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Leoni Lessmann | MA Advertising

Leoni Lessmann | MA Advertising

My name is Leonie Lessman, I’m on the MA
advertising course here at LCC and my project is a all-female
advertising agencies. Four percent of credit directors are female which is
very, very small. Ninety-one percent of women don’t feel like advertisers
understand what they need or what they want so I think there’s a whole
systematical change that needs to happen before more women get to the top, so I’m
kind of exploring what would happen if you took all the men out of advertising
agencies and then just replace them with just women I did photography in Norwich I
guess I was hoping just to broaden my spectrum of skills but I think it has
definitely given me more than that because I didn’t think working in teams
was going to be my thing but it really was and I think it’s really nice to always
bounce ideas off of other people like I understand the world of advertising much
more now than I did before like I had no idea, I thought I did but I didn’t

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