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Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

>>Court: Hey guys, I had my friend Brian
over and we were talking about going on a bike ride and
he said “I’ve never actually ridden a bike” and you know, I was like “wow” okay. This
is kind of cool, we’ll teach you how and, you know it’s actually something we just started
working on. But, I thought it would be cool to put on video in case you or someone else
is trying to learn how to ride a bike. So it’s pretty simple, but there are some key
pieces to figure out. So, this is Brian, hey buddy.
>>Brian: Hey>>Court: Ah, the thing about the bike he’s
on right now that’s really great is that it’s a low-step bike. So, see how the, this is
called the top tube, it’s pretty low. This is called the down tube by the way. Here’s
the fork, because it kind of looks like a fork, and the wheels and everything. Here’s
the rear cassette with cogs and there’s the front chain rings. Okay, so there’s you know,
basic parts of a bike. Another really important piece is the brakes. So these are the brake
levers, right here. And they pull on those calipers here that bring the pads in contact
with the rim. Some bikes have disc brakes and other things but that’s going to be important.
When you’re learning how to ride a bike, you want a bike that’s going to fit you, that
you can easily stand over. See how his feet are flat on the ground. That’s a comfortable
position, he isn’t trying to… you know, stand on his tip ties, going to fall off the
bike. And of course, he’s going to need to use those brakes later as he starts to learn.
Um, so anyway, the way they teach kids these days to ride bikes is that they have these
little like kick bikes. They don’t even have pedals! What you do, is you kind of sit on
the seat like he is right now and you push with your feet. And as you do that, the bike
gets some momentum, and that’s important because that gives you balance. And then as it feels
stable “go ahead and kick a little bit Brian and then pick your feet up” see how he can
pick his feet up like that? He’s basically riding a bike, I mean he’s not pedaling or
anything, but he’s getting a feel for the balance. And see… now, if you tried to turn
Brian, and you were going to fall, you could easily put your feet down. So, he really doesn’t
need to fall at all! Of course, he has his helmet on. Why don’t you do a turn? Yeah,
see how he put his right foot down, very easily. So he’s learning about balance and that’s
the first step when you’re trying to learn how to ride a bike. Um, go ahead and pull
over here Brian, there we go. He’s not going fast enough to actually need to use his brakes
yet, he can just put his feet down. But, as he gets faster, he’s going to start to need
to use brakes because this is the kind of bicycle that you can pedal backwards. So here,
why don’t you pick up your… see how this pedals backwards like that? Um, yeah, just
move your leg and I’ll, yeah… see that. Some of the kids bikes and stuff, if you pedal
backwards, that’s your brake but this one’s a little fancier. So, you know, he needs to
start getting used to taking his hand and actually reaching for that brake lever. On
this bike, the right lever activates the rear brake. And that’s actually the best brake
to use. If you put too much braking power on the front. The bike can kind of endo and
you can fall off. Um, also, if that starts to slide, you might crash verses the rear
one sliding, you can kind of drag it behind you. And you’ll have an easier time balancing.
So, the next thing that Brian’s gonna do is practice kicking along but only with one foot.
And he’s going to put the other foot on the pedal. So you see that? This foot is always
going to be off the ground. And that means, half of his balance is gone. He can only rely
on his other foot to kick. This is going to help him go faster and it’s also gonna reinforce
that he needs to balance with his upper body, not his feet, okay? And good, this is great,
see, your hand is on the brake, that’s important because earlier we almost had a little collision
with the car over there. He was getting excited about learning how to bike and forgot that
“oh, I need to brake” so, why don’t you do that Brian, just kind of kick along. It’s
almost like a kick scooter, one foot is up and the other foot is kicking. There you go,
and you know, we’re doing this on a street that’s not too busy, so it’s pretty safe.
He’s got his helmet on. So look at that! He’s basically riding a bike now. He’s not pedaling
or anything but he’s turning. Go ahead and use the brakes for me. There, so he still
used his foot a little bit, but he’s using the brakes. So he’s developing the instincts
that you need to ride a bike. And like, literally… “how long has it been since you started learning
right now Brian?”>>Brian: 20 minutes…
>>Court: “20 minutes” so we’ve been out here practicing just for a little while and I decided
to get the camera. But that’s pretty awesome, like in 20 minutes you’re able to basically
coast. Again, I think that having the right size bike really matters for starting out.
And then developing these instincts. Because “have you fallen?”
>>Brian: No.>>Court: No he hasn’t fallen at all. No scrapes,
no fear being built up about how to balance. You know, he’s learning! Do you feel comfortable
enough to like, put that other foot on the pedal and try to actually pedal? Yeah! There
we go… this is the first, this is literally the first Brian! Go ahead and use those brakes,
we’ve got to practice the brakes. Brake with your hands… See, he’s got the instinct for
feet. Look at that! Okay, bring it back. Yep, pretty amazing! Good job… Haha! There we
go, okay, see so we’re still, we’re still building those habits. But you know, we’re
about five minutes. There’s your five minute overview on how to ride a bike. Again, the
right bike size, practicing balance without pedaling, getting a little bit better by picking
one foot up and using the other one like a kick scooter and then practicing braking.
And from there, you’re basically riding a bike. So have fun, be safe, wear your helmet
and stuff and uh, yeah! Enjoy yourself out there. This is a really great way to get around.
It’s healthy, kind of community oriented and really just a lot of fun.

100 thoughts on “Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

  1. Tried for 2 and a half hours the outher day trying to learn a bike but hey this exist I guess good vid

  2. I have been practicing for last three days and still not able to bike. I am too old to learn I guess. I am 50 years old😒

  3. One of my best friends is giving me his bike. Never rode a bike before, which is why I'm watching this video lol

  4. Thanks for the video. Im 21 yrs old and I used the same procedure . And I learned in 2 to 3 days.

  5. My mom doesn’t let me ride a bike because she said it’s dangerous and after 11 years I’m finally allowed to ride a bike

  6. I learned how to ride a bike today not from any of my parents or family but from my best friend lmao crazy

    Edit:I’m 15 btw

  7. It is so cool to see people from other countries that don’t know how to do this, because here in the Netherlands almost everybody can. But we start driving later.

  8. So….Literally five minutes ago I tried riding….And miserably failed 😂 probably because my feet had to tip toe to touch the ground which was very uncomfortable

  9. This video was exactly what I was looking for. I had difficulty learning how to ride bike in the past 5 years and nothing worked. I practice alone and I tried several time to learn but nothing worked. It was about 4 days ago when I saw the video and the next day I rented a bike to practice. It took around 30 minutes of practice to finally ride a bike on my own 😁 The day after that I took the bike and went for a 5 km ride. Talking about accomplishments ☺️
    I give you all the credit of me learning how to ride a bike. Thank you 🙏🏻

  10. I low-key felt when watching this i was going to be attack, but I feel better knowing that im not alone here.

  11. Hey! I just wanted to thank you so much. Thanks to your wonderful explanation I have finally cycled on my own today at 25 years old and I am so happy! Looking forward to more cycling with my Dutch boyfriend (who was my motivation to learn in the first place haha) Thank you again sooooo much!!!

  12. lmao my friends lucas and ayezza are trying to teach me how to ride a bike on a VERY BJG BIKE. A BIG BIKE LIKE WUT(and heavy as hell). i can do the pedals, but i still cant balance even though with alot of tips. I CANNOT

  13. Thanks, these tips sound very promising, I’ll be sure to try them tomorrow 😃
    – From a friendly 10 Year Old who doesn’t know how to Bike

  14. I’m 29 years old … purchased a bike yesterday and watched this video once this morning … after 5 minutes I was riding a bike! Thanks so much for this video! Got to check this off my bucket it list before turning 30!!!

  15. My friends first laughed at me and then said they'll teach me.

    But when we were out with the bike, they just started playing around and I didn't even get to touch the bike😑😑😑

  16. This guy doesn't look to happy. Maybe because his friend is filming him as a grown adult not riding a bike.

  17. Rule number one when teaching anyone to ride a bike is to instruct them to ALWAYS look over their shoulder before starting to pedal or scoot to check for motor vehicles and other cyclists. I know you were on a quiet road but this is valid even if you are in a park or even your own garden.

  18. I'm 14 and I'm trying to learn how to ride a bike at 5:00am because I'm afraid that my neighbors are going to laugh at me :/

  19. We just used your method to teach our daughter… It honestly took only thirty min for her to be pedaling.. Amazing method. Really great video. Thank you.

  20. when i was 11 i still didnt know how to ride my bike, but its not that it was hard for me, its that we just never took the time to try, and one day i just went on it and started riding it… my mom said i was a natural….

  21. Literally not knowing how to ride a bike is so embarrassing. I’m 13 years old and people way younger than me can ride a bike. I can’t do anything. People just laugh at me for being useless all the time. I’ve never ridden a bike before. Ugh.

  22. This is so helpful! Since I had an accident on a skateboard, getting on a bike has been tormenting me. I want to ride again and need to get over my fears. I'll try these great tips! Thank you!

  23. I learnt how to ride one at 11… haven’t rode since. I’m 16 now. Do you think I can still do it? Or have I forgotten 😪

  24. I am 23. Thanks to these two dudes I learned how to ride a bike ALONE in less than an hour.

    I bought a bike last week in order to force myself to practice (to avoid making up any excuses).

    I was able to move the bike at a nice slow to moderate pace. I also can make circles (clockwise, my left turn is a bit sketchy for now).

    To get the bike moving is a very satisfying feeling especially as an adult!

    Look where you want to go, understand how the brakes and handlebars work.

    Do not be afraid, don't be embarrassed if someone's watching (ignore them), and ENJOY.

    It's never too late for anything so just do it anyways. Goodluck.

  25. I always just took being able to ride a bike for granted. Now, I'm so thankful I had my parents help me learn when I was young. Now I build electric bikes. 😂

  26. I got on a bike a week ago and didn't do as good, but I will get on it soon. Practice practice practice. Good lesson. I showed my girls how to ride and did it just like thst.

  27. I started driving car at 15 and officially driving with license 18. And I'll get ready to learn to ride bike at the age of 27 now 😂 I know it's funny, but wish me luck. I believe riding bike good for our health. I'm so motivated. Thanks for this video ❤️from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  28. I watched this video a few times and was able to ride a bike in like 20 mins. Now, to be fair, I used to ride bikes as a kid/teen but since I gained weight my center of gravity is off. But it took way less time than I thought it would. Gonna keep practicing til I’m ready to ride around town. Thanks for this video!


    Language Bae

  29. I don't have the right size bike, the employee even recommended me to use a bigger size even though my feet can't touch the ground on a smaller bike.

  30. Everyone's like " oh how can someone not know how to ride a bike you just run a wheel ijnonijikjin" lol i wish it was that simple, evertime i try to drive i lose my balance and fall over

  31. Thanks for this video! I watched it with my 9-year-old daughter who has been afraid to ride a bike. The video helped a great deal! It gave her the confidence to try just pushing along for a while. We lowered the seat like you suggested and it made a huge difference. (We also took the pedals off for a little while). All told it took her about 30 minutes to go from not riding at all to riding confidently!!! Thanks again so much!

  32. Somebody please help me we have a class in gym soon where we need to ride a bike and i cant and idk what to do pls somebody help

  33. m 23 yrs nd don't know how to ride a cycle a man such a shame. even kids know about it but m not. i feel so uncomfortable in my family bcoz i don't know it.

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