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LGBT People Recreate Iconic Movie Posters

LGBT People Recreate Iconic Movie Posters

– [Voiceover] – Lighting’s on point. – [Voiceover] – Ooh my balls! (laughter) (upbeat music) – I mean how many movie posters have you seen with LGBT people in them? – Brokeback Mountain. – Oh yeah, that’s a good one. – We’re not as represented as we should be for being as big a percentage of the population as we are. – Like there was a token and you’re like, oh shit there’s just one? Why is there only just one always? – And if you don’t identify
with that one token, it’s like who can you identify with? – Trans people are people too, and, you know, we’re here. We’ve been around. – I know for a fact that having actual bisexual people out in media would have made my coming out experience way easier because I fell prey to the mindset that you had to be one or the other for the longest time. (upbeat music) – Your eyelash is tickling my lip. (laughter) – [Photographer] Shoulders down. (upbeat music) – I’m ready. – I’m excited! – Let’s have like all of you. This is a movie about Demi Moore. – Ghost is actually one of
my mom’s favourite movies. – I’ll be recreating the
Magic Mike movie poster. – [Voiceover] I shouldn’t
see much of your eyes. – [Voiceover] I’m so excited,
it’s one of my favourite films. – Trans guys can bring it too, and I just want to show the world. – We’re about to pose for
‘The Fault in Our Stars’, a movie I have personally never seen. – It also touches base
for high school audiences, because even today in the media the few LGBTQ represented films, it’s
typically an older generation. – You’re like, eating my eyelashes. – Your eyelash is tickling my lip. (giggling) – I’m excited for this photoshoot. – I can’t wait to be DR. – I can’t wait to be – oh is my fly down? I can’t wait to be Cher. (laughter) – I’m really excited
about, taking this, like, iconic gay movie and putting a twist on it where the gay characters
aren’t just the best friends in the background, but
we’re like front and center. – And you know what,
we shouldn’t be hidden! Shit, we’re people too. – I’m super pumped. – I am so happy. Can I be Superman? – [Voiceover] I warn you,
I brought Kryptonite, so… – [Voiceover] You are my Kryptonite. – I don’t know if that’s
a compliment or not. – I think that went great. – [Voiceover] I was feeling myself. – It was tickling my nose,
the chest hairs, a little bit. – I have chest hair? – Yeah, you do. – Well. (laughter) – I thought it was cool. I was a little bit nervous
at first, you know, we all have scars and stuff that we’re becoming more comfortable with but I had a ball overall,
and I loved doing Magic Mike. I think that it’s important
to show trans youth and LGBT youth that the
options are just endless. The sky’s the limit. – I just think it’s important
for LGBT media to exist. – I feel like movies
and film are, you know, it’s an escape for people,
and it’s hope for people, so I feel like we should be
represented in that hope. – Fuck yeah there should be more LGBTQ people in movies! Shit. – I think also seeing different types of gay men in the
forefront is important too. – [Voiceover] Not all gay
men fit into the, like, role that is carved out in the media and don’t look like that and
I feel like a lot of times if you don’t look like
that, it can be a struggle. – It’s badass. I felt so
badass, looking at it, I was like, wow. – [Voiceover] The kids that
are growing up these days, they should see more
of their people, like, that that is gonna help them
like, become more themselves and like, be, you know, whole. – You can do anything and be
anything that you want to. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “LGBT People Recreate Iconic Movie Posters

  1. they should have gotten a group of trans girls for the #clueless one. that was a fail and missed opportunity imo.

  2. This made me and my husband so happy to see! He is bi and genderfluid and I am demi-pansexual and gender fluid although it's a "straight" marriage it's also not!

  3. The LGBTQ+ version of the fault in our stars is my favourite, i wish that is how they made it. That would probably make the movie even better.

  4. We need more representation of aromantic/asexual people. Like just because we don’t feel attraction doesn’t mean that we don’t have a story.

  5. why why can't they just have stuff not be about them like just have it be how it is originally why you have to ruin it, and I don't want to say this to be mean but everywhere I turn they'll recreate a poster or I don't know just a lot of stuff and I don't like it those are my feelings and whoever reads this YOU have to deal with that

  6. Every time i watch a Romantic show for straights but i always wished their should be a LGBT people to be in Romantic Movies

  7. They get already enough attention, but dont really do anything by them selfes. So they just recreating work by normal people and pretend they did something usefull for the world. those lgbts are only crying for attention because they are to incompetent to achieve anything throug normal work like normal people.

  8. Ok so they said that they aren’t as represented as the my should be for being as big as a population as they are but science shows that less than one percent of the population is part of the LGBTQ+ community not trying to be mean I am supportive of the LGBTQ+ community I just wanted to point that out again I definitely think there should be more movies or tv shows around LGBTQ+ people I just also wanted to give out a fact for anyone who cares

  9. Actually there are many movies about LGBTQ people, but they usually focus on that line, like in Brokeback Mountain. You know… finding out you're gay, denying, how to deal with that, difficulties, suffering…etc. They're pretty accurate and really good movies in their own genre (usually dramas), but I want some as well, where one of the main characters is BTW an LGBTQ person, but the whole story is not all about it.
    It would be really cool if Indiana Jones could be idk… a lesbian woman. Or Spiderman a black gay guy. He wouldn't be less badass if instead of Mary Jane, he had a Martin Joe.
    So kids could be like: "look, Spiderman could be gay, that's a big deal that my brother likes boys…"

  10. the fault in our stars poster looked so much better than the original, btw thank you guys for helping me out, i came out as bi a week ago

  11. Two movies I've seen the cover of that had gay people as a pairing: Brokeback Mountain and Blue is the Warmest Colour.

  12. They are re-creating iconic posters because….. there isn’t any authenticity and they can’t come up with their own ideas?

  13. People are tripping with this. I thought they just wanted to be with the other person. Now they want to see everyone homosexual.

  14. Jo is this a joke cause I don't get why are you doing this with lgbt people those are normal people so why are the presented like other and the title as well you don't have to name it in the title

  15. Who do you identify with? Really? Uh, how about the main character, just like everyone else does! Their sexual orientation does not define them as characters, and should not be any barrier for you in relating to them as a viewer. You don't have to be a girl to enjoy a movie about a girl, right? Likewise, you don't have to be straight to enjoy a movie about someone who happens to be straight. "Love is love", isn't that what you say? So why can't you understand that straight love is the same as homosexual love? Why is it so hard to comprehend a character, if they're not exactly you?

  16. 0:18 I remember seeing the girl on the right and my mind was going
    "i smell straight"


    now i know shes not❤❤🤞

  17. I don’t get it. Why are people part of the GLBTQIP community when God offers forgiveness for sexual immorality and welcomes people as long as they give it up?

  18. When they were talking about all that stuff about being who you are in this generation and more lgbtq movies I almost cried it touched my heart

  19. If you can’t make love than how do you romantically love somebody? I swear it feels like we’ve run out of logic

  20. I wonder how these LGBT people would feel if straight people decided to do the same with their movies and change the from queer to hetro posters.

  21. To hell with "fault in our stars" stop commenting that. And lgbt stuff are just disgusting🏳️‍🌈⃠


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