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Lil Pump, Jeezy, Migos & How Ad-Libs Took Over Hip-Hop | Genius News

Lil Pump, Jeezy, Migos & How Ad-Libs Took Over Hip-Hop | Genius News

JACQUES: The ad-lib is an integral part of
hip-hop. It is the second layer of words and sounds
that can serve as a calling card… …a shameless boast…. Or a primal scream. JACQUES: Today, ad-libs are so ubiquitous
that they’ve become the focal point of certain hits. With Lil Pump, Migos, Playboi Carti, and many other artists dominating the charts with songs where the ad-lib is as important,
if not more so, than the bars they are accompanying. But how did we get here? Well, it starts on stage. Many point to James Brown’s screams and
grunts as the major inspiration for hip-hop’s energetic adlibs. JACQUES: As a genre, hip-hop draws significant
inspiration from the godfather of soul, and in some of rap’s earliest recordings, hype
men and DJs can be heard in the background dropping ad-libs designed to keep the crowd
rocking. JACQUES: Artists also used call and response for the same effect. On many occasions, the crowd’s answers made
it onto the final record as a variation of an ad-lib. JACQUES: Throughout the 80s and 90s, iconic
hype men such as Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav, the Lost Boyz’s Freaky Tah and Flipmode’s Spliff Star turned ad-libs into an art. JACQUES: Producers like Pete Rock and label executives like Diddy also joined in with their signature ad-libs. JACQUES: From the mid 90s to the early 2000s,
other purveyors of ad-libs, like Missy Elliott Cam’ron, Jadakiss and more added their own spice. JACQUES: DJs and producers like Clue, Timbaland and others were also known for their quick sayings. JACUQES: These sounds weren’t the main course, but
a Southern wave would begin to change that. JACQUES: Ad-libs have been a part of Southern
rap since Miami bass in the 80s, when the crowd’s chants often made it onto the final tracks. Additionally, MCs like Master P and Pastor Troy were also extremely influential but Crunk music,
lead by Three 6 Mafia and Lil Jon, would turn it up a notch. LIL JON: To hype the verse up even more, we’ll
go behind the verse and we’ll like lay, WHAT, WHAT WHAT and that’s basically what
you would do in the club. JACQUES: From 2000 to 2005, Lil Jon’s 5
Billboard top 10 hits pushed his ad-libs across the globe. JACQUES: Dave Chappelle also played heavy
role. LIL JON: Hello and good evening. DAVE: It’s me. DAVE: It’s me! DAVE: It’s me, Little Jon. JACQUES: Crunk’s ad-libs stuck with people, eventually becoming so commonplace that Three
6 Mafia’s DJ Paul griped about biters on Twitter in 2016. JACQUES:But the Atlanta music scene still had more in store. JACQUES: By 2005, Jeezy’s deep laughs and
‘ayys’ had hit the mainstream. JACQUES: Jeezy’s adlibs became his signature. In 2007, Kanye West famously used them on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” JACQUES: Jeezy’s style was complemented
by other ATLiens like his rival, Gucci Mane. JACQUES: Both Jeezy and Gucci played major
roles in ushering in today’s trap sound and the ad-libs of Gucci’s proteges became their
most memorable features. JACQUES: Drake’s appearance on Migos’
breakout hit “Versace” pulled the group’s ad-libs into the mainstream. JACQUES: 2 Chainz Rich Homie Quan and many others were also extremely influential. Around 2012, it was obvious that the game
had changed. JACQUES: Atlanta wasn’t the only home to
influential ad-libbers. In the late aughts, the Bay Area’s Lil B released
dozens of ad-lib heavy songs. JACQUES: The Based God was inventive, name-dropping
celebrities like Dr. Phil and Martha Stewart. JACQUES: Halfway across the country in 2012,
Chicago’s Chief Keef continued the trend with his hit, “I Don’t Like.” JACQUES: Artists like the Based God and Chief
Keef influenced newcomers such as Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert respectively. Uzi’s ad-lib filled verse on Migos’ “Bad
and Boujee,” hit no. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2017. JACQUES: Today’s artists are mixing up these
influences from all over the map, bringing ad-libs into the spotlight. Over the last 5 years, Travis Scott, Rae Sremmurd, Cardi B, Smokepurpp and many more have prioritized ad-libs. SMOKEPURPP: Me and Pump were like, all we listened to was drill Chicago music so like they were always like “let’s get it let’s get it” and then
we were like fuck the L nigga “esskeetit!!!” JACQUES: In 2017, Lil Pump reached no. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Gucci Gang.” JACQUES: And in May 2018, Childish Gambino
featured adlibs from Young Thug and others for “This Is America.” According to his creative director Ibra Ake,
Gambino used the ad-libs as a unifying force. IBRA: He just kind of wanted to make a ‘We
Are The World’ song with rappers and really not them rapping just their adlibs kind of
reducing the features to jazz. JACQUES: From James Brown to Donald Glover,
ad-libs prove that the beauty is in the smallest details. JACQUES: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge
behind the music. Peace!

100 thoughts on “Lil Pump, Jeezy, Migos & How Ad-Libs Took Over Hip-Hop | Genius News

  1. Low key ad libs make songs sound way better. But seriously, now a days music is just fire beats and ad libs. Break down the song to the lyrics and it’s trash (looking at you pump). I still listen to that music because like I said, the beats and ad libs make it ok. But there’s not a lot of talent behind a lot of the songs artist wise. Production team knows what’s up tho, the music would be TRASH without them.

  2. Stfu with this shit Adlibs should not be getting as much praise as they do .. especially when talentless hacks like some of these fucks use them every single time they take a second to breathe . Yuhhh, ayyye , huh , wha , or anything of the sort that is similar to that and you use go fuck yourselves with your adlibs dear god fuck the industry for forcing such bullshit out ..

  3. Dont try to co sign that bullshit from james brown ad libs were the hype but he had intellect and actually bars like rappers of the 80s 90s the documentary is called 16 bars not 3 minutes of adlibs

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  5. People don't realize how old this is. ad lips can be heard in nergo spirituals and old gospel songs, they are people older than that honestly

  6. Great video! Interesting to see the evolution of ad-libs! Never knew everything was so structured.

  7. I feel like y'all shouldve mention ad-lips are a part of the black experience. As a west African. I remember people telling stories at night in which people always responded with grunts & words. And even now alot of oir songs still have these in their music. Its Its something i feel that has been kept within the black diaspora anf i would think mainly in the southern AA community sonce they sort of kept mord in touch with past rather then the northern AA

  8. Migos- the king of ad libs- cookie, mama, ye, hey, uhh. Ski mask- waterrr. 21 savage- 21, 21,21. Dababy- yeah yeah. Gucci mane- woo, yeahhhh.

  9. A lot of Korean hip hop groups such as DJ DOC's album in 1997 had ad-libs included in many of their tracks. So I think foreign hip hop movements such as the korean hip hop movement pioneered a lot of elements seen in hip hop today.

  10. Old : more lyrics, more rhyme, less ad-lib

    New : few lyrics, little bit rhyme, full ad-libs.

  11. Mumble rappers: skrrt ayy brr brra grr grrrrow pow pow pew pew gloaw ye ye wha wha wha
    Lyrical rapper: We Say Words

  12. My top favorite adlibs
    1, straight up
    2, it's lit
    3, pop it pop it
    4, yeah
    5, yeah! yeah!
    6, brrr brrrr!
    7. Ooooooooh yeeeeah

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