of classified ad sites that you just click on and you can quote post your ads right now it’s all these sites for free and same format you can upgrade that is a great thing to do it is good cheap advertising you know if you could think a little bit longer term you know they stay live ninety days or a year in some cases you know for five bucks ten bucks that’s a lot of exposure you may not get it all right away but you know you’re gonna get some exposure being all you know stuck to the top of all these ads and it’s dirt cheap to advertise that way and you know then all you have to do is concentrate and have a really good offer make sure your offer is you know catchy you could post manually to be sites and we do offer if you join a newsletter a software to propose to a lot of them not all of them but a lot of them for some free some you know there’s an upgraded versions that you can use to post to it but you can also you know get the classified ad posting service classify submissions com and you know we can submit to all these sites and others for you so that’s another option so here’s a nice list of classified ad sites click the link in the description below you can go read this blog post if you liked this video please like it share it you embed the video you know if you got a block put it on the video this is a good resource for all your members and this absolutely no problem go ahead and do that and we’d like to invite you to subscribe to our Channel and click the little bell icon so all you do is you click here click subscribe then click this little notification and you’ll get notified every time we come up with a new video with new software or new tips so I hope you found this helpful and I’d like to invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel and embed our video and any questions let us know in the comments section thank you so much I hope you enjoy this resource resource this is Matt with quick register SEO calm

6 thoughts on “List of 35 Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketers

  1. You can get software that submits automatically to many of the sites listed automatically here: http://www.coolmarketingsoftware.com/osclass-submitter

  2. Thank you for another great video, Matt. I only found out about you, your free software offer on your website and this video channel a week ago and I am truly grateful for everything you have given me. After my online business folded in 2010, I decided to begin researching every type of online business model to try and understand what we did wrong to have our online store fail. I researched SEO, consumer trends, advertising etc.i I looked at and talked to Internet marketers and took a business course that took me two years to complete.
    This year I decided it was time to try again. I thought I knew everything I needed to know and what amazes me is that am still finding out new information that I never thought about. As I begin to build my new Internet business Matt, I owe you a huge thank you. With each video I watch and the free software plus the information I am getting from your website, I grow more confident that I will succeed this time. Thank you so very much.

  3. Cheers for this, I've been looking for "how to create website for affiliate marketing" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

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