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Ling Ling’s Milk? (Weird and Funny Ads with Violin)

Ling Ling’s Milk? (Weird and Funny Ads with Violin)

Commercials, with violin playing. Buy our merch. It’s commercials for our merch. Alright guys, we got a new batch of commercials that feature violin playing in it, or classical music. Don’t you love it when they have uh, these classical music in commercials to try and appeal for… …profitable and… …corporate– – I don’t know what I’m talking about. You get the point.
– *chuckles* You commercial, you lose. Oh. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Is that 6 strings?! – Sacrilegious!
– Wow…! Ben Lee, you need to step it up. This guy has 6 strings! It’s just funny at this point. This is lit! I think the red is meant to be Coke, I guess, and blue is Pepsi. – Really? But Pepsi is red and blue, no?
– Well— Well, ’cause she… – Ahh yeah, yeah, yeah…
– …hit him like, “Don’t touch the Pepsi!” right? – That’s true. It’s like “Get out!”.
– Hit him really…yeah. Wait, wait, wait, red… – Uh-oh.
– Oh. Whoops. *shrieks in pain* What’s that…green thing? – I know.
– Why’s there a green thing on her violin? I mean, yeah, I guess… Well, cool, nice one. *chuckles* I didn’t know what to think of it. Whoa! – Whoa, man.
– Oh damn. – Damn, violin can make you erupt in flames.
– *chuckles* Yeah. Okay, next video. – It’s kind of funny.
– Yeah. Like, Einstein loving the violin… Yeah, he’s just playing… – What is that? Is that Lady Gaga?
– Yeah, it was something… *sings* And then… – And then the math equations and stuff showed…
– Yeah… That’s funny. – That’s how Einstein figured the theory of relativity.
– Yeah. This…this ad was genius. That doesn’t even sound like a violin. – I know.
– It sounds like a rusty… – He’s not even making a sound.
– …door henge…yeah. He’s just doing it obs— – Like someone is doing the shredding for him.
– Yeah, it’s sh… *gasp* *snickers* What…?! Wha… Ohh. – Dude that bow hold…
– That bow hold… All their bow holds! All of them! – Dude, what…
– What teacher are you—whoa, man! Look at their left hand! Oh my god, education—music education— Oh, come on, guys. *snickers* Oh, man. Novak! Wait, are they saying uh… Tennis is more fun and [a] better sensation…? Yeah, sounds like they’re saying tennis is more fun than violin. Or the car itself. This is just…yeah. Novak if you want violin lessons, [it’s] totally fine, contact us. We’ll give you free lessons. Great ad. *snickers* 3, 4. Damn! F*** what you heard! What…?! What…? I don’t… *snickers* So confusing! Oh! Oh! Oh!!! Yo! *explicit rapping* Yo, yo, yo what— Silence! I told you there is a pianissimo on the “motherf***er”, yeah?! *whispering* Motherf***er! *snickers* What…?! Motherf***er! I wonder if they got through uh, copyright, not copy…like, strike – Getting striked on YouTube.
– Yeah. – Or whoever thought this is a good idea to represent the brand,
– Yeah. – right? Like…
– I know, it’s like… It’s classical music! “Pianissimo! Play ‘motherf***er’!” – Oh man.
– Anyway. What is it selling? Hats? Like, what…? I don’t get it. I never understood why ads have like, really irrelevant things, but… – …I don’t know, like, just advertise the hat.
– Yeah. I can’t believe it. That grandpa’s nose is performing “Flight of the Bumblebee”? No, you goof. Can’t believe how easy it was to save hundreds dollars with my car insurance with Geico. Nice. I know, right? (Believe it!) *snickers* Ohh… Yeah…you guys get it. Ben Lee…that’s your new record. Go on TV and attempt that. Oh, wow. Oh, man…well… Don’t you just love classical music and commercials? Because I do. Christian Li! Haha, this is gonna be funny. Christian Li! In case you guys don’t know Christian, we reacted to a video of Christian Li, a while ago, he’s a.. …really epic… …violinist. When was that, when he won Menuhin? – Last year, I think?
– 2008? No? – 18…18.
– Yeah. 18. – Last year.
– He was 10. – He was 10, now…
– So this 2013. So he’s five years old here. Whoa…!!! Christian Li was already on TV commercials at age five?! Whoa! Wow, this… Christian [was] five years old! – Yeah, yeah! Like…
– Wow! That’s funny. I really…let’s see this. – Wow…!!!
– Let’s see this. This is funny. *laughs* It’s kind of cute. – Ohh…
– And he’s playing it, so… Wow…! Wow!!!!!! Dude, that’s the secret, that’s how you win Menuhin competition. – You have to…
– Just… …take this. – Dude, look at him.
– Whatever it is… He looks so happy. *chuckles* He’s already in third position. – Wow…that is talent.
– At age…frickin’ five. That’s talent. I mean, he was also a hard worker as well. I mean… – …far out.
– Wow. Wow. – Dude, I should have had that frickin’ milk powder when I was five,
– I know. maybe I’d be winning Menuhin as well! Well there you go guys! Thank you guys so much for watching. Commercials! Classical music in commercials! It’s time! Time to step it up! Yeah. Novak, if you want lessons… – *snickers*
– Oh my God… Where is this going… *snickers* (World record holder for the world’s fastest violinist!) (You heard the old saying of) (- old violins sounding better than new violins.)
(- Yes.) ( A M A Z I N G ! ) (*both* A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ) (*chuckles*) “(What they’ve done is they’ve put these electrodes”) (- “with a chap from NASA—”)
(- Wait, what?!) (NASA?!) (“Musical geniuses are born, not created—”)
(- What?!) (And you can go even faster than that!) (In fact your record is 38.1 seconds.) You sometimes wonder where they get these ideas from. – Yeah…I don’t know.
– It’s so random.

100 thoughts on “Ling Ling’s Milk? (Weird and Funny Ads with Violin)

  1. By the way, in a game called maple story, there’s this quest to look for a tiger. Guess what his name is. LINGLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The first song is a hip hop take on Devil went down to georgia. She is clearly Johnny playing the fiddle and he is the devil betting on Johnny soul (pepsi).

  3. At 0:47 it’s not 6 strings it’s actually 7 strings, but still this video is really funny. Keep posting more reactions to Music commercials. 😀

  4. "But Elsa Einstein once confided to a visitor that she fell in love with her handsome cousin Albert for quite a different reason: “because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin.”

    Or maybe it wasn’t such a different reason. Music was far more than a sideline to Einstein’s work; it was central to everything he thought and did."


  5. Mentioning one of your videos but not linking them, what kind of monsters are you?? Do I, what, have to google it myself???

  6. The woman from the Pepsi commercial is Miri Ben-Ari and she’s and Israeli violinist who does a lot of hip hop!! She’s really awesome, check her out!

  7. The guy in the first clip is mark wood, creator of the viper and the stingray electric violins and he has 7 strings and frets

  8. But the Einstein commercial makes sense! He actually started to learn to play the violin when he was 6! He continued to play it to brainstorm new ideas. He even sponsored a Japanese violinist named Shinichi Suzuki who went on to create the Mother Tongue Method a.k.a. the Suzuki Method which is used worldwide!

  9. shouldn't twoset be roasting 5 years old video? The bow movement seems a bit strange at 8:13. I am just a beginner but this is obvious for me, or my jealousy effected my judgements?

  10. That geico one where the grandpa was playing music with his nose I actually saw on tv like that was actually one of the ads that came on a few years ago

  11. Ok but the Grandpa playing flight of the bumblebee was like that one ad that would make me laugh every time. Now I see it and think "oh god again?! Flight of the bumblebee? Also what a sacrilegious method!" Brett. Eddy. You have taught me well.

  12. Just a tad bit information: The female violinist in the Pepsi ad was Miri Ben Ari, a pop violinist way back around year 2007-ish (?). She's a good player though.

  13. their tees advertising caught my attention. too bad i didnt finished my 40 hour practice becoz of it

  14. im getting free lessons just by watching these videos. Im a self taught violinist and I learned literally all my basics from watching two set videos

  15. about the einstein one, if i remember i read somewhere where einstein's wife says that einstein gets his ideas from playing his piano or violin, like before he goes to work on some equations and stuff he would go to the piano and play a while until an idea pops up

  16. The Pepsi commercial features Mark Wood with his own invention which is that Flying-V style electric violin. And he normally does one with 7 strings. Funny thing is that he is a classically trained violinist (Juilliard and all), but he has chosen to go the amplified rocker route, and he's made a decent name for himself that way.

  17. I wonder what TwoSet would think of L Shankar and his 10-string double-necked violin or Mysore Chowdiah and the 19-string violin he developed back in the '30s.

  18. omg i hope everyone is proud of me because im doing this ASX commerce competition in stock marketing and my group name is lingling2

  19. The first one was a play on the Charlie Daniels song "the Devil Went Down to Georgia" the guy with the red whatever that was was supposed to be the devil. Devil's number "6" six strings. Get it. It is pretty bad tbh

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