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LinkedIn CRM matching, Snapchat self-serve ads, and Instagram collections

LinkedIn CRM matching, Snapchat self-serve ads, and Instagram collections

Hey, I’m Kath, Head of Social at Web Profits and today we’ll be launching our new segment called ‘What’s Happening Social?’ Where I’ll cover a couple of the social media highlights that have happened over the last few weeks. Today I’ll be looking at LinkedIn CRM matching and website remarketing, Snapchat self-serve ads platform, and Instagram Collections. Big news for LinkedIn is that they’re finally offering website remarketing and CRM matching through their new matched audience tool. What this now means for businesses is that they can re-engage users who have visited their website or submitted their emails through various campaigns. More often than not, B2B or thought leadership marketing through LinkedIn has come at a much higher cost for a business in comparison to other social platforms, like Facebook for example. With this new feature LinkedIn advertising should become cheaper and way more targeted. So, what does this mean for marketers? Well, I strongly recommend you install the remarketing pixel onto your website as soon as possible and start exploring the opportunities a much more targeted LinkedIn strategy could offer your business. It’s officially game on with Snapchat set to launch its self-serve ads platform in June. Up until now discovering brands on Snapchat has been challenging to say the least. The self-serve ads platform will now offer brands the opportunity to reach their users in a much more targeted way. We tested Snapchat for our own brand late last year and decided to put it on hold until there was a more effective way to reach our target audience. Now we’re excited to experiment with self-serve ads for ourselves and explore the opportunities which lie ahead. Stay tuned. News from my personal favourite, Instagram now offers users the ability to create Collections which act like Pinterest Mood Boards. Collections mean Instagram posts can be saved for later and users can revisit them when they’re ready to make a purchase. For now, there’s not much brands can do outside of asking users to save their posts, but I predict this will soon have significance with the opportunity to potentially remarket to anyone who saved content to their Collections. Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with more.

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