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Lets Wash Windows With Nicole #LetsWashWindows Contest

Lets Wash Windows With Nicole #LetsWashWindows Contest

Let’s wash windows. Should we do it together as a group? That would be so much fun. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is “Ask
a House Cleaner.” This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by MyCleaningConnection.com This is a hub with all different kinds of
cleaning stuff for all different kinds of people. So it’s stuff for professional house cleaners
and for homeowners and for kids and for Airbnb hosts that do your own cleaning. But here’s the truth, everybody has windows
in their house, right? So let’s wash windows. Here’s a way to get people to wash windows
in your house, whether it’s your kids or your teenagers or maybe even your spouse. Anyone can play this game. So you grab a video camera, you put them in
front of a window and let them wash the window and you make a video of them. Then you upload it to your own YouTube channel and you use the hashtag #LetsWashWindows and we will suck those videos into our MyCleaningConnection.com page where we will have a whole collection of your videos where we can all look and learn
from each other on the best window cleaning techniques. Isn’t this a great idea? Okay, so this is what we’re doing with kid
correspondent. Her mom gave her a chores list and she looks
at it this week and was like, “Oh my goodness, let’s wash windows.” So her mother set her up with a stepladder
and a cleaning caddy and let’s tune in and see exactly how that went down, shall we? All right, so this last week you decided you
were going to wash some windows. That is so exciting. So my question is this, how can you tell when
your windows are dirty? Nicole: Definitely when they have mulch from
your garden. Kids have been stickin on there. And also when they have a lot of fog on them,
it’s just can tell right away that your windows are dirty. Angela Brown: So you decided to wash your
windows. Now, is this something that you decided or
was this one of your chores that was assigned to you? Nicole: No, actually I was thinking about
doing washing windows. So our windows actually were really dirty. So then I was looking through my chore chart
seeing, Like maybe this will give me some ideas what I could do. And then I saw washing windows on the list
and then I was like, “Oh yeah, the windows do need a good clean.” And then I told my mom that and then she was
like, “Yeah, you’re right because they’re really dirty.” Angela Brown: So when you decided to wash
the windows was this something you decided to wash just the inside or did you wash the
outsides as well? Nicole: Well, we just washed the inside because
we didn’t want to make the show too long, but we are going to do the outside because
they’re dirty too. Angela Brown: Are the rules different for
washing the outsides of the windows for the insides? Nicole: Well, a little bit. If say you’re cleaning inside and outside
the same time than if you use the same sponge you do outside first. It’s probably not a good idea. Because you’ll get the mulch on it and the
fog on it. And then when you’re cleaning inside, that
stuff can get on the inside windows and then you’re basically just making your inside windows
dirtier. Angela Brown: So one of the things that I
learned about washing windows, and this has been a really great tip that we’ve used when
we wash our windows, is on the inside of the windows, we take the cloth and we go up and
down in a vertical pattern. When we go outside and wash the windows, we
take the cloth and we go in a horizontal pattern. So we’re going sideways. And then if there are any streaks, you can
see what direction the streaks are in. And then you know on what side of the window
are the streaks. So there’s a little secret right there. All right. Now I saw while you’re washing windows that
you had a step ladder inside your house. So where does that step ladder live when it’s
not sitting inside your living room? Nicole: Honestly, my mom doesn’t want me to
know. It might live in the garage though because
that’s probably a good place for all your ladders to stay in. You don’t want them to stay outside and then
get stolen. Angela Brown: So when you started washing
windows, I noticed that there was a container that had all of your cleaning supplies in it. Can you share with us what was inside your
cleaning caddy for washing windows Nicole: We had the glass cleaner because you
really are going to need that since your windows are glass. And then you’ll have the cloths. You might have more than one and then you
also have a sponge and an eraser cleaner [inaudible 00:04:35], we use it for our wipers to clean
it up when we need them. Those things are actually really good. That’s why we have one in our kit. Angela Brown: And I noticed that when after
you’re done washing the windows, you used an, a magic eraser to wipe down all of the
window sills and around the windows where there were fingerprints from people opening
and closing the windows. So is that something that you do on all the
windows? Nicole: Well, is probably a good idea because
if you don’t do it, it could cause them to be dirty actually. And you don’t want to clean them and then
the next day they’re dirty again and clean them again and the next day they’re dirty
again because you don’t want to keep cleaning them every single day. Angela Brown: And I also noticed that before
you washed your windows, you used a Swiffer duster to dust them. Tell us about that, you dusted them before
you wash them. What’s up with that? Nicole: When you’re washing, you use the glass
cleaner sometimes and then you start cleaning it. It would be dirty because they’re wood and
not glass and then the glass cleaner would go on your wood and then you might have to
do it over and over again like I said with the glass. Angela Brown: So you dusted at first to get
rid of all the dust before you then use the spray cleaner, is that right? Nicole: Yeah. Angela Brown: Now, one of the things I like
about using a Swiffer Duster on the windows before you wash the glass is the Swiffer Duster
is designed to pick up things like hair and little bugs and cobwebs and things like that
that have a tendency to sit in the corners of the window sills. Angela Brown: And so when you dust the window
sills first, it grabs all that stuff and it holds it inside the Swiffer Duster so it doesn’t
fall on your floor so that you don’t have to vacuum your floor when you’re done. You just take the head of the duster off and
throw the duster away after you’ve done all your dusting. Nicole: Swiffer Dusters are really good for
your windows. Angela Brown: Now, I noticed that when you
were washing the windows that you dusted everything first and then you pulled the step ladder
over and you climbed up on it to reach the high parts. Is that something that needs adult supervision
or you just sense that you needed to be a little bit taller or how does that work? Nicole: I did have adult supervision because
you might need help no matter what. And sometimes you might not but it’s good
that you had a parent for if you did because if it falls on you, the ladder, and there’s
no adult supervision there ,you can get, you can be in even more pain knowing that your
family member is not there. Angela Brown: So how old would you say that
you have to be before you start washing windows? Nicole: This one’s probably six, not five
because five it’s probably dangerous for you. You might not be tall enough. Six is just the perfect height. Angela Brown: Do you know what traditionally
is the dirtiest window in a house? This is a trick question. Nicole: I don’t know. Angela Brown: The dirtiest window traditionally
in a house is a little skinny window. It’s only about six inches wide and it’s on
the side of the front door and it usually runs up and down the side of the front door. And the interesting thing about that is there
are a lot of people who have animals and the little dogs will run up and they will look
outside like they’re trying to see what’s outside and they get their little noses that
have all kinds of slobber and stuff on them up against those windows and they make them
really dirty. And then also small children will go up there
looking like, “Hey, I want to get outside.” And they put their little fingerprints all
over those glass, right next to the front, the front door. So that is traditionally the dirtiest window
inside the house. And now you know. Nicole: Yeah, no, I’m looking at it right
now. Angela Brown: So now I’ve got a question for
you. Do you know, this is another trick question,
but do you know how many windows there are in your house? It’s a question that most people cannot answer. Even if they can know the rooms in their house
and they try to think about all the windows, most people don’t know until you actually
go to buy new windows and replace them. And then somebody comes and they count all
your windows and then it’s like you have 55 windows in your house and you’re like, “What? I didn’t know I had that many.” Nicole: I just counted all the windows besides
the little skinny one. There’s about 12 because there’s actually
not really a lot of windows down here. Angela Brown: I bet there are more windows
than you know. All right. And that was our kid correspondent Nicole. Wasn’t that so much fun watching her wash
windows? All right, so join in because this is going
to be so much fun. Let’s wash windows with the hashtag, upload
your to the YouTube channel and we will suck that into MyCleaningConnection.com page where we will all learn from each other on washing windows. This is so much fun. This is like a group party and we’re all cleaning
at the same time. Isn’t this awesome? All right, if you found this helpful, please
pass it on to a friend. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a
cleaner place than when you found it.

4 thoughts on “Lets Wash Windows With Nicole #LetsWashWindows Contest

  1. I'm not talented enough to upload videos to my youtube channel. But I do have the world's easiest, most efficient, and effective way to wash windows. I use those e-cloths for glass. I dampen it, drape it over my broom, run it up and down or back and forth across the glass, then dry it with the waffle weave cloth. I have big windows without panes. I use the same technique on the outside of the window. They come up spotless. I also wipe out the track and clean it super well so the whole window looks brand new. This method is fast. Super fast. I want to try it with the docapole on the tall tall windows in my living room. I love the idea of dusting first. I'm in the desert. Plenty of dust. As soon as the weather cools down a little, I'll test my method but will dust first. Love your channel. Kid Correspondent Nicole is great.

  2. Nicole thinks it is fun to draw a smiley face on the windows while she is cleaning them! How do you make washing windows fun? Comment below and make sure to make your own video! Make sure to use the hashtag #LetsWashWindows!

    If you don't know how to make a video here are some tips! Make a quick tripod for your smartphone out of a paper cup. Hit record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhyQE3J2fv0 Then come back to YouTube from your phone and hit the upload button. In the title of your video just type #LetsWashWindows and you're in. It's super easy and fun!

  3. A very timely episode, thank you. Nicole is cute, and you were terrific with the questions you asked her. Left me smiling and I appreciate the professional tip – vertical inside, horizontal outside!

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