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LGR – Retro Patents Make Awesome Posters

LGR – Retro Patents Make Awesome Posters

♪ ♪ Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing. And today I’d like to talk about retro patents! More specifically, the artwork of the patents, not necessarily the whole broad idea of
trademarks and patenting in the United States, that’s a different topic.
But, you know, just the art in general that’s on these things, I think it’s interesting. It’s very technical, but it’s made to be
approachable and easy to understand. And I just— it has a neat look to it, I’ve always thought. And apparently I’m not the only one!
There’s this company called Retro Patents. It has a website and they’re selling
their own prints of these patents. Things like game controllers, computer peripherals, and all sorts of fascinating retro tech. They actually sent me and email and said, “Hey, we like your videos,
would you like to make one on our prints?” and I said “Yeah, sure, why not?” I can say anything I want about them and they’re not paying me,
so that’s my kind of deal. So yeah, they sent me a tube. Let’s look at what’s inside the tube! Sweet. Let’s get this opened up. And in lieu of proper weights…
[chuckles] I’ve got some pint glasses here. Heh.
“Retro Patents

100 thoughts on “LGR – Retro Patents Make Awesome Posters

  1. During the Cooptional you said u wanted to make a review of Morrowind. Is it still in the works or have u given up on the idea? Great channel btw.

  2. Looks nice, i alway's like to know how double sided floppy disk drives works,but i can imagine that it requires double the components to make it work and but also double expensive.

  3. The titling on those really bring them down. Weak font choice that does nothing to complement the draftsman style of the patent illustrations themselves and the lack of kerning makes me die inside.

  4. Hey LGR, have you ever considered going into singing? Your voice's smoothness makes me think you could do some great Sinatra covers 🙂

  5. Whatever the earliest patent for a dildo is would be their #1 best seller, guaranteed. Best nerdy prank gift ever!

  6. Clint what's the metal wall thing that you want to hang it on ? Is it a garage door ? Very cool product thanks for sharing .

  7. Would've been great if you said "no hiss" when you opened the tube haha. Great stuff as always Clint. Love your channel.

  8. Or better yet download the image from the retropatent website (free) . Open in photoshop, enlarge to the size you want, sharpen if needed, save. Go to your nearest print shop, print for like 2 bucks at high resolution…the end.

    Cost: about 3 bucks for 12 x 18 at high res black and white.

    This costs like 30 bucks…major rip off.

  9. I swear I thought that said 'parents' at first glance. Anyway, this was an interesting. All your vids have gotten me really interested in old electronics, especially the computers. Thanks for making these videos!

  10. I read this as Retro Parents for some reason and I was like, YEAH! I'm a Retro Parent! Then I watched the video and felt silly and somewhat disappointed. Still, those posters are cool as balls.

  11. Hey LGR, I just want to say that I really love what you do and your videos, and I've been watching a ton of them recently. You've introduced me to all sorts of cool tech and video games I had no idea about, and now I really want to start going to Goodwill a lot.

    Keep on doing what you're doing!

  12. That is cool! If I ever got one I would want the floppy disk that or the CD-ROM.(which I assume was patented)

  13. Dammit LGR, making me spend a chunk of my next paycheque before I even have it deposited. But…I must. I MUST!

  14. I think my favorite retro patent is this 1890 exoskeleton patent featuring a finely-bearded Russian man.

  15. Yea not to mention, INK carts these days are kinda pricey unless you scour on Ebay for them and by the time you get them their dried up pretty much lol

  16. I started watching this channel a few months ago and do you know what it's done to me? My dad passed away a couple years ago. Today I saw my mom and she said there was an old Gateway laptop of my dad's at the house. She said I could have if I wanted it. Back in the old days I would've passed because I have a much newer laptop. Instead I grabbed that sucker right up! Dad got it in 2008, and the only things he really used it for were watching Netflix and Power Point presentations for the boating classes he taught. Otherwise, there's hardly anything else on it. The OS is Vista so I'm thinking I might upgrade to Windows 7. If anybody has any other suggestions on what to do with it feel free to chime in.

  17. Another good source of attractive diagrams- old Scientific American articles from the late 50s to early 80s.

  18. Almost 30 EUR for a printout? Wouldn't call this cheap, even for a niche product…I mean seriously it's black and white on probably better paper… but… Oh well – Who needs it, should get it – I guess?

  19. I would like to have some of these on blueprint paper (as in made using the actual old-fashioned blueprint process)

  20. Hey, LGR, ever thought of getting a hold of an Altair 8800? Or at least, an Altair clone? I'm sure you could spend quite a bit of time playing with that thing.

  21. Please do a review of an old game that I've loved since i was little the game is cyberia its movie like based like bioforge but with sighted better graphics and in my opinion it's just a classic

  22. 4:30 Yeah… if you need space, you could probably just send me your Earthsiege poster and put your patent there…

  23. how often did you hear the joke "I have been framed" with a customer sticking his head through a frame in your previous work?

  24. That's really cool, not something I would personally want, but My Father in law is an Engineer and he would love these. I'm going to remember these for Fathers Day

  25. The jokey company logo in the lower right ruin the product. Who at that company thinks the logo adds anything the customer wants to see?? Look at 5:00 it is crowding out the elegant whitespace in the bottom. The logo is closer to the name then the title above it. Are these people designers or just printers?

  26. I'm a semiconductor engineer and I have few 200mm and 300mm wafers as a trophy display. At some point I wanted to hang my schematics but I figured I may get in trouble of doing it so I never done it lol.

  27. Their site is well made too, no need to jump through hoops to get price information. It's even automatically displayed the my country's currency.

  28. I love how he read the note saying the poster was handled with sterilized gloves and placed on a silk pillow while in the video the poster has glasses on it.

  29. I love this and I will be definitely be… downloading a couple of this and have them profesionally printed.

    I'm very interested in your craft as a framer now XD. You should make a video of yourself making a custom frame for those prints.

  30. I don't get why all you people think it's simple as using a household printer to make this. If you want a high quality print, you're going to need special equipment for that not to mentioned it seems like the artwork on patents were touched up…

  31. Well there is staples.

    but yeah cool idea I imagine they do more then just slap a pic on the page probably a little Photoshop to make it look it's best. Ehh. Undecided.

  32. A local coffee shop has patents for coffee machines and devices hung on the wall.

  33. 27 euros (plus shipping) for a poster? are they on crack? I can go to my local office supply store and print one for 5 bucks. lgr said it, these patents are public. I can download all of them.

  34. 4:08 Tribes! It's always awesome to see a Tribes box, that was my first online game back in 1999. 😀
    I'd played all of the previous incarnations since earthsiege 1(including Cyberstorm). Still my favorite game series!

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