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Lesson 1.1: Choosing ad types

Lesson 1.1: Choosing ad types

Welcome to our lesson on Choosing ad types. With a growing number of ad types available
in the auction, it can be overwhelming to decide what’s best for your site. So let’s
begin by walking through the different alternatives. When you create a new ad unit in your AdSense
account, you’ll see three ad type options: Display Only, Text Only, Text and Display.
We’ll explain what types of ads fall into these three categories. Text ads are…just that! They include a title
that’s a clickable link to a webpage, one or two lines of text, and a website address.
You can customize the look and feel of these ads in your AdSense account. The Display category includes all image, flash,
video, and expandable ads. Image and video ad technologies are constantly evolving, so
there may be other rich media formats added in the future. See the ‘Allow and Block Ads’
lesson for more information about filtering ad types for your site. So between Text or Display or both, which
should you choose? We recommend opting in to both text and display ads to capture as
much revenue as possible. Here’s why: In the ad auction, there are plenty of display
ads and text ads. If you choose to serve only one or the other, you’re leaving an entire
category of ads out of the auction. The more bids competing for your inventory, the greater
the highest bid is likely to be. By enabling both Display and Text ads, you’ll help increase
pressure within the auction. This allows you to always serve the most valuable ad available
for your site, regardless of format. So when it comes to which types of ads are
best for your site, opting into text and display ads will generate the most revenue. And in
terms of user experience, we have found that users view and click a variety of ads – regardless
of whether the site they are on is largely text, largely image, or a combination. When in doubt, you can always run a test.
See our lesson on A/B testing for more specific instructions on how to use custom channels or experiments to
test different ad styles and types.

4 thoughts on “Lesson 1.1: Choosing ad types

  1. serve the most valuable ads yea
    but not always the most relevant ads
    the ones paying higher may be unrelated to the page content
    and users needs and therefore may not be clicked

  2. It's been a while since I tried Adsense, but definitely want to give it another go. I like the fact that the videos are shorter and to the point.

  3. Maybe a lot of YouTubers need to bloody disable all musically ads that I keep getting before their videos. Simple tutorial

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