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Lesbian Blind Date Free-For-All | Fear Pong | Cut

Lesbian Blind Date Free-For-All | Fear Pong | Cut

– Let your opponents
spray you with champagne. (cork pops) – Oh, shit! (laughs) – Wait, aren’t you
supposed to do this thing? (screams) (all laugh) (“Ode to Joy”) – [Off Screen] Hello! – [All] Hello! Hi! – [Off Screen] Who are you guys? – I’m Talia. – I’m Fallon. – I’m Sarah. – I’m Julia. – [Off Screen] Do you know what the theme of this Fear Pong is? – Gay. (all laugh) – [Off Screen] So, anyone can date anyone. It’s kind of like a freaky free-for-all. Who wants to start? – I’ll start. – Okay. (ball bounces) (ball bounces) – [Off Screen] So, why
are you guys single? – Well, I just moved here;
I don’t know anybody. – I move around too much. – [Off Screen] Why do
you move around so much? – I live in a van. – [Off Screen] Really? – It makes it easy. – That’s some gay energy
that I wanna, like, really replicate. – Yeah, there we go! – Play a game of fuck, marry, kill. Your dates are your options. Wait, so is this… Oh and I– (all laugh) It’s is my worst nightmare. Here’s the thing: I feel like we met first and you’d be most okay with me killing you because– No? Okay, maybe I’ll change my answer. – No, you can kill me! No, it’s okay. I’ll just come back and, like, haunt you. – Okay, cool. I’m gonna go kill, fuck, marry, ’cause van life. (laughs) – Braid your hair into
your teammate’s hair, stay like that for the rest of the game. – Let’s do it, that’s easy. – [Off Screen] Sarah, where
did you learn to braid hair? – I rode horses growing up. – Wait, so did I! – Yeah! And I did a bunch of braiding to get my horses ready for shows. – [Off Screen] Are horses gay? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s really cute. – [Off Screen] Oh, you
guys look ridiculous. (all laugh) – It’s a good thing we’re
roughly the same height. I think it’s you? – I can’t keep track. I’m nervous and I’m braided. – Chew a piece of gum and spit
it in your partner’s mouth. – Sure.
– Cool. I feel like I’m gonna miss. – [Off Screen] Well… – Depends on how close you get your mouth. – I mean, how hard are you gonna spit it? (laughs) Just don’t, like, spit it on my face – [Julia] I need more
beer; I can’t even look. I can’t deal! – I’m so scared; I don’t know why. – Just do it, just like– There you go. (all laugh) – It was really slippery! Oh gosh. – She has to do it again? – Okay. – [Julia] Did it work? Oh, perfect. (Sarah and Julia clap) – There we go. – Describe in vivid detail the grossest thing to
ever come out of your body while freak dancing. Is this things that came
out while we freak danced, or we describe it while
we’re freak dancing? – [Off Screen] You describe
it while you freak dance. – Well, let’s make this happen – Okay. – I’m, like, Catholic and
a woman, and so, like, I was taught that like farts are, like, the most disgusting thing that could, like, ever escape my body, yeah. I’m not gonna keep talking about it. – I got giardia in Argentina
and puked all over my phone. (laughs) – [Off Screen] And that’s time. (laughs) – Oh, shit! – I’m getting better! – You’re canceled. (laughs) – Make an acai bowl on
your teammate’s belly. (both laugh) And no wait, it’s not done. Dig in; it’s a super food! Bring out the ingredients. (all laugh) Welcome to the kitchen. This is the kitchen – I’m the kitchen? – I’m gonna start with some acai. Now it’s a sprinkle of chia seeds. Maybe a little bit more, ’cause those are, like, healthy fats. Raw honey! Yes! There. Wow, this is taking me a long time. – You got everything you need? – I think so. (Sarah laughs) Oh, you know what? Actually, it tastes like a PB&J. Do you wanna try some? – Yep. (all laugh) – I did a good job. – [Off Screen] Would
either of you like a bite? – No. – Yeah! It is like a PB&J. (applauds) – Could you check to see if I
have chia seeds in my teeth? – [Off Screen] All right,
let’s shoot that ball. Sarah, is there a type of person that you usually like to date? – I usually go for brunettes who kind of look like they’d fight me. – [Off Screen] Are any of those
types kind of at this table? – Yeah, like femme-y brunettes
are my type; I’m into it. – There’s three femme-y– (both laugh) – It’s like you did this for me. I’ve never been… more thrilled. (all laugh) (Talia gasps) – Nice! – I am kind of weirdly good at this game! – Let your opponents
spray you with champagne. – I would be honored. – Can we?
– Yeah. – Yes! (laughs) I’ve never done this before. (cork pops) Oh, shit! (laughs) Wait, aren’t you supposed
to do this thing? (screams) (all laugh) – Here it goes. (ball bounces) Oh shit, that was really good though. – I like how we’re just
all mutually supportive. We’re not even, like, very flirty. They’re like, “Let’s get four gay women “and have them be on a blind date.” – And we’re all just
gonna hype each other up the whole time. – We’re all just hyping each other up. – Wait, how old is everyone? – I’m 22. – I’m 23. – 26. – I’m 26. – Oh, that’s hot. – The boomers versus the– I’m kidding! I’m kidding. I’m young. (Talia gasps) – Oh! – Identify seven words from
“The L Word” theme song. If you can’t, drink. – Oh, it’s lying, cheating… lying.
– Shh! – We’re already drinking. – [Off Screen] Why don’t you guys know the words to “The L Word”? – I’ve never seen “The L Word.” – I watched one episode, and
Shane rubbed me the wrong way. (gasps) – What are you talking about? – Because she’s such an
asshole, I was just like– – I think this is where
the age gap comes in. (all shout) – Get blindfolded and make
out with two of your dates. Give a treat to the best kisser. Okay. I mean, if you guys consent. – I’ll do kissin’. – Oh, I’m just watching
from very close by. – Not afar. – Are we done? Are we good? Okay. (kisses) Well, I can tell by hairline. (laughs) – I fucked it up. (kisses) – I have never been so proud. – That kiss was better. This feels better ’cause I
killed you at the beginning. Now it’s like, here you go! (Fallon laughs) (ball bounces) – Oh! – [Off Screen] All right, next cup wins. (ball bounces) – I just saw my life flash
before my eyes, okay. (ball bounces) (all shout) – Yay, good job! (all shout and laugh) – [Off Screen] What did you guys think of your Fear Pong experience? – [Julia and Sarah] It was great. – It was fun. – [Off Screen] Think fast. – You can have this much
gay fun with your friends. – Turn all your friends
gay, get beer pong. (all cheer)

67 thoughts on “Lesbian Blind Date Free-For-All | Fear Pong | Cut

  1. She said kill that girl to avoid hurting the other girls feelings while simultaneously flirting with the girl she killed cuz she really wanted to fuck her and kill the big girl

  2. "I watched one episode of the L word and Shane rubbed me the wrong way"

    long-haired girl: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

    bandana chick: (GASP)

    me: YOU BITCH!

  3. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥b🔥u🔥r🔥n 🔥in 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥hell lesbian & gays 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. I'm so glad the off cam narrator of this video isn't that annoying nasally guy who always wants to make situations awkward/worse

  5. What? I didn't know people outside Brazil knew what açaí was. If you don't know what it is, give it a try! It's better than ice cream.

  6. Their IG handle:
    Talia @cohesivesenseofself
    Falen @falen.gillespie
    Sarah @the.sarahdee
    Julia @julia.das.arabias

    If anyone above want their handle removed just leave a comment and I'll do.

  7. Them not understanding the instructions and having to have them explained multiple times really shows how gay they truly are lmfao

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