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Let’s Paint A Watercolor Flower Illustration! Abstract techniques | with Kellie Chasse

Let’s Paint A Watercolor Flower Illustration! Abstract techniques | with Kellie Chasse

everyone hey guys happy Tuesday to you
today we’re going to paint with watercolor we’re going to be doing an
abstract flower demo painted this is really all about play today so stick
around we’ll have some fun and we’ll give you a quick 15 minute warm-up i do
have full online classes you can find them over there at my website at kellielynnart.com
where i have over 2,500 students in 85 different countries and
over 24 online classes that have lifetime access so head over there and
check those out subtitle welcome to my YouTube channel where I
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well hello everyone happy Tuesday morning I hope you are enjoying your
coffee and hanging out and seeing what I’m gonna be doing today and that’s
gonna be an abstract watercolor flower illustration demo painting I have this
humongous pad of arches watercolor paper that I purchased it’s 18 by 24 sheets
and I figure this will pretty much cover up my whole screen here so this is a pad
and I’m just gonna lay this down and we’re just gonna play this is how I
start my day when I’m first starting to paint I don’t really think about what I
want to do it just start adding color and just kind of seeing what I want to
do for the day this really helps my creative juices get going and I find it
and really enjoyable so I hope you guys enjoy just watching me just play so I
have my arches watercolor paper my my watercolor brush which is a Windsor and
Newton brush and I have as I said before the pad of paper now these are great
these pads because you can take them with you they’re great for on site if
you’re going to be doing some plein air this summer I really love these I
usually take the smaller ones with me but sometimes I like to do the bigger
paintings if I’m doing some ocean scenes so I am just gonna I I meant I thought I
had purple here but it was black my paint palette fell out the other day and
I put them all back and I have not looked at them so see what happens
oh but we’re gonna change that we’re gonna make it purple now so I’m just
creating I guess some little flowers here you’ve probably seen people do
these type of flowers a million times they’re just they’re really abstract not
really sure if it’s a rose a carnation or what this is but we’re just like I
said playing and just seeing you know playing with some colors and just
shaping things out here so you can see here these are just really fun to do I
have a little bit of blue in here I guess so
we’re gonna tap that in over that black see if I can soften that just a little
bit more I went into the black again oops we’re rinsing that one off let’s
try a little bit of red again these colors are probably not the greatest
color combo together but I’m feeling a little spring here and I have just going
for it and this looks more like a rose to me
I’m having the red I might try some pink and some yellow too there’s some real
bold pillars there’s really no mixing here I’m just going into the main color
scheme that I have here in my palette you can see my palette is a total mess
here which you know honestly this is the way it looks most the time for me
because I love to use little bits of color here and there so I will use
what’s in this palette you’re finding a little bit touch a blue I’ll use it a
little bit of the brown with a white a little bit of purple I can grab any of
those and everyone so well I do actually clean it out if I am starting a major
painting and I know I’m going to be needing certain colors so yeah I like
these roses better much better with the with a red but we’ll balance that out a
little bit here so you can see how these shapes there is really no shape to it
you’re just doing this a rounded motion here and there is a no right or wrong
with this make sure you leave a little bit of white space in between here and
then we’ll add a little bit of darker shades here as well once these dry you
can do it when it’s wet too you can pop a little bit of deeper shade in there
and just let it bloom can you believe that I just went into that black again
thinking it was purple I really have to move that don’t I so I’m just gonna
create some more flowers here we’ll speed this up for you I do have a quick
question for you guys would you rather see more watercolor or alcohol ink or
acrylics on here I am trying to what am I trying to do I guess I’m trying to do
what you guys are most interested in so I know I have a
good following here so everybody likes a little bit different things so I would
really appreciate if you guys would just leave me some comments down below just
let me know if you’d rather see one versus the other and more comments I get
the better idea I have of what you guys would like to see cuz I’m all over the
place but you know what that’s me I get bored real easy and I will go from
watercolor to resin acrylic if you check out my Instagram page I’m all over the
place and you know some artists are always like well I really need to focus
on one thing and I just have a hard time focusing that way I really enjoy all the
mediums and I like I said I like to play so that’s what’s important to me and I’d
love to learn new techniques and I love to share them with you and sometimes I
am learning and you’re learning with me and then what I try to do was once I
really get it down that’s when I like to make an online course for you so once
I’m comfortable with something and I feel that I’ve really figured out the
pros and cons and what works and what doesn’t then I like to be able to just
share that because you know there’s really there’s I don’t see it as
mistakes in art because that’s how you learn that’s how you grow and that’s how
new things happen for you so no mistakes and that’s one of the reasons why I like
to just play in the mornings when I first start and you know what really I
play most of the time that is my mantra and life play be happy and it comes
through I think in your art so anyway I’m going to speed this up now you guys
can and check out all these funky colors together and we’ll slow it back down
when these dry up and we’ll do some pen and ink for you so I must say that was pretty quick
pretty easy I just did a little bit of splatter paint technique on top of it
and I’m just going to do some scribbling in here just filling in some of these
little areas just to give it a little bit of an outline and I just follow some
of these shapes that we have here and you can see how fast they do this this
is not a process really about thinking this is just about doing and being
creative so you know it might not be your best paintings when you’re doing
this but you can learn some things from this you can use this as a way to
develop your skills to maybe try new things
open up your creativity and my big word play right I’ll say it again so just
have at it have a little fun this morning if you have time if you don’t
have time make time because it’s very important to make time for yourself and
this really doesn’t have to take a long time for you to do you can just get a
little bit of creative creativity in for your day early in the morning you know
this is what it may be a 15 minute project that I did here and it’s just a
great way to start the day so as you can see I’m just playing around here filling
these in following the shapes and we’ll finish this up if you enjoyed this video
please make sure to give me a like and make sure you give me a comment down
below that really helps YouTube grow my page and sees that the content is
something that people are looking for and searching for and one other thing is
if you would share if you have friends or family members that are crafty people
or that like art feel free to share this you can share it on your Facebook page
you can share it on Twitter or Pinterest any of those places and again that
really helps my channel grow and don’t forget I do have all of the items that I
use today I think everything except for the watercolor brush but I do have some
kolinsky brushes which are basically very similar to their
sable kolinsky brushes in my amazon shop and once again when you purchase from
that that does help me a little bit and it helps me be able to purchase more
supplies so that I can continue to play on here and show you some new things I
want to quickly mention that the alcohol ink art spring comfort conference
full-day conference from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. is happening May 5th so you
can still sign up and I’ll put a link down below for you in the comments so we
will see you guys next Tuesday thanks for hanging out with me

18 thoughts on “Let’s Paint A Watercolor Flower Illustration! Abstract techniques | with Kellie Chasse

  1. I’m really into watercolors right now. Alcohol inks second. I don’t particularly care for resin. It’s difficult and messy.

  2. I'd like more alcohol ink demonstrations, especially winter live oak trees, the naked limbs reaching for the sky or wind swept ones! Love all the videos with AI.

  3. I love the diversity of the things you do. I’m like you and try it all. I’m happier with many things and not just one. Fun warm up….

  4. Hey Kellie! I love this! I’m like you, I bounce from one art form to the next. A couple years back I took a watercolor class from a local artist and got discouraged quickly. But watching you do something like this makes me want to dig out my supplies! Thanks for the inspiration🌸💙🌼

  5. It's always fun to watch you play. You do it so well. Now if I could just keep my "T" days straight, I'd catch these on Tuesday 🙂

  6. This was fun – light and airy. I'd say alcohol inks, only because I'm rather new at them. Like you I've worked with many different mediums, going from one to the other and back again. Watercolors would be next on my list. I feel the two of them have a lot in common. Have a happy day.

  7. I love your videos! I recently got some Dr ph martins India ink and watercolor in the bottles with the droppers. I would love to see a video on how you use those two particular inks! ❤️❤️❤️

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