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Let it Grow (The Lorax) but it’s a GOOGLE AD

Let it Grow (The Lorax) but it’s a GOOGLE AD

THESE PEOPLE ON MY SIDE OR YOUR FIRED!!! (Cringy Music) (Cringy Music) (Wait Why Does he need a Firing Squad??) (Laughs Creepily) GO ON! TELL ‘EM WHAT YOU THINK!!! (Sad Music) (Exhales Deeply) (Sad Music Continues) (Cringy Music) You Don’t know me. But my name’s Sy! (Singing) (Sorry if this is isn’t accurate) I’m just the old Hare Delivery Guy… But it’s seems like trees might be worth a try So I say Let it Grow! (Upbeat music plays) (Scratch That it’s that Cringy Music Again) Ohhhhh My Name is Dan And my name’s Rose Our son Westly Kinda Glows (Cringy Music) And that’s not good so we suppose We should let it grow! Let It Grow! Let it grow! You can’t reap what you don’t sow (Cringy Music) Plant a seed inside the earth.. Just one way to know its worth (Cringy Music) (Cringy Music Continues) (DONT U HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!!! Let’s celebrate the world we birthed! We say Let It Grow!! My name is Mary and I am 3! I would really like to see a tree! (Cringy Music) (Crowd Awwws) La La La La La La La Lee I say Let it Grow! I’m Granny Norma I am old and I got gray hair! But I remember when trees where everywhere and Noone had to pay for air! (Cringy Music) So I say Let It Grow!!!! (Crowd Shouts let it grow) (Crowd Singing) Let It grow Let it Grow! Like it did so long ago!!! It is just one tiny seed! But it’s all we really need!! It’s time to change the life we lead!! Time To Let it Grow!!! My name’s O’hare I’m one of you!!! I live here in Thneedville toooo (Cringy Music) The things you say just might be true.. It could be time to start anew And Maybe Change my Point of View Nahhh (Laughs Evilly) I Say Let it Die! (Idiot) (Cringy Music) (Cringy Music) (Wait how did it come up with Linux Child Processes?!) Let it die let it die Let it shrivel up and C’mon who’s with me Huh? (No one you jerk) Nobody (Awwwww! So cute!) (in perfect metritone) You greedy dirtbag!!! Let it– (Cringy Music) how long is this search (Cringy Music) –grow! Let it grow! Let the love inside you show! (Electric Zaps) Plant the seed inside the Earth! (Rocket Zooms) Noooooo!!!!! (Cringy Music) (Crowd Singing) Let’s celebrate the world we birthed! We say Let it grow!!! (Song That I don’t feel Like Transcribing cause I am way to tired) (I gotchu fam) Let it grow! Let it grow! You can’t reap what you don’t sow! It’s just one tiny seed! But it’s all we really need! It’s time to banish all your greed! Imagine Thneedville flowered and treed! Let this be our solemn creed! [fade] (In low voice) Thank you Ted! BWAAAAA–

100 thoughts on “Let it Grow (The Lorax) but it’s a GOOGLE AD

  1. The onceler:how bad can I possibly be
    I'm just watching allot of tv
    There's a principle in buisness that everybody knows his sound
    And when it's time to go to be I start to pound and pound

  2. Please guys dont search on google immages Granny Norma i almost passed out xD (scary things in that photo, got it?)

  3. When you wanna download songs on mp3 and po### photos showing up
    Jumps off the balcon

    Note: Download songs in mp3 juices that is safe 🙂


  5. I'm sure if someone saw your search history, they'd be extremely concerned

    For themselves
    " how to become a terrorist "
    "…..Should I run…???"

  6. Let it Grow (The Lorax) but it's a GOOGLE AD
    Googel memes RO- srry Googel memes lorax dat tree

  7. When you realise that granny Norma really doesn’t need a walking stick since she can slide down a set of stairs easily and that one piece of Wood could help someone

  8. Lyrics: (cringy music plays of course)


  9. My head hurts but I don't want to google my symptoms because I seen too much of google…

    And also I would see lots of horrible stuff

  10. First of all it’s not Sy it’s Cy
    Second of all it’s celebrate the worlds rebirth
    And third, you greedy dirtbag is supposed to be all capitals.
    Oh and I forgot the fourth one, it’s could be called a fade but decrescendo is better.

  11. 0:03
    English captions: (cringy music)

    English captions: (So I say let it grow! *upbeat music plays*)

    English captions:(Scratch that it's that cringy music again)

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