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Lesson 3.0: Understanding impressions

Lesson 3.0: Understanding impressions

Welcome to Unit 3 of Optimizing AdSense. In Units 1 and 2, we covered two of the
inputs that make up your AdSense revenue: CPM/CPC and CTR. There is one more
key component to your revenue: the number of impressions you serve on your site.
So what is an ad impression exactly? An ad impression is counted each time
an individual ad is shown on your site. Depending on the ad format, an ad unit could show multiple ads and serve multiple impressions. For example,
a 300×600 ad unit could show one image ad that would count as one ad impression or it
could fill with four text ads that would count as four separate ad impressions. Impressions can sometimes be confused with page views and ad requests – two other metrics you can
see if your Performance Reports. A page view is what we count in your reports every time a user views a page displaying ads. We’ll count one page view regardless of the
number of ads displayed on that page. For example, if you have a page displaying three ad units and it’s viewed twice, this would be counted as two page views. An ad request, on the other hand, is what is counted any time your site calls AdSense for an ad to be displayed (within that ad unit). We report an ad request each time a call is made, even if no ads are returned. In Unit 3, we will cover the following topics on impressions: The life of an impression in the AdSense auction.
The three main types of ad targeting. Increasing ad coverage on your site to maximize impressions. and how to fix some of the most common technical issues. that keep impressions from showing when they’re supposed to. The more impressions that users view on your site, the higher your ad revenue – so let’s get started

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  1. I read all the Adsense program policies and I thought impressions were talking about Ad clicks. Now I have had my Adsense Account disabled. I have now learned from watching this video and reading all the support exactly what i was doing wrong. I have appealed and just gotten an automated note. I have gone a month now and it looks like there is no amends for me or way back into the Adsense program. I unknowingly made a mistake, please help!

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