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Liberty Medical

Liberty Medical

If you have diabetes and are on Medicare, you
may qualify for a free meter from Liberty Medical. You know there are still some people who don’t know
that the cost of their diabetes testing supplies may be covered by Medicare. Well, if you have diabetes, and you’re on Medicare,
your testing supplies may be covered. Here’s how it works:
Liberty is a Medicare participating provider. They bill Medicare and your insurance company.
You pay nothing up front. Your testing supplies are delivered right
to your door at no charge for shipping. You have nothing to worry about because when it’s
time to reorder, Liberty will remind you. They’ll even send you a free meter if you qualify.
Give them a call to find out. Call Liberty Medical.
They can help you live a better life. Get your free meter.
Call Liberty today at 1-800-903-3756.

100 thoughts on “Liberty Medical

  1. So then I switched to dem fryz
    then I realized I was gonna get Diabeetus too
    So I stopped eating dem fryz
    Now I want somethin' to munch on.

  2. KCOP Commercials April 2, 2004
    – UPN Promos
    – Progressive
    – Payless ShoeSource
    – McDonald's
    – Verizon Wireless
    – Walt Disney World
    – Zales
    – Arby's
    – Liberty Medical (with Wilford Brimley)
    – Zyrtec

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Wilford Brimley has always been old? Like he came out with a mustache and only shaved it off the play Blair in "The Thing"?

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Wilford Brimley has always been old? Like he came out with a mustache and only shaved it off the play Blair in "The Thing"?

  5. My Dad un-ironically pronounces diabetes this way, and since he has it, he mentions it every month or so in passing. It makes me smile every time, and he doesn't understand why. n_n

  6. He is actually pronouncing "diabetes" correctly. "Diabeetees" is the way it's pronounced in England, while "diabeetus" is correct in the U.S. Check out the Cambridge or Merriam- Webster dictionaries on line.

  7. I always thought he was likeable. From Quaker Oats to Diabetes testing supplies from Liberty Medical. I was diagnosed with
    "Type II Diabeetus" when I was 40. I am 52 now.

    I used to wish I was old enough to get testing supplies at a discount. Some meters are free but the strips cost $50 after the insurance pays their portion. Very expensive. Especially if you are Typr I and have no more cells from the pancreas that help the liver make cells down to glucose – finally a form your cells can use. Type 1 diabetics usually need to give themselves shots that were like insulin, so the cells would have the correct proportion of sugar and insulin.

    Its not a game and its not funny. My grandaughter was 17 and full of life and ready to go to prom and graduate. Becsuse of an imbalance of sugar to Insulin, she died.

    She had type 1 Diabetes.

  8. these commercials always used to be on during The Price is Right! what happened to these commercials? miss them!

  9. The largest dinosaur, the Diabeetus, roams the land in search of food items with sugary properties. He has a heart attack when he stumbles across a row of sugar cane.

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