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Lesson 1.0: Understanding CPC and CPM

Lesson 1.0: Understanding CPC and CPM

Welcome to Unit 1: Understanding CPC and CPM. The world of online advertising
is filled with acronyms. CPC, CPM, RPM… the list goes on. While these acronyms represent important
metrics, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to increasing these values
and, ultimately, increasing your revenue. It’s also the case that many of the common
acronyms used in the online advertising industry can sometimes mean different things
depending on the context and the usage, which can be really confusing. Let’s walk
through the most important ones right now, starting with CPM. CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions. From the advertiser’s perspective, CPM
refers to the price they’re willing to pay to serve one
thousand impressions of their ad. So in the AdSense auction if an
advertiser bids a CPM of two dollars, this means he or she
is willing to pay two dollars for every thousand times the
ad appears to a user. You may have noticed that there are no
CPM values in your AdSense reporting. In AdSense performance reports, we use
the acronym RPM, which stands for revenue per 1000
impressions. Since ads are not displayed in even
bundles of one thousand impressions all impressions served on your site,
regardless of the bid type, are combined and averaged in your
reporting to show your affective revenue per 1000 impressions, or RPM. To recap, RPM is an AdSense-only term used to report your impression-based revenue. CPM is an industry-wide term that refers to impression-based bids
from advertisers. The next acronym to know is CPC. CPC stands for cost-per-click. The cost-per-click is the price an advertiser pays each
time a user clicks on an ad. In your reporting, CPC metrics show the
revenue you receive each time a user clicks on an ad on your
site. There are also two new bid types that will become increasingly popular
down the road. The first is CPE or cost per engagement. With engagement ads, the advertiser pays
only when a user interacts with the ad in a particular way beyond just clicking
on it. These ads are largely video and rich media ads. The other new bidding
metric is active view CPM. With active view CPM
bidding, advertisers bid on one thousand viewable impressions and only pay for impressions that are
measured as viewable. That is when at least 50 percent of the
ad is displayed on screen for at least one second. As these new
bidding types become more common, we will continue to provide more
information on them, including in your AdSense reporting. In this unit, we’ll focus on the
changes you can make to your ad set-up to attract
higher-paying ads from advertisers. We will cover the various settings for
your ads and your AdSense account that could have had direct impact on
your ad unit CPM and CPC.

100 thoughts on “Lesson 1.0: Understanding CPC and CPM

  1. Hey, I already have the ad codes on my website.
    I told my friend to visit my website and my intention was to see $0.8 on my account but $0.00 is still my balance

  2. on 2012 when adsense was introduced to youtube, i was getting .06 cpc, after a few years it was down to .04 cpc, then adsense decided they were greedy and deserved to get more than the publisher. then it went down from .04 to .02 cpc, wow, and just when I though it would not get any lower. now it's .01 cpc. what is next? 1/2 cent?? or .005 cpc? this is very frustrating for youtubers who work really hard only to see our revenue cut by half every 1.5 to 2 years. now being a youtuber is worthless and forcing us to look other ways, today with all the competition, is really difficult, and adsense does not help on anything but being more greedy.

  3. I've got 4000 watch time. How do I get 1000 subscriptions? Friends can please press Subscribe to me have acc ?? please help me for 1000 subscriptions

  4. Why doesn't Adsense pay a commission on products purchased from your ads on our websites? Other affiliate programs do. If an adsense ad generates a product purchase the website owner or blog owner should be entitled to a percentage on that sale.

  5. I got average 1200-1300 youtube view per day but my earning is just 10 cents to 40 cents average per day…
    And CPC is 100-159 click per day… What happen?

  6. im proud to make some money using adsense and youtube. my video views over the last 9 years have been climbing slowly. its frustrating though. i made more money in the beginning of this program with way less views than i do now with a huge influx of views when comparing the 2 extreme time frames. im almost to the point of dropping out of this. i feel its one sided and i am not getting paid the fair amount for the work i put in. if youtube/adsense doesnt change these greedy tactics, then itll soon be a thing of the past.

  7. प्रिय मित्रो मेरी वीडियो ज्यादा से ज्यादा लाइक और शेयर करें

  8. If you don't properly reflect figures from YouTube, these statistics mean nothing. It would be great if this was fixed.

  9. I cannot believe I didnt clue into adsense before. Google is a life saver for a lot of responsible online people. You just gotta take the time to learn, like watching these videos. These videos do a fantastic job explaining all the stuff that used to spook me away. Again, back to my Parents and Best Friends said, "Gord, you must always dot the i's and cross the t's!" No shortcuts.

  10. I have been with adsense, I don't even know,how many years
    and as off today I haven't make a single penny. I want to contact them to close my account
    but is difficult because they don't show any email or form to fill out. Only forums and they
    will not be able to close my account

  11. My adsense account has clicks : 0
    Impression :1108 . Now my question is adsense give any $ for this impression ??

  12. Hello, I am getting a little less Ads on this channel, I get $ 0.11 on 60,000 views. Only skippble ads come on my channel, it does not come second

  13. Thank you team Adsense for taking the time to explain what can be a confusing set of terms in plain language! You guys rock!

  14. i have 70 cmp one of my videos and most of them are 8 cpm but i get like 70 cent or 1 dollar. i get low views tho, but i have high witch time such as 5min, my videos most of them are above 10min still get low why?

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